Saturday, 20 August 2011

I chatted with Charm {albeit 3 months ago!} My interview & how it compares to "where I'm at" today...

Well I could kick myself now because I have a layout I am DYING to share with you - that I created yesterday for Inspired Blueprints, that goes live every Saturday - but I forgot to photograph it today!!  
I photographed it last night to send in 
{and while I can take a decent night photo with an elaborate set of daylight lamps I still prefer nice day time shots when at all possible - there is just no substitute for natural light} 
but I didn't take all the close-up shots as I told myself I would do that the next day!  
***Will be posting it soon!***

Being a Saturday I had kids coming out of my ears as we'd had several sleep over, DVD's to return to the store, gifts to wrap & parties to get kids off to, soccer matches to attend, the gardener to organize and a coffee date with my bestie!  
So all thoughts of photographing layouts flew out of the window until I returned in the evening, when it was too late.  

Anyway, I do have quite a few things still to share that I haven't had a chance to slot in yet & one of them is a copy of my Chat with Charm interview.  
Charmaine Koch is well-known amongst the Aussie online girls as she makes embellishments under the name of Charm's Creations & they are darling & very popular.

The Design Team at Inspired Blueprints were all invited to submit their answers to a set of questions posed by Charm, which were then posted on her forum & most of us made it in there to have a little chat with the girls that hang out there & it was super fun!

I screen-snipped my content there just so that I have a record of it all here for myself. 

 In fact I'm even interested in having a re-read of it now as I may answer some of those questions differently if asked them today!  

Well having read that already there are a few changes.  

Chelsea has turned 18.  Cami has turned 11. 
 I have now left Scrapbook Challenges & joined Scrap-it-Lah, Color Combos Galore & Scrapbook Kits with Jules.  

I'm no longer a challenge junkie, 
in fact apart from my DT work & some manufacturer challenges I don't really have time any more for a lot more than that 
& lucky me 
I'm now designing for the challenge sites that I really love the most!

As for my latest scrapbooking purchases now, 
I've just received the complete set of Echo Park "Country Road" & "Victoria Gardens" 
(so much for me being selective but I just couldn't chose between these 2) 
& have lots of bits from all my fave manufacturers now that I've received my first order from 

Much as I love Pinterest my initial interest has already waned because
  I want to CREATE more than I spend time being INSPIRED 
& there's simply not enough time to do both!  
But I'm glad I have my account & I do still "pin" occasionally!

Right now I am in the middle of a bit of a Studio sort out.  
Sometimes I need to get to grips with my storage before I can create any more layouts.  
I seem to have had a bit of an influx of new stash lately & need to get it packed away nicely so I can find my counter again...not to mention that I need to get down to ordering some new CHA product now that there are a few lines in at the online stores I shop at.  

Good thing is that these days I am actually pretty much depleting all the stash I buy so I don't feel so bad stocking up on some new wonderfulness :)  
What are your CHA must-haves?


dstandard said...

Loved reading all this! The page is fabulous - love your photo treatment here too!

Stefanie said...

Thanks for sharing, I'd never even heard of GCD until their rep called me so getting some soon. Seems a good replacement for the BG plains for my clientèle.


I enjoyed reading this post, Helen, especially the changes in your answers. Your page looks gorgeous, as always!

Bellaidea said...

Stunning page, I always like your posts!

Blossom inch said...

those 2 pages are divine and I am blown away seeing those. Fabulous fabulous pages indeed!

Alison said...

That was interesting Helen...isn't it funny how things can change in a short space of time?
Alison xx

yyam said...

Love that gorgeous layout of you! Just brimming with fabulous details! :)

sandi said...

Wow! Helen what a difference your lo, from a year ago, is to how you scrap now! I love your favorite lo of you as well! I'm amazed by how much can change in such a short duration of time. Funny how when we think that things aren't really changing, when in fact they are! :)