Saturday, 29 October 2011

A Forgotten card, a Sneak and what I'm seeing right now {in my mind and IRL!}

 I am busy Spring Cleaning!  
(Only because we have a guest arriving...
would much rather be scrapbooking and that's the truth!) 
No Autumn/Fall here for us - never is actually - 
as most of our plants are evergreen  -{I get a
bit sick of seeing everything green all the time!}

A soon-to-be-revealed layout using the 
GORGEOUS Crate Paper FARMHOUSE collection!  
It was SO LUSH I couldn't say no to ANY OF IT!!

My latest celebrity crush - Garret Hedlund - from 
"Country Strong" - oooh - sure you will all agree that 
he is just as lush as CP Farmhouse?!

Well in all honesty there are not too many celebrity types 
around where I live {lots of tanned surfer boys though - wink!} 
It is actually far more likely for me to come 
across a monkey than a celebrity!!

Now that Winter is over {Thank God - it was awful...} 
the Vervet Monkeys are out and about in full force 
again and they are a joy to watch 
(as long as you keep your kitchen windows closed 
- or you will find your fruitbowl empty!!)

I am actually also "Spring-Cleaning" my computer 'desktop' 
as it's all getting a bit overwhelming on there at the moment 
and soon I won't be able to see my daughter's gorgeous 
face anymore for all the folders!!

{Not favouritism - she is my screen-saver because 
she lives away from home at university!}

I came across this card that I had created way back in June 
{I think it's safe to say I missed that challenge deadline :)} 
but anyway...sometimess ome things slip through the cracks
of my crazy life!

So here it is - all Echo Park "For the Record" -
my favourite Echo Park collection to date.


Bellaidea said...

I was sad when this morning there was no new post from you...Now I`m happy :)
Sorry about you missing the dead line:)
Farm boy is ok but I miss... Vervets. A lot.
In couple months when you still sick of green you can visit me and see lots of ....white:)

Eila Sandberg said...

Garret Gareeeeet come for a visit aaaany time!! throw in a couple of them surfer boys while you're at it tee hee! and a Vervet, what a cute little chap! You can have about 100 truckloads of the white stuff in the next few weeks from me too. Still balmy and sunny autumn but any moment.. You're spring cleaning and I've been ... baking!! must be about 5 years since I last pulled out all the stuff on the whim of a moment. Breadrolls, a cake and a dinner pie. Gosh! no scrapping today, that's for tomorrow yay! Lovely cards, especially the one for your sad friend. About the glue, sorry it's a local brand bought at a local craft shop. Have a great Sunday sweetie! xoxoxo

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

LOVING that sneak and loveeeeeeeee the card! The colors are GORGEOUS!! And I swear we have celebrities in Arizona all the time (I read about it AFTER the fact! lol!) and I NEVER see one! lol! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Pamela said...

Great card! I can't imagine having monkeys so close. The only time I have ever seen any kind of monkey is in the zoo. :) And yep...saw that movie...he's cute. :)

Alison said...

Love the card Helen...not something we see often on here!
Alison xx

Kerryn said...

oooh the sneak looks NICE!!! The cards is very yummy!

Rachael Funnell said...

The Sneak peek is Looking good!!
I have a bit of CP - Farmhouse..
Maybe I should grab it out & have a Play... hehehe
Ummm! Well YEAH I think you did miss the deadline with the Card!!
A Shame it's Super C.U.T.E....
Have Fun with Spring Cleaning!!! LOL!

Mitralee said...

hey, thanks for sharing a bit of your world! Love the spring cleaning idea, only it will be a bit for me!

LOVE that flower sneak, you always do the coolest things!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Is that human nature, the grass on the other side is always greener? My daughter said "I can't wait to get out of east coast" when we lived in New York City, and in the desert, she said "I hate to see everything brown, I like green, like in LA". LOL! What about me, I said "I want to live by the water.... " isn't that funny!

By the way, it's a lovely card there!

Sabrina said...

I get bored too sometimes when evreything is also green here in Singapore and Malaysia :) Wow that's a lovely sneak peek and yeah, alas... the card is lovely but you missed the deadline. I think you should join Card Patterns this week ;) *Wink*

Have a wonderful week ahead, Helen!! xoxo.

Jasmine S said...

Great post. Love hearing your thoughts and moments.
Enjoy your clean up.

Denise Price said...

Cute card! You could still post it in the Echo Park Fan Gallery on Flickr--at least it's not too late for that.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

we have lots of monkeys here at the reservoir and i am TERRIFIED of them! LOL. Love your card Heather! :)

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Happy cleaning! ;) Loved reading this post! Great card too! :D

Leonie said...

Hi Helen, oh spring cleaning I need to do some of that, maybe I need to invite someone to stay to give me the motivation to get into it, hehe. Have fun with your house guest. Love the sneak, I don't have any of that range but I did like the CP- random collection. For the Record is one of my favourite collections aswell. Have a great week :)

Blossom inch said...

love the sneak and love your card...awesome...

yyam said...

What a sweet card! I wouldn't mind checking out the surfer dudes! Any chance I can crash on your couch?? lol

sandi said...

This is a very sweet! Love it!