Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Leibster Award {Receiving it & Passing it On} & the February Crate Color Palette {as well as 10 New Inspiration Stations}!

***Dozy me forgot to include the Color Palette from Crate
in yesterday's post so scroll down to take a look if you like -
I've inserted it in where it always should have been - at the
top of my last post!***

When I first started blogging 3 years ago awards were all
the rage & I had them all over my mantelpiece sidebar...
These days they seem to have disappeared & I don't think
we missed them & all the rigmarole that came along with
them....BUT...absence makes the heart grow fonder & one
little award has snuck in - a new one to me - the Leibster!

Dear Jeanie & Kristie have both awarded me the Leibster
{mwah - mwah} -
 I met Kristie through Scrapbook Kits with a Difference
when we were both Design Team members (she still is
but I resigned after my 6 month term as I am taking
some different turns this year - a couple of them I
will be announcing soon!) and Jeanie at Color
Combos Galore.  Those were the days aaay - LOL - 
*wink* to my fellow DT's there - GOOD times...

Apparently "Liebster"  is German for 'dearest' or 'beloved' 
{aaaaaw...} but it can also mean 'favourite' {oooooooh!!}.
I'm told the idea of passing on the Liebster Award is to
 bring attention to blogs with less than 200 followers. 

Well that would be nice after 3 years of slog so woohoo!
Bring it on!!  Please "follow me" if you don't already 
do so and you visit me regularly and think my  content
is worthy.   

The Rules
1. show your thanks to the blogger who gave you 
the award by linking back to them.

2. reveal your five picks for the award 
and let them know.

3. post about the award on your blog.

4. bask in the love from the most supportive people
 in the blogosphere!  {aka your followers}

5. finally have fun and spread the love!
Here are my 5 picks, just a quick "word"
beforehand.  I actually HATE to give awards
because I worry about the rejection those who
do NOT receive the award will feel (and as it
is most of us apply regularly for Design Teams
so are rejected on a weekly basis LOL)

please bear in mind that I can ONLY CHOOSE 5,
that they all need to have UNDER 200 FOLLOWERS
and that I have tried to choose blogs that have NOT

1.  Alison @ Life in the Slow Lane
( an old friend from Scrapbook Challenges)
WHY?  Because I yearn for "life in the slow lane" too
and love to learn about other countries, especially when
the person retelling the tales is NOT a local as I am 
always in that same position too...not originating from 
South Africa.

2.  Debbie from Live, Life, Loud
(a faithful friend from Color Combos Galore)
Debbie inspires me through the hectic life
she leads, yet still manages to produce prolifically
and beautifully and makes lots and lots of cards...
whereas you know I am not much of a card maker -
sooo...when the need arises I head on over to Debbie's
for some inspiration!

3.  Erin & Kelly {Scrappin' Sisters)
{new friends from Once Upon a Sketch}
because they are too sweet & sooo creative!
that they share a blog {my sister and I can't share
oxygen so I live vicariously through them!}

{my friend and soul mate from Inspired Blueprints}
because she deserves global success!!  Her work
is TOTES AMAYZE!!  {totally amazing!!} & she
should be world-famous by now...really...

5.  Sabrina from Sabrina Scrapbook 
{fellow ex-DT members of Scrapbook Challenges}
because she makes the most DROP DEAD 
GORGEOUS creations on the planet and you NEED
to see them...REGULARLY!!!

6.  Sandi from Scrapping as I go
{fellow DT member at Once Upon a Sketch}
because her work is 100% ORIGINAL and
she also happens to be a kind and generous
commenter - never failing to pitch up with
a word of encouragement at the perfect time!}

7.  Tina from "A Dog's Life"-
{we became good friends through CCG DT}
Because her creations are awesome...
 Talent with a capital TTTTTTTT!!!

8.  Marivic from A Paper's Purpose 
{best blogging buds through BITW DT}
because her creations are so decadent I find
myself licking the screen...not to mention
she is one of the nicest people online...

9.  Agnieszka from Bellaideascrapology
{old friends through Scrapbook Challenges}
Because her work epitomises pretty and she
is an up and coming "mover & shaker"!!

10.  Eila from Dollops of Scrap
{my great friend from Color Combos Galore}
Because she deserves it.  Her creations are an
absolute labour of love & she writes
 BEAUTIFULLY so I am regularly transported to
a snowy Stockholm - exotic bliss!!!

Phew!  That was TOUGH!!  Yes I decided
mid-way to make my own rules and up it to TEN
and yup I still couldn't include EVERYONE....

If you are looking for NEW INSPIRATION
check out my recommendations and
BECOME A FOLLOWER of their blogs - 
that's the whole idea remember?!?

Have a great Sunday!
I am incapacitated by my foot injury which is 
playing up "real bad" right now so I can't scrapbook
 {I have always done that standing up} so I am lying
on the bed reading!  Aaah Sunday bliss!!!


Sabrina said...

Oh Helen, thank you so much for having me in the list, shall "pay" you for the publicity a bit ;) Hehehe!! =) But honestly, I truly appreciate this. You are one of few nicest bloggers I have ever met. Enjoy your weekend!! xoxo.

Alison said...

Thank you have made me smile today! I'm with Sabrina- you ARE one of my favourite bloggers..not just because of the great work you do, but also because you are a nice(hate that word!!) genuine person
Am off to check my settings again!
Alison xx

Eila Sandberg said...

*giggle* too late darling! believe it or not but I was actually wrapping up my post for today and came over to copy the link to you blog when I saw your award aaaaand I've given you an award too! Give love and love shall be given unto thee! Thank you so much my favourite Helen in the whole wide world! Mwah!

jeanie g said...

Oh Helen hope your foot recovers quickly. I'm not very efficient with passing all these Liebster rules and I've only given 3 awards so far!!! Naughty me. Thanks for posting the rules, can I borrow from your post to add to mine please? Enjoy your read.

Desire Fourie said...

Congrats on receiving the Liebster award. Well deserved.

Mitra Pratt said...

Dude! Hope you feel better! And glad you didn't follow the rules but made your own! I love stalking new people!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Congrats on the award!! And I hope your foot feels better soon!! I know what that's like to have a hurt foot! OUCH!!

Tina said...

Thank you SO much Helen! This is so FAB! Get better soon and KEEP creating your wonderful layouts. I love looking at them week after week and you are such an inspiration for all of us!

kristie said...

HAHA!! Helen, you naughty girl for making your own rules!!(wish I had thought of it!) thanks for reminding to to follow you, I forgot to do that, since I always link to you from TCR. Hugs! Kristie

sandi said...

Oh Helen, you are just sooooooooooo sweet! Thank you for the award my friend! I'll have to think of who to pass it to! Your the best! Have a great weekend!

Kiki said...

Hi Hellen!!! Congratulations for your award!!!! Have a nice week end and take care!!!

dstandard said...

Wow Helen what a fabulous honor thank y so much !!!!4

yyam said...

Congrats on your award Helen! You do amazing work!

Hope you feel better soon...hugs!

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Congrats Helen! I loved your post! LOL @ licking the screen - you're sooo funny... LOVE it! :D

Kerryn said...

You're a sweetheart Helen, thankyou :). Hope your foot is feeling better soon. xx

Lynette said...

Congrats on the award Helen.

Michelle said...

Congratulations on the award! I am glad I stumbled upon your blog recently. I love your very inspiring work, so the award is well deserved. I hope your foot is healing up well and you will be able to be back to scrapping. :)

Marivic (Berry71Bleu) said...


I am away right now, but will definitely do this when I get home. Thanks for thinking of me. You are so funny..I never thought of what I create as decadent, what a lovely word!!! I guess now it shows that I get inspired on what I would love to eat while creating. You're a great pal!!! Didn't tell me about your foot, but I hope it's better today.

Take care..hugs, Marivic

Bellaidea said...

Congratulations my Dear Friend! Well deserved since we love your blog!
Thank you so much for thinkng about me, I feel really good since it`s my 3rd one:) ha ha.
I will be happy to pass it to new and old friends!

dymoonline said...

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