Saturday, 24 October 2015

Home Decor Projects "Trade Secrets"Guest Post
Meet the First of 3 Altered Art Specialists!
And Learn how to create "Off-the-Page"!!

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Hello again you all!!  How are you all today?!  
I am really excited about today's post because I have some someone special sharing it 
with me today!!  Isn't that exciting?!  Well I sure think it is & I hope you do too!!
If you enjoy it please let me know by leaving a comment, in which case I will
continue this series of Trade Secrets posts from the best of the best!!

This post is a sequel to my original post about Home Decor/Off-the-Page projects
from a couple of days ago HERE.  If you missed it do go & check it out as I give
you my own Top 10 "Things to Consider" when venturing into making OTP
projects, that I know can seem a little scary if they are new to you!

Today I welcome & introduce to those of you who may not already know her :-

Ingrid Gooyer {Netherlands}

"Hi there!  I'm Ingrid & I live in Zaandam, a small place near Amsterdam,
 in the Netherlands.  I'm married to Rob & proud mom to 2 daughters, 
Tessa, 24 & Yiscka, 21.  I just love to be creative & play with all kinds of media
 & paints. I'm always looking for something I can alter & I can't live without gesso!"

Check out Ingrid's AHMAZING creations on her blog HERE & remember to
sign up as her official follower if you LOVE her content (see her followers'
gadget in her left hand side sidebar!}  I know she would really appreciate it!!

Now let's take a look at each ladies work & learn from them!!  
Here are some of Ingrid's brilliant OTP/Home Decor Projects...

What can we learn from Ingrid?  

1)  That every day items, & things that are used up/expended can be 
used to make amazing & interesting "talking point" pieces to decorate
 our homes or give as gifts to our friends!  

2)  This is not only environmentally friendly, but also a great way to save
 money, upcycle & jump off the consumer band wagon, 
using things we already own. 

3)  It's also a great example to our kids, not to be wasteful
 & also, how to be resourceful & creative!  

4)  Get yourself some interesting art mediums to get started!  Gesso is a firm
 favourite with Ingrid for her OTP/Home Decor projects, as is Crackle Paste!
Both of these mediums will be invaluable additions to your crafty shelves!  

5)  Not only is it great creative therapy making Home Decor/OTP projects,
but it also gives you the opportunity to create unique, original, 
statement pieces to match your home, your friend's home or
 even a client's home if you are an interior designer!  
Custom made art!!

Priming everything with gesso  before you start to decorate means that it is possible
 for you to then start with a "clean slate" & create personalised items that 
match your home decor colour scheme or in a friend's favourite colours,
 if you are making a gift.  Here Ingrid has changed a simple letter holder
 into a real talking point & work of art for her daughter's bedroom.

How "knock your socks off"gorgeous is this altered pumpkin?!  

WOW, WOW,WOW, I think it's just incredible! And to think it started out
 as an ugly orange PLASTIC pumpkin, uuuugh - now look at it!!  

6)  Often Ingrid adhere's paper "kitchen"towel onto her project before starting
 to gesso, like she has done here, to add some beautiful texture.  

7)  Another tip she has for us is to use gesso at the END of every project 
as well as at the beginning.  Lightly dabbing your attached elements
with gesso really subdues the colours to create beautifully
subtle pieces that are both classy & classic.  

Did you enjoy that?  Learn anything new??  Let me know in the comments
& don't forget to pop on over to Ingrid & join her blog if you love her work!!


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Patricia said...

Oh what an awrsome artist to start with!!! IIngrid surely is my OTP and Altered queen...her art is so inspirational...
I would love to see you cntinue with more amazing artists!!!

Margaret Mifsud said...

Wow!! I love Ingrid's work and am so pleased you showcased her art here. Some great tips once again .. love the idea of using paper towels for texture .. would never have thought of that!! Can't wait to see who your next Guest is! xx

ingrid said...

Thanks so much for asking me Helen! The article turned out great! x

MakaArt said...

Wow! Amazing work ❤

Janette said...

I follow Ingrid's blog and I am always amazed at the fabulous creations she does...great article..x

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Her work is amazing!!!!!

Wilma Voermans said...

I hardly do OTP projects, just because I dont want to stuff my house. But........... I LOVE to see them and Ingrid is a specialst in altering, super projects!

Lizzy Hill said...

I didn't know Ingrid's work, so it was LOVELY to see! Gorgeous altered pumpkin in particular...most if the ideas I did know - but it's nice to be reminded, because you DO forget things!!!

Kathy Bradley said...

I love Ingrid's work and have followed her blog and FB as well. Her projects are always so gorgeous - and you can tell that she loves crafting. I am loving this series of articles!

Unknown said...

Awesome projects OTP are some of my fave things to create too! This is sensational

Lizzyc said...

Beautiful creating! Love all the tips I glean from talented artists!

Marci said...

Ingrid's work is gorgeous, and great tips!

Denise van Deventer said...

Certainly an amazing creator! I love her work and the pumpkin is my absolute favourite! ;-)

magicalmagpie said...

Wow! drop dead gorgeous!