Thursday, 23 July 2009

5 Easy Steps...

Do you hate the thought of watching/listening to You-Tube videos on people's blogs???
any videos for that matter...Vimeo, etc...I know I do...I used to just click out as soon as I saw them loading. I thought, oh no, no time for that! Then one of my resident teens showed me a little trick. Maybe you are already switched on enough to have worked it out, but if you're anything like me you wouldn't have had the time, so here it is...

1. Click on the VOLUME on the bottom tool bar of the video box (that appears on the blog) so that it sets to MUTE (so you can't hear it) then

2. Click on the PLAY button (bottom left) & allow the video to load - completely if possible.

3. Check how long the video lasts (it's written on the bottom tool bar of the video) so that you can click the window you have minimized back up when the time has lapsed.

4. Minimize your screen

5. Re-open your blog in another window so you can carry on with your blog hopping.

If you do that you can watch videos PAINLESSLY with NO INCONVENIENCE AND TIME WASTING. And another good thing about it is...if you enjoy it, you can watch it AGAIN & AGAIN straight many times as you once it's loaded it's loaded.

Like the one I put on my blog yesterday... you don't want to know how many times...

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Lynette said...

Thanks for the tips:)