Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Creative Homework

I mentioned in a previous post that I was currently taking part in an elementary photography course. Only 4 two hourly sessions once a week for a month. Tomorrow morning is already the last module. I feel like we've only just skimmed the surface on a "can of worms" & didn't really know what I was getting myself into with this photography lark of mine. In much the same way that I had no idea that scrapbooking would become such a dominant aspect of my life & home when I first started dabbling! Am loving & hating it - which is something I'm pretty good at doing it seems - similar to my ever-swaying feelings toward scrapbooking & blogging!

Anway, as our last lesson is tomorrow & of course I had done NO homework I spent an hour tonight "shooting my family" lol! Due to leaving it so late I had no help from Mr. Sun & had to use {gasp} my flash {frowned upon in "the inner circle"...} but I think my results weren't bad, bearing in mind that I am now shooting in 100% manual mode & editing very sparingly. Imagine spending years driving an automatic vehicle then reverting back to driving one with gears & you have half an idea of how difficult it is! After my hour of practicing I'm hooked! I just loved it when I got it kinda right! It was really exciting for me & a great relief for the kids too ;-D

At 9 she's my most willing subject!

All I did to edit was crop slightly & desaturate to get the skintone down a bit.

The colour wasn't great on the ones above & they just looked better in black & white.

Jack just happened to be perched up there on the stairs with his big DC shoes on, on his mobile, & I thought the whole perspective thing was kinda cool. {Took this one over the weekend when he was in his going-out gear}

These 2 after their showers, not keen on moving & eating their supper. Cute in an everyday kinda way.

Fat, fat Daisy who is starting to look more like Garfield by the day.

Her favourite spot, outside the kitchen door. Love the contrast in this one. Took some of bits & pieces around the house too, but saving those for later!


Stefanie said...

Lovely, great to peep inside your home too.
Great looking children.

Desire Fourie said...

Lovely shots, considering it was inside. I always find taking photos indoors very difficult and usually don't even bother when I am indoors. You have definitely learnt a great deal already!

Andrea said...

Well done for biting the bullet and doing a course, as you say it can often stir up more than it solves and i wish I could attend at least once course a month for the rest of my life - there is simply so much to learn.

That said however there is a lot to be said for just LOVING photography and I think some of the best shots ever are taken on auto in a relaxed and happy surrounding, I try to shoot in both....manual for the "art" shots and auto for the general snaps - works for me :0)

Most of all HAVE FUN!!!!!

p.s check out my photographic blog tomorrow for our Team Up Thursday challenge....there are some links to truly PHENOMENAL photographers.

Diana said...

Oh yes, this photography thing can be very addictive... and maddening... but totally worth it when you start getting amazing shots of your kids!

Jessy Christopher said...

Awesome shots Helen!! Gosh your children are so beautiful, they have awesome features!! I love the two cats too. Missing them both now since I am still on holidays.

topkatnz said...

Beautiful work Helen! just loving it.

Ella Swan said...

Thanks girls! Just did lighting as our last lesson & made me see just how "bad" my "great" shots were lol...oh well...they're good for posterity ;-D

Anonymous said...