Sunday, 23 October 2011

Medical Gauze Tutorial at Scrapbook Kits with a Difference

Tomorrow I will be sharing the 2 layouts I created for  
Each month the Design Team take it in turns to have a 
"blog day" where we get to share something we think
will be useful to the readers/subscribers.  
This is what I shared this month.  It is up on the blog here.


Hi there ladies!  
It's Helen again, from Durban, South Africa, sharing a 
recent page I made using some Medical Gauze
I bought at the pharmacy here!!  
Yes, you read that right!  
Sourcing the latest & greatest scrapbooking products 
is a challenge for me here & I have to buy
most of what I use online from overseas, 
but there are a few things I manage to source 
locally& medical gauze is one of them....

Obviously the gauze comes in white but it is
very easy to dye it to any colour you like 
by spritzing it with glimmer mist or even paint 
mixed with water in a spray bottle.

The best way to do this is to lay some plastic 
on the floor (I do this inside to avoid 
the fine gauze getting blown in the wind)
then spray the mist on from about 40cm away 
- at about a 45% angle - 
this helps the mist to spread more easily 
rather than pooling in dark blobs!

No need to buy expensive plastic sheets - 
simply slice open a large refuse bag - 
down the side and across the bottom 
- open it up and there you have it!

And for another - totally different effect
using exactly the same gauze -
you can actually paint it -
for a stiffer, more masculine look, 
like I have done here on this page.

The gauze I buy is HEALTHEASE by PLASTERMAN 
and comes in packs of 100 sheets folded into 
10cm squares {but when opened up are roughly A4 size} 
and only cost me the equivalent of AUS$4 for ALL THAT!

So head on down to your local pharmacy & have 
a look around in the First Aid Section -  
who'd have thought hey!?!

For more ideas on how to use gauze on your layouts
visit my blog at
and if you decide to give my ideas a go 
pop in and let me know
so I can come & check it out!
Have fun!!


Evgenia Petzer said...

thanks for sharing!

yyam said...

Gorgeous work Helen! Love the awesome colours and the texture the gauze gives! Brilliant as always! :)

Lynette said...

I love of the painted and coloured are one resourceful lady.

Heather Jacob said...

yep I agree with you the gauze is fabulous .. I have LO's from way back with gauze and it is still intact .... such an easy way to fill a space too .... love your work Helen .... big hugz x

Sabrina said...

Wow Helen! Using medical gauze? Brilliant brilliant idea!! It looks wonderful on both layouts, I mean your design always is, even without the gauze ;) Have a great new week ahead, Helen!! :)))

Denise Price said...

Wonderful, inventive ideas...and easy on the budget, too!

Violette said...

It is such a nice idea!
Thanks for sharing.

Violette said...
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Jess said...

brilliant! i will definitely give this a try! thanks!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I loveeeeeeeeeee how you used the gauze!! These are GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Kerryn said...

the pages are gorgeous Helen!!!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Thanks for sharing, I think I need to get some to try on....

tania said...

great share helen! it does look beautiful:)

Alison said...

Maybe I'll give it a try one of these days always looks so good on your LOs!
Alison xx

Heather Jacob said...

I meant to say how awesome your blog looks too ... adore the pieces down the side .... super duper fabulous ... and I left a comment for you on your new DT spot .. hooray for you !!!!!

Blossom inch said...

gorgeous pages!

sandi said...

These are fab Helen! Love the look of the gauze!

Marelize said...

Very clever idea Helen and beautiful layouts! :)

Diana said...

A South African friend of mine who went home for the summer told me that they use EVERYTHING on their scrapbook LOs. Medical gauze... it looks great!

Marivic (Berry71Bleu) said...

Love it!!I stay away from gauze, brings back old memories of my working days as a wound care nurse. Hey, but your take on it is fabulous!