Friday, 26 April 2013

'Saying Goodbye to Lulu' Mini Album - My Creative Scrapbook Off the Page Project Kit April 2013

Hi Everyone!  I'm here today with a really cute & VERY dimensional mini-album from My Creative Scrapbook this month.  It was a pure delight to make & I split it into 3 creative sessions of a few hours each as there was drying time between each layer.  
I used many different mediums on this little piece & am really happy I was prompted to create this teeny book as I generally don't get around to making mini-albums due to the time that they take.  Of course they are always well worth the effort & really suitable for keeping complete events in one place, as they are able to tell an entire story.

The story mine tells is of our last bittersweet trip to Cape Town, where we visited my sister for the last time before she died, last year.  Here's the kit that I was sent to work with.

The Maya Road mini-album was a combination of raw chipboard & undyed linen so I misted, stenciled, gessoed & varnished each piece before I begun putting the album together.  

I provided some instructions to go along with the kit too so am sharing them here as well :)

Mini-Album Tips & tricks by Helen Tilbury for My Creative Scrapbook April 2013 Album Kit

Working on this gorgeous little beauty should take you about 12 hours - I suggest making it over the course of a week (during the evenings if you work during the day) as there's drying time between processes.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN assembling the album you need to do the 'ground work' preparing the raw chipboard pieces, the linen cover & pages & the inside chipboard cover & chipboard pages.

You do NOT need to use the same colours or mediums as I have used so feel free to improvise & use what you have on hand!

FOR THE PAGES - I misted using the 'Driftwood' mist from the kit & also used a PINK mist for some contrast - spraying randomly on each page - once dry I used the Maya Road 6" grid mask (from a previous My Creative Scrapbook Kit) together with some gesso & quickly added some texture/pattern to only some areas of each page.  I finished off my page preparation by spraying each page with 'Glitter Varnish' (in a spray can) to seal.

FOR THE COVER - I misted with the 'Driftwood' mist provided aswell as some yellow mist (with the driftwood towards the edges & the yellow mist towards the centre/spine) then toned the mist down by rubbing white acrylic paint over the mist with my finger then using Golden Hard Molding Paste on the cover (using the negative from the chipboard pieces as my mask) & finally sealed with Glitter Varnish.

FOR THE INSIDE COVER - I used Golden Glass Bead Gel then rubbed over with a sponge dipped in the 'Driftwood' & PINK mist for a mottled effect & finally sealed by spraying with glitter varnish. 

FOR THE CHIPBOARD PIECES - I painted them with white acrylic paint, followed by Golden Glass Bead Gel followed by misting then glitter varnish (drying between layers). I cut these all into smaller pieces to fit my tiny album too.

FOR THE FLOWERS - I dabbed them with gesso on a sponge then sealed with glitter varnish.

FOR THE ARTISAN ELEMENTS from Pink Paislee (the cream rubber embellishments) I painted these with gold glitter varnish (I use nail varnish & it works perfectly) then cut these elements up smaller so I could tuck them under my flower clusters.

FOR MY ALBUM SPINE - I reserved one flower & hot glued the lace & measuring tape ribbon on first before knotting & inking up the remaining measuring tape ribbon to make the bows.

Once you have prepared all your pieces & selected & printed out your photos the fun begins!

A tip to make sure you have a balanced album = lay out all the photos on your desk and pair with a selection of embellishments until all your embellishments are utilised - that way they will be evenly distributed! (I cut up the black rhinestone swirl into smaller parts too!)

Now cluster & layer to your hearts delight!

Want your mini-album to last 'forever'?  Turn on your hot-glue gun & use it for EVERYTHING - it's the strongest hold & it's what's required for something that gets handled often & is not behind a page protector in an album.

Have fun & create your own mini masterpiece!!

Don't worry that your book won't close - that's the whole idea - it's a 3D shabby delight & meant to stand upright on a counter just waiting for passers by to take a peek.  It also looks awesome up on a shelf away from little hands :)


yyam said...

Wow. This is gorgeous. Definitely eye-catching on a coffee table. Absolutely yummy textures. And awesome shimmer.

You need to do more altered projects. Layouts are way too easy for you. :)

Unknown said...

This is a beautiful tribute in every manner to your sister Helen .... it is so elegant and full of beautiful things. I'm sorry to hear of your

Lizzy Hill said...

Gorgeous...great to tell the story of your last visit to fave bits are those black rhinestones, & that photo of the girls where they encircled them? Really nice....I would NOT have the patience to do this sort of an is sooo beautiful & soooo detailed...but good on you:):):):) I can enjoy yours!!!!!!!

Svetlana Austin said...

wow, Helen! the excessive layering and dimension in this album are amazing!!!

Desire Fourie said...

Ooooh this is just scrumptious with such wonderful and precious memories.
{Doing Life – my personal blog}

Jasmine S said...

Absolutely stunning Helen. I cannot believe how much work you put into this. Just amazing.

Lynnda said...

Absolutely stunning .... You should do more mini Helen!!!! You are just too genius!!! have great eyes in creating/putting beautiful elements and pp together!!!...This is definitely eye-catching!!! ...loving those black rhinestones... !!!
I am so inspired!... YOU ROCK!!! hugs... have a great weekend too...x

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wowwwwwwwww! This is GORGEOUS!!! I love love love love the colors, the flowers and the photos... a beautiful tribute album!!

sandi said...

Wow! Helen there are no words that describes just how gorgeous this is! Simply amazing!

Keren Tamir said...

Helen this is a masterpiece!! wow I'm just in awe of all the details and textures!! You actually made me speechless with this project and that's hard to do!! wow wow wow this album is exploding with both happy and sad memories. A beautiful tribute to your sister!! one of the best mini's I've seen in a while!! each page is a masterpiece including the cover which is phenomenal. I guess I'm not so speechless lol. my voice came back!! hugs my friend!!

juscrap said...

Oh my God! How beautiful this album!! You're the best Helen!xoxo

Adriana B said...

firstly sorry for the lost of your lovely sister. It must be hard for your family.
and also you have created a stunning momento of her, beautiful textures and details, every page is stunning, just gorgeous work :)

Unknown said...

Helen, am so sorry you have had to endure the heart-ache of losing your sister and this beautiful album speaks of your great love for Lulu.

Gayle Price said...

Wow ! Helen , what an amazing and beautiful little book, soooo much work in it and sooo special. A very special treasure. xx

Kerryn said...

It's absolutely beautiful Helen. x

Mona Pendleton said...

Wowza Helen! Gorgeous mini album jam packed with so much beautiful details! TFS :)

Leonie said...

Oh my what a beautiful keepsake Helen. Gorgeous textures and superb details. Something to treasure.

Marilyn said...

Gorgeous mini Helen!! a little sad project but beautiful at the same time..

Vicky Varvadouka said...

WOW...well that was a long post but I enjoyed it SOOO much!!! Thanks for sharing Helen! Great work!!!!!xx

Lynette Jacobs said...

Your mini album is beyond gorgeous...and so much time and effort has gone into it.

Marjie Kemper said...

Gorgeous with a capital G, Helen! Love all the detail - the bling and flowers and texture - fantastic mini!