Friday, 4 September 2009

Friday Fun! {& the last instalment of my challenge}

Why not join me & copy & paste this to your blog & fill-in your own answers so we can compare notes?!

1. A Must Have Scrapbook Supply for you?


2. The funniest thing you've ever scrapbooked?

My son on the toilet when he was a little boy - he looked so cute!

3. Who or what inspires you?

My ever growing pile of photos & the awesome products I can buy online.

4. Do you Snack while you Scrap?

Hardly ever. I am a tidy scrapper due to my tiny desk. I do always have a drink to hand in a non-spill bottle but I am still so concerned that I may knock it over that I put it on the window-sill behind me. When I get so ravenous I can't think straight anymore I dash to the kitchen - rustle up some tea & toast - take a 10 minute break - wash my hands then get back to the task at hand!

5. When do you feel most creative?

Any time that I am not tired & not committed to doing other things or needed by the kids. I love to scrap more than most other things but at certain times have the urge to get out the house & go gallivanting {by that I mean coffee in a coffee shop, pizza, movies, etc!} I get most of my scrapbooking done over the weekends in one mega frenzy & have another scrappy morning where I usually get another coupla layouts done too.

6. Do you have a scrapbook confession?

Yup! I confess that when I first started scrapbooking I was waiting for the infatuation to end. On all my other artistic endeavours {practically everything under the sun} I always got to the stage when it just didn't "do it for me anymore"...over 6 years on I now know {like I do about my marriage} that scrapbooking for me will be a life-long affair.

7. What's on your scrap wish list?

Yikes! Where do I begin? Webster's Pages, Basic Grey, Prima new style flowers AND paper & Sassafras for when I'm feeling funky ;-D Lots of other stuff but if I have to streamline then these are my must haves...

8. Favorite Manufacters?

At the risk of sounding boring...Webster's Pages, Basic Grey, Prima & Sassafras Lass. BUT I do have a long-standing affair with all things American Crafts {Paper AND Thickers} My Mind's Eye & Maya Road. As for recent infatuations...Jillibean Soup, Lily Bee, & a major crush on October Afternoon ;-D

Last but not least there is ONE MANUFACTURER I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE but have failed to mention here... SO, as the last instalment of my Friday Challenge I would like you to answer one simple question...WHO IS IT?????? Here is your clue...

If you are in the running to win my RAK {if you have successfully passed round 1 & 2} then this final answer is all you need to go into the draw {which I will announce the winner of NEXT Friday} so put on your thinking caps & look at that lovely vintage birdie there...with the lovely vintage card attached... and ask yourself this...who does vintage best???!!!

ONE LAST RULE - If you want to be in to win you need to leave a comment here BUT do not mention the answer in it - you need to e mail me with it ;-D


topkatnz said...

ooooh! that's a bit harder! having a giggle cos I've just done a post with almost the exact same name!LOL

tania said...

freak helen, yap, this one not easy,u will have to hint girl!! tell me, do you mention them on your bloglist?

Vicki said...

I think I know - email you shortly. LOL

Lynette said...

It is cute...but I have no idea:)

About the kit club...I am still commited with to subscriptions...maybe the next three months?

Lynette said... spelling has gone for a loop! That was supposed to be "two".

jax said...

I'm enjoying the recent question and answer posts - thanks for taking the time - even though I "know" you, they are still fun to read.

Helen Tilbury said...

I see that Heidi - how funny! Yup I thought I better make it a bit harder for the last round but am still waiting for some answers to come in from the other "finalists" - so far one person here has the right answer but not saying who right now! I enjoy the Q + A's because I think it will be fun for me to compare it to a new list 6 months down the line although I'm sure it's not very intesting for anyone else...

Jenny said...

I also love all the Prima flowers but just can't use them on a l/o about boys!

Sandra said...

Haha, lucky I pulled out in the previous round. Because, once again, I have no idea!

Now if it was yarn, that would be easier for me to identify :)

Cathy said...

Love finding out more about usual. Off to send you my answer in an email... hope I'm right!

Michelle Ramsay said...

That is cute, but you have certainly got me this time!!!!!