Friday, 7 December 2012

Photo Post - Proud of my Boy!

Each year I try to embrace December more & more but it's 
always fraught & there's never enough time, and I
hate rushing.  It's just not my style.

It's the end of our academic year here so the kids
are always in a state with exams & tired from
all the end of year activities.  There never seems
to be a better way to approach it or to prepare!

I love all the crafting options but the opportunity to 
create eludes me more than ever in December, which is 
why I only attempted a December Daily once & don't see it
 happening again :)  Oh well, I love January so I guess
that's some consolation!! 

My son wanted his photo taken today. 
 At 17 that does NOT happen often!
 You've never seen me grab my camera so fast :)

He is going through a very difficult time right now.
Not because of himself, but because of others.  It's 
heart-breaking as a parent to watch him suffer
& be powerless, to an extent, to change things.

I love that this boy is such an old soul & has such a good heart.  
To be proud of a teenager is saying something. 
 They are known to be a troublesome bunch generally :)

  Used my 50mm again, against our washing-line wall.

Not the best light but when a teenager offers you a photo
op you take what you can get!!  Thanks for popping by :)


Michelle said...

I am sorry to hear he is having a rough time. Yes, teenagers can be trouble. I have two, or had two. My oldest is now 24, my middle almost 15 with my little one turning 6 soon. Oldest was troublesome with a capital T... mostly attitude and behavior at home. Never anything too serious. No drugs/drinking that kind of thing serious. This one is the polar opposite of her sister... SO grateful!!! We will see where the little one falls when that time comes, and if I have any hair left after having been raising kids for over 30 yrs (with them spaced so far apart).
The photos turned out wonderfully!!! You certainly can tell your kids are brothers/sisters!!!
I also can't get over school is ending for you. It is fun learning about different areas. We just started in Sept and will go through part of June with very very few school breaks. We get about 3.5 weeks total off during the school year and it is very spread out.

Keren Tamir said...

He is so handsome and such a good soul. It's heartbreaking what he's going thru. I wish him all the best and to you and your family health and happiness and happy holidays!!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

So sorry to hear he is having a hard time right now... I loveeeeeee the photos... he is so handsome!!!

Desire Fourie said...

Helen your photography is out of this world and you are blessed with such beautiful children. Well see it like this, December can be the brain storming month for you lol. Wishing you a relaxing weekend. Hugs Desíre {Doing Life - my personal blog}

Stefanie said...

I totally understand where you're coming from, in terms of sensitive boys and this time of year. Trust you get the chance to stop and take a breather a few times before January. Gorgeous pics of your son, just BTW.

Kim Price said...

Hang in there Helen :) Glad you got to take some photos

Lynette said...

I am so sorry to hear that your son is going through a tough time. Being that age and handling a lot of peer pressure is always tough. I just know that he has the character to stay true to himself despite the pressure. Your love for him shows through these beautiful photos and your words.


Sandie Edwards said...

Your son is a handsome young man, and a beautiful soul.... his eyes are magical. It is hard when young ones go through so much, and I really hope life eases for him (and you) soon. He is lucky to have such a wonderful family support...

Lynnda said...

Hang there Helen...So sorry to hear he is having a hard time right now... And I so love all the photos... he is handsome!!! hugs...xoxo

MARILYN said...

So sorry Helen, I understand you perfectly, oh gosh, we both have a lot of things in daughter is having a similar situation...not by herself but by others and she wants to move from her school and I'll do year.
But we are here to help them in this hard moments. I hope everything gets better soon. He's so handsome boy..God bless him. Take care girl!!! hugs!!! :)

pd. gorgeous photos!!! you are wonderful with the camera, I always told you!!! I got to beg my boy for a

Lili Sulastri said...

Helen, those photos are extremely stunning. It's a tough age for teenagers to go through life - but then again, this is their opportunity to learn life's thorny paths. He'll get through it all, with your guidance. I had been through this with my teenage girl and I am glad her eyes are now wide open and she is seeing things a little differently.
You young man is really handsome - a real heart-breaker. Hopefully it will not break mum's heart!
Finally, beautiful photography. Love them all.


So sorry to see your son going through trying times...the toughest part as a mother is to be reduced to a helpless bystander. I am praying that he emerges a stronger person eventually. God bless!

juscrap said...

May God bless you and enlighten you to lead this beautiful boy. The love of mothers always help the children in these moments.xoxo

Linda Eggleton said...

So sorry to hear that your boy is going through a rough time...I hope things improve soon for him :)

Your photos are fantastic Helen...awesome shots!

Lizzy Hill said...

Hope things get better for year, new ways of being, I'm sure, in 2013...least he can look forward to a break from it all now - great snaps - bet you put them to good use!!!!!!!!!!!

Fi said...

Its a horrible experience not only for them but for us also. We have want to protect and yet can do nothing but guide them through it the best way we can. I hope things get better for him soon. Gorgeous pics as always Helen and I love hearing that other parents are proud of their teens. I have really had not trouble with mine either.

Mitra Pratt said...


And bullies.

It's terrible!

Lovely photos my dear!

Bellaidea said...

I hope all bad stuff will be a history in 2013 and a lesson learned. I want to see him happy next time and I wish him all the best.He is a talented and handsome boy!

Denise Price said...

Sorry to hear about the rough times. Sending you hugs. Hope that things will be better in 2013--it's just around the corner!

Tracey Sabella said...

What amazing photographs. You have a gift, Helen!! Sorry your son is experiencing difficulties with others. The teen years can be such a challenge. How proud you must be of his good heart. He has an excellent example to follow in his mom. ~ Blessings, Tracey