Friday, 11 September 2009

Feeling Blah! & another VSL {Very Simple Layout}.

Unfortunately I'm going through a "Blah" patch...I can't seem to focus on the particular task at fact I can't even decide what that particular task IS...I have SO much I want to do that I really don't know where to start. I find that too much information leads to lack of action because of a feeling of being overwhelmed. The weather here has been on the cold side for a while now. I like the cold weather here - it is not cold by the northern hemisphere's standards. To me it is definitely preferable to the humidity, however, I am wondering whether perhaps it is just altogether a little too gloomy for productivity. I am spending more time on the pc than at my scrap desk because it is cosy here once I have the heater by my side & I can't get a heater close-by whilst I am scrapping due to the configuration of the furniture, etc. That's my excuse for now so I'm sticking with it LOL ;-D

The general drudgery of life is taking up all my time & energy at present, leaving me little time between the "must-do's" to establish my priorities on the scrappy front, hence the weeks are rolling by with bits & pieces getting done here & there but no major achievements. I don't like it & it doesn't make me feel good. My teenager daughter is also giving me a headache with all her hairbrained schemes & ridiculous ideas on what to do for entertainment. So much so that I am not looking forward to another TEN uninterrupted years of having to play chauffeur & PA to half-kid-adults whose plans change more often than the wind & often aren't suitable to the crime-ridden environment in which we live here. Safety is not a concern to teenagers because they see themselves as invincible. They feel that "nothing will happen to them" because their eyes are set on achieving their goals of going out no matter what, so they cannot see the wood for the trees, which makes reasoning with them very frustrating!

Jack's school is certainly better than the last one but I have discovered that the disciplinary problems are largely due to Government Policy making it virtually impossible to expel the 5% of troublesome pupils & somehow that has left me with a feeling of hopelessness. I don't want to send him away to boarding school & have no guarantees that it would be any better there but am not completely satisfied with his situation at present. Fist fights seem to be pretty much the order of the day, with a thrice weekly ocurrence, the last incidence resulting in an innocent bystander needing four stitches to the head. What if that had been my son? Basically they cannot guarantee his safety during school hours & that is unacceptable to me. I am shocked & surprised by the events this year has had in store for us with regards to Boy's High Schools in South Africa. I have no idea if they are all similar or why it is that the local schools are proving as treacherous as they are!

School holidays are looming here & we had decided that we would get away to visit relatives we haven't visited in the last two years, only to make all the plans then be informed that they would be leaving us three days after our arrival to go on another trip with friends there that they see all the time. We are finding that confusing to comprehend & are trying to make other arrangements at the last minute now that everything is fully booked for the spring break. is not always simple & I just need to focus, set some goals & come up with a workable schedule to keep me going & avoid getting caught up in worrying about things that eat away at my time & energy. Creativity is often just the remedy for clearing my mind & regaining perspective. The weeks are literally whirring by & I can't believe it is Friday today. I am going to have to post my quiz results over the weekend & so far only have TWO people with all the correct answers, so anyone wanting a "last chance" to win a RAK full of goodies has until tomorrow to leave their comments in last Friday's post.

This is a layout I did of Chelsea recently. I had a few less than stellar photos to use so just stuck 'em all down on some nice Making Memories shaped cardstock with a green (Eeeek!) backing cardstock that is a very strong contrast & not my ideal choice, but I am determined to use up my older stash on my older photographs. The strips are all very old Tres Jolie stickers by My Mind's Eye, but I did add some fresh new K & Co. butterfies, added some bling to their centres, & used some gorgeous glitter Thickers for my title. The tulle flower I bought at Mr. Price {Clothing} as a brooch & pulled it apart into a few separate layers. It also had a trail of ribbon & pearls that I cut off & saved for future use so I am rather pleased with my find ;-D The fancy embroidered brad is K & Co. & from the Lucky Duck Cocoa Daisy add-on.

I think the trick with using older stash is to make sure you keep it fresh with something new & interesting in the mix, like the glitter alpha Thickers & tulle flower with the decorative brad.

I try to date each layout - even if only discreetly like you see here above.

This layout is along the same lines as the others I have been working on lately, the only difference being that I had a few photos as opposed to one. Originally 5 x 7 (10 - 15cm) I cut two down a bit & cropped one to postcard size & this way managed to fit all 3 in quite easily, without losing balance & still had some "white space" left over to keep things calm ;-D Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

Sorry you're feeling low. I find that when I'm feeling low scrapbooking is what lifts my spirits! Seriously, it's the best therapy around, and cheaper than a session with a psychoanalyst too. Unless I'm REALLY out of sorts, then I don't feel to do anything at all, and then whether I'm scrapping or not is a measure of if/when I'm back to feeling myself... .
Anyway, I like the layout! A lot!

tania said...

Hmmm, Helen, I see that Chesea and my Megan are the same age, geee, aren't they clever? I was just thinking about it yesterday, will have to get 2 lions and also my husband's rifle ready, because the boyfriends are also luring now!! LOL! You feeling blah and I am VERY low on energy, seems I am in need of new sparkplugs!!
Lovely layout.Yes, these computers are sometimes a blessing, but I also catch myself wondering on it too much and doing too little;)

Vicki said...

You have so much going on! Sure does sound like you need a holiday just to get a break from all the other stuff. Hope it all works out OK for you.

Stefanie said...

I think there is a lot of the blahs going around.
Sorry about the rude relatives.
I have some in my family tree too.

Jenny in Durbs said...

Wow I can so identify with all except teenage/younger children LOL - thats past me.
Hope the holiday works out you need it & enjoy.

Penny said...

This will pass!! We too have moments of huge frustration with our elder son especially - luckily the younger one isn't yet interested in going out. Part of me can't wait for him to get his licence - but I suppose that will bring another whole new set of problems. I also find I spend a huge amount of time just doing the have-to's - makes me wonder how those who don't have the home help we do EVER get anything done!!

jax said...

I think we all have issues with family at some stage - don't feel alone. That dreadfully true saying comes to mind "everything for a reason" ....

Shayne said...

Rude relatives run in most families!

Chin up and perserverance is the key.

Have a good weekend.

Cathy said...

Your layout is another nice one... well done. Good luck with dealing with all the extra stress around you.

Lynette said...

Yup! I also have some pretty rude I think we all know the feeling.

I hope the mojo comes back and you are back scrapping up a storm.

Helen Tilbury said...

Am feeling much better today thanks ;-D Have had an afternoon's retail therapy at Gateway (a great cure-all lol!) although most of it was actually for Chelsea & I spent very little - still fun! Now Cami is singing away to Mama Mia on DVD & I know that life is good ;-D

Michelle Ramsay said...

Lovely layout. I know how you are feeling as I was always the "midnight" chauffer to my children when they went out jolling. Even now, if Grant wants to go out and drink, I fetch him at midnight!! Gives me an excuse to scrap until late - he he

topkatnz said...

Hope you sort out all your holiday dramas soon. Love what you did with the tulle flower, and well done on using up old stash - I regularly cull mine, and sell it - but, I really need to get even more cut-throat about this .... I need the space for my new goodies!

Andrea said...

Great idea to use older stock on older photographs...never thought of that before.

Hang in there on all the other stuff, the way I figure it is the wheel of life ALWAYS turns and although it means you have to spend some time at the bottom, you are equally guaranteed some time at the top :0)