Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Altered Foam Bath Bottle Step-by-Step Tutorial

 So I started out with this bottle of Foam Bath for my Off-The-Page
 project commissioned by Yvonne Yam from Do More with Less -
 for her 3rd free online workshop "Let's Get Trendy! 3" 
which you can read about HERE and sign up for HERE.  

You still have until the end of June to play along for prizes & see
 many, many awesome examples based on 5 key trends at the moment!

1.  Choose a nice, smooth bottle to begin with.

2.  Peel off the label & remove any leftover residue
 using thinners/turpentine/benzine or the like.

3.  Choose some pretty paper to cover part 
of your bottle with & measure, mark & cut.

4.  Adhere using thick double-sided tape for extra strength.

5.  Carefully wrap your paper around your bottle using the grid
 lines on your cutting mat to guide you, to ensure that you're
 staying straight  & matching up when you reach the other side.

6.  Now measure up another piece of paper against your first piece, then cut it down about 2 inches (10cm) narrower than your first piece but the same length as before.

7.  Now take your prettiest punch & punch
 both sides of your narrower paper.

8.    Ink up the edges if desired.

9.  Adhere double-sided tape all the
 way across the length & the width.

10.  Use a strip of Prima adhesive bling lace 
to wrap around the middle of your papers.

11.  Stand back & admire how your project thus far!

12.  Add more adhesive bling to the top & the bottom of the paper.

13.  Choose a Prima vine from your stash 
(yup you really need these on hand at all times!) 
& ink it up to bring out the colour (if desired).

14.  Grab a piece of muslin from your pre-dyed muslin stash (or grab a piece then spray it with mist - spraying also with water to dilute & mix the colour to a soft shade) - do this over a big plastic shopping bag that you have cut down the side & bottom & opened up to provide a non-porous area to work, which is also easy to clean.  Use your hands to squeeze the muslin & rub it into the ink droplets until you are happy with the colour distribution then dry off with a heat gun, holding the cloth with tweezers to avoid burning yourself.

15.  Adhere your muslin using lots of hot glue underneath & an old credit card to push it down to stick (because if you use your fingers you will burn them!). Once you are happy with the "drape" of your muslin adhere your Prima vine using hot glue too.

16.  Hot -glue all your embellishments on.  I used a glass pebble & some Prima trinkets as well as some printed bunting cut from some Prima packaging, then seal your entire creation using a spray varnish (mine is glittery!!) or modge podge or gel medium, although a spray is obviously easier. 

17.  There you have it! 
 Enjoy & admire your creation!!  
Then give it away to a good friend or let it 
take up residence alongside your tub :) 

It should be splash free now!

I used ALL Prima products on my bottle, except for the muslin,
 which I bought at the pharmacy, & the mist which comes from
 Studio Calico - Mister. Huey's (Cameo) & the glass pebble that 
comes from a home store here, Mr. Price!

I mixed various Prima collections here, using paper from the new 
Divine collection & 'Say-it-in-Crystals' from last year's 
collections. With Prima product you can be sure that almost 
everything matches with everything else, making your crafting life 
that little bit easier, & all their products are top quality too.  

However, of course, you can follow along & make
 something similar with whatever you have on hand! 

 Thanks for stopping by & have a lovely week!


Lynnda said...

Ahhh Helen... you what ... I really love this project of yours!!! it looked much more harder and complicated!.. until you show us the steps.... thanks for sharing!!! Indeed it is really beautiful!.... I love it... totally!... Uniquely stunning!... have a great week my friend.... hugs...x

Cathy Lane said...

Thanks so much for this tutorial Helen...you are such a star!! My sister saw this bottle and she begged me to make one for her and now you have made it so much easier for me:) It is absolutely stunning!! Such a fab tut too!!

Adriana B said...

wow, love your altered bottle....so heavenly, fab tutorial, have a great week :)

Val-Belle said...

How gorgeous is this and it makes a spectacular present. I think I need to do something like this for Christmas... maybe if I start now I can get them done in time ;) you are so clever.

yyam said...

Oh my goodness! I love how you broke it down to such simple steps...everyone can make something so pretty now...even though it would be nice if someone made it for me..*hint*. The textures are amazing!
This is soooooooo fabulous...I'll be sharing your blog post link on the Let's Get Trendy Now!3 Facebook Page.
Hope you are having a lovely week so far! :)

Lizzy Hill said...

Great job...& from now on, I won't burn my fingers on my hot glue gun anymore - thanks for that tip...wonder if your bottle has made it off the table. It's gorgeous & I'd want to admire it, too:):):)

Anonymous said...

Wow this is soooooo beautiful Helen! Just that I think the muslin hides all the lovely work you did before. Unless you can see it at the back of the bottle. But its really lovely!
Pearl x

juscrap said...

Gorgeous, love your altered bottle. Thanks for sharing.xx

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Soooooooooo AMAZING Helen!! I just loveeeeeeeeeee what you did with that bottle!!! GORGEOUS!

Mitralee said...


I love it!

~amy~ said...

seriously gorgeous...your work is amazing!

Lynette Jacobs said...

I admired this when I first saw it...thank you for the handy step-by-step.

Gayle Price said...

So, so pretty. Technique simply and perfectly explained. Thanks for sharing Helen. xx

Jasmine S said...

That is amazing. I had no idea where this was going to go and wow, how amazing does it look. You are a clever chicky.

sandi said...

Wow! This is a real beauty! Love what you've turned this bottle into! Fab!

Unknown said...

Fabulous tutorial Helen... and your altered bottle is amazing, you make it look so simple!!!


Oooh la la! This is my fave OTP project of yours! You definitely outdid yourself with this one :)

Denise van Deventer said...

Soooo creative and the perfect, beautiful gift! Stunning project!