Sunday, 3 June 2012

Photo Post {Cami's Dance Show} & some Photography Tips for Shooting, Editing & Storage

Hello everyone!
Just finished editing these photos from Cami's Dance shows
this weekend.  We are all exhausted but happy that everything
went well and that it is all over and was a great success!

  I didn't take that many photographs as my flash died on me
 {I did try to replace the batteries before leaving home but with
 4 teenage children who have discovered my battery stash drawer,
they were no more....grrrrr....}

She attends a singing/dancing academy
 that caters for people of all ages.

It took me an hour to select and edit these photos -
I tossed 3/4's and was left with 25 {so I initially took 100}.

Picasa has 2 new pages of editing options and I used
mainly vignette, museum matte and polaroid.

I always adjust my colours with the manual sliders first
then sharpen up a bit and desaturate.  

It's very quick and easy and very user-friendly
for both it's editing and storage options.

I categorise all my photos by month, using a numerical
system so that they come up in the correct order.

For example these are filed under G6 JUN 2012 DANCE SHOW.
{G is my code for 2012 and 6 is for June as it's the 6th month}.

As I started digital photography in 2006
 those photos are under A.
2007 - B, 2008 - C, 2009 - D, 2010- E, 2011 - F, 2012 - E.

I don't know a lot about shooting in the dark 
so I keep my camera on Aperture mode
 or Shutter Priority.  Night mode is useless!

I use an add-on flash (SB600) that I only attach
 for night photos.  I don't use it in the day anymore as
 we have such good light here. You need to learn to 
set it and adjust the head but the best way is practice.

I bought an add-on diffusion head for it that
is made of milky white plastic and slides over
the top of it - this is an ACE accessory - I 
strongly recommend it.  I set my ISO and 
White Balance to AUTO.  Unless you are a 
real PRO this is really the best advice I've 
ever read.  Thank you Ken Rockwell :)

I upload my photos immediately after each session.
I don't feel like doing it but it's like taking your make-up off 
every night - It's the best way to do it.  I go through them 
all quickly once they are on the computer, then I eliminate
 roughly 75% of them. 

 I've read that this is about the right ratio. 
 I click a lot - why not - it costs nothing and
gives you a better chance of getting the perfect shot!

I don't take part in any photo challenges - my life creates
enough of it's own challenges (photo and otherwise!) for
me to have the time for that & I don't believe in having my
camera on me 24/7.  I love photography and never want 
to grow to hate it!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Beautiful photos!!!! I loveeeee the way you edited them!!!

MARILYN said...

OMG!!! Helen, She looks Gorgeous!! and your photos are awesome!! love it!!! everything looks exciting.
I edited my photos in automatic,lol!! You are a PRO my friend, Take care...Hugs!!
Congrats to the kids!!!

Fi said...

Well the photos you did keep are lovely with some great moments of Cammi singing. The overlays look great can't wait to see them scrapped. Sounds like you had a great weekend as well.

Michelle said...

These are awesome! I am glad it was a good time! I use Picasa too. I am not proficient at all with Photoshop. I do have elements, and what I know how to use is very minimal. I need to work on low light photography. I have a Tamron 18-270mm lens that I took to Brit's honors assembly at school the other day. It was in the auditorium of the school and they did not turn out at all! I need to find some tips or tutorials for that lens.

Marelize said...

Your photos are always so beautiful! Thanks for tips. xx

Lizzy Hill said...

Amazing shots...gonna remember that ISO & white balance advice....your DD looks sensational....:):):)

Eila Sandberg said...

Wow Helen! these photos are wonderful! he he to me you ARE the pro! me, I've just got a digi camera for tourists so no night shots. I'm so happy everything went well this weekend, Cami is so pretty as always. Would love to hear her sing. Perhaps mum's got time for an extra little snooze today? I'm teleworking from home, boss is in town, lap top all ready and set. Have a brill week darling! xoxox

Eila Sandberg said...

Wrote a long comment and Blogger just ate it grrrrr!! Wonderful photos Helen, to me you are the PRO extra ordinaire! me, I've just got a regular digi camera for tourists ;)) so no night shots for the Sandbergs. Oh I would so love hearing Cami sing, she looks so confident with the microphone in hand and oooh so pretty pretty! So happy everyting went well this weekend, perhaps mum's got time for an extra little nap today? Have a brill week darling! Now that the book is found, a little special something will soon be en route ;)) Take care! xoxox

yyam said...

Nicely done! Love how poised and confident she is. :)

Stefanie said...

Love them all, the cropping, the treatment. Totally fabulous. You must be so proud. She is growing up so beautifully and quickly now.

Lynnda said...

Hey Helen... you done so well with editing those photos... they are beautifully done!!! Awesome.... Sounds like a good weekend!!!.... hugs...xoxo

mudhutmama said...

Looks like an incredible show. What a beautiful girl you have - wish we could have been there to hear her sing! So glad you got these shots. Sending love!


Thanks for the great tips, Helen! Totally empathize with your battery stash being raided by your kids......mine find their way into battery-operated toys. They are almost a staple on my supermarket list after bread & eggs...LOL!

tania said...

helen!! your editing is stunning! and that girl of yours belongs on the stage!! wow!! really a special batch of photos:) love them all:)

tania said...

helen!! your editing is stunning! and that girl of yours belongs on the stage!! wow!! really a special batch of photos:) love them all:)

Jasmine S said...

Oh they are just awesome Helen. Love the ones with the colour around them. Fabbo.

Mitra Pratt said...

Great photos! She looks like a pro! I love all the costumes and how you tweaked each photo! And, of course, I am looking forward to all the pages!

me said...

stunning photos!

Evgenia Petzer said...

she is cute:)

Marjie Kemper said...

Spectacular photos! And what sage advice to deal with them immediately. I'm always happiest when I do it that way rather than let them amass into a huge load.

Bellaidea said...

You have a star at home!

Leonie said...

Fantastic Photo's Helen.
My photo's of concerts and things at night are always
a fail lol. But these are excellent and your editing is great.
I have picasa but only use it occasionally, i think I need to revisit it.

sandi said...

Awesome, awesome pics!

carlies said...

wow naturel talend

hugs carla