Friday, 25 June 2010

Just Imagine...

You're here in Durban & we're off to a World Cup Football match.

We arrive at the brand newMoses Mabhida Stadium.

All the surrounding roads are cordoned off so we have to walk a couple of km's but we feel completely safe for once because of the happy crowds & the dozens & dozens of "Ninjas" {heavily-protected "Peace" officers}.

Apparently 44 000 additional Police Officers have been contracted for the World Cup period only. Now if we could have them "fulltime" surely our major crime problem would be permanently solved???

We have perfect weather - a glorious day!

We're off to watch Netherlands v/s Japan - & there are PLENTY of Netherlands supporters {in orange} !!!

They sure do get dressed up for the occassion ;-D

We have quite some walk but the vibe is great & there are photo-ops a-plenty...

There is a complete cross-section of spectators - a real multi-cultural experience - we feel a part of the world!!!

Security is tremendously tight & we get through the gates quickly & efficiently.

We all get frisked by a same-sex "searcher" to ensure we have no weapons or foodstuffs.

Finally we make it "inside" {the gates} & try to take it all in...the crazy hats, the beaming lunatic with the giant drum & the life-size Dutch"dolls"!

Everyone is jovial, the outfits are hilarious & we're having an AWEsome time!

Finally we make it up ALL the stairs to our seats & find that we have a bunch of really rowdy supporters behind us, but they actually enhance our whole experience! {note the bottom right photo - trying to take a phone call amidst all the vuvuzela-blowing requires blocking the other ear}!

62 010 spectators all-in-all & the stadium is nearly packed to full-capacity! The media have an entire section to themselves too {see centre right of above collage}.

The view from our seats is amazing & the stadium is even more darn beautiful from the inside than it is from the outside - a complete work of art...

The "paparazzi" are out in full-force with their huge lenses, all packed onto the 2 relatively tiny podiums outside "the tunnel" to capture the moment the players make their debut then lined up on the side-lines like a firing-squad!

The game is splendid - resulting in a hard-earned goal to the Netherlands & unfortunately none to Japan, but not for want of trying!

Spirits are high as we leave the event with so many images imprinted on our minds & hearts.

We make our way out with the masses, laughing & chatting all the way to the car, where DH is waiting to take us home. Aaaaaaaahhhhhh...what a brilliant day. Literally a once-in-a-lifetime experience...


Diana said...

I almost feel like I was there... actually having gone to the last Olympics I did have a good idea of everything you wrote about! I love all your pics. Wonderful.
You asked me how I got that shot--yes, I have a little stool that I usually have with me when I am photographing friends and family (at least those who will pose for me, ie not my 4 year old who I have to chase to get a photo of). I read that people's faces look more flattering when they're looking up slightly rather than straight on. I guess b/c they've stretched out any double chin or what have you LOL.
And I added in some sunflare links into the post. I learnt it in the Maggie Holmes class I did and I'm so glad I learned it. I also taught it to DH, and he of course has mastered it.
Still waiting to hear more about your photography class!

Vicki said...

Awesome photos and you sure are right there in the middle of it all. I'd be taking my ear plugs though. Hope Moniques checking out your blog. LOL

Jenny in Durbs said...

Awesome experiences & what a wonderful opportunity & great game woo hoo you lucky peoples & your photos are fantastic !!!

CathQuillScrap said...

Thanks for sharing the how-to.. now I'll just imagine all this chaos as I find the couch in my lounge, hunt for the remote and turn the tv on to watch the next game! hehehe.

tania said...

What fun!! that stadium is awesome! wish is was there . . . today will be the perfect day!!
thanks for sharing:)

Andrea said...

How totally, completely and utterly FABULOUS...thanks for "taking" us with you!

Shayne said...

I feel like i was there. Stunning pics and narration Helen!

Thanks for 'taking' us with you.

Bernadine said...

Love you post. Felt like I was their with you. :)

Ella Swan said...

Thanks girls - yup it was really enjoyable! Wow Diana - awesome that you went to the Olympics! Thanks for alerting me to the links re: the sunflare. Will definitely check them for my photog course - prob didn't learn anything you didn't already know but you've given me an idea to do a little post about it soon ;-D Vicki the vuvuzelas are all a part of it so no earplugs or you miss out! Actually they are not that bad en masse somehow - just sounds like a whole bunch of really sick cattle! Cathy {et all} hope you get to a "real" match - the TV is good {better really - for the 'details'} but while you have the chance to experience it first hand you really should ;-D