Thursday, 12 April 2012

Studio Tour Installment One {of 3}...

Hi there everyone :)
I've only just got back into my studio today after
4 days of sickness & now my son is sick - aaargh!
Feeling rather stressed right now...

It's my blogging day over at 3 Scrappy Boys today so 
I decided to take some photos of my studio and give a 
tour of my space so I am linking them up here so
they can enjoy along with you all!  Hope you enjoy!

I spent the day cleaning out my scrappy space as various
parcels had {finally} arrived for me & boxes had been
dumped everywhere, along with everything else
{if my family don't know where to put something they put
it on my work counter} well, by today I couldn't find it!

My Door Sign
{always nice to have something welcoming at the entrance!}

My handbag that always hangs on my door handle.
I grab it on my many "ins & outs" to do the school runs, etc...

My computer area.
The map in front of my keyboard is from a 
kid's educational toy store - I use it to locate
countries & distances I may be unfamiliar with
as I go about my blogging journey :)  I keep my
water to the left and to the right is my USB port
and external hard-drive.  White boards behind.

The shelves directly above my computer.
I had these made but they are similar to the
Ikea Expedit I see in so many overseas
scrap rooms.  The pile of stuff on the middle
shelf (right-hand side) is my Berry71Bleu
Design team tags & embellishments  & the
basket on the bottom shelf houses stuff I 
use everyday like my card-reader, computer
cords/leads/discs etc & the blue tub holds
all the medication I take everyday! 
(multi-vits, etc!!)

Moving along to the right - Top shelf = mixed media stuff
(lots of different types of pens, pencils, markers, etc & 
everything else is labelled.  The clear containers between
the punches contain my hand-dyed gauze (yup, I pre-dye it!).

Then I have another 3 shelves for my flowers.
{Not sure why I only photographed one of them!}
I store these according to colour but leave them on 
their manufacturer cards where possible so that I
remember where they are from for my supplies list.

As I couldn't find baskets wide enough for the width
of the shelves some stuff is stashed down the side in
brightly-coloured lunch-boxes (more flowers!)

The last line of shelves (there are 4 sets of 3 so 12 
spaces altogether) contains paint tubs on the left, 
doilies in the centre (blue container) & extra adhesives 
& misting bottles (empty ones and ones filled with water)
 on the right-hand side.  On the middle shelf is all my
 glitter on the left  and extra tools on the right.  The 
bottom shelf is all labelled. Beneath the shelves you can 
see my photos pre-printed & ready to go!

All my alphas in basket tubs, stored according to colour.

I put the bulldog clips on (and the card on the right)
to stop them falling and keep them upright & rigid.
Yes I see the yellow are out of place - ooops!

Below the shelves in the previous photo (and behind my
 alphas) are another couple of A4 drawers for storing
paper offcuts - on the right - and on the left are some
 finished pages waiting for filing along with plastic files above
and below them (containing photos). I print all my own photos
 and when I go on a printing spree I store the photos according
 to each person so everyone gets their own file.

I store my 12" alphas and my most used papers
according to manufacturer, in a basket on my 
counter, just to the left of the alphas.  I have 2
built in paper racks on either side of my workspace
as well but I like to keep my favourites accessible!

In front of my paper basket you can see my tub of 
paint brushes (and all things I use for applying paint,
like palette knives, sponge applicators, etc), and my
tub of adhesives.  Only glues in this basket - LOTS!
And my absorbent paper towel rack for quick clean-up.
(The files down the side contain MORE photographs!)

In the photo below I'm moving across to the left
(back towards my computer station) & I have my
printer and scanner set up on top of a couple of
clear plastic drawers that contain scrapbooking
magazines) You can see the bottom of the black
printer and the drawers behind the tubs here.

The tubs contain:-  Left-hand side - My "to do" lists...
Right hand-side - My "go to" chipboard.  I date everything
as soon as it arrives & code it so that I know where I
bought it for re-ordering purposes.

My photo printer with scanner on top (I have the silver
 scanner just for scanning negatives into the computer).

A wicker magazine rack on the floor - containing my latest kits.
Underneath is a USPS box I am busy unpacking & my mixed
ribbon jar is next door to it.  I am planning on erecting a shelf
above my windows - to store my ribbon jars - as I have another
10 of them lined up in our dining-room!  Not ideal but a great
conversation starter :)

Behind my kit basket I keep my giveaway basket.
Whenever I come across anything I've been sent
duplicates of or that no longer calls my name I dump
it in the giveaway basket for my next RAK (coming
up soon!)  The drawers you can see contain
ephemera so I don't need to access them very
often - which is why I chose to put these items on 
the floor (read - serious space shortage here!!)...

A close-up of my ribbon jar!  (and my tiled floor)
I want to change the floor to wood-laminate with
under-floor heating as my studio is the coldest room
in the house and is FREEZING in winter (yes winter
is short here but it still goes on a couple of months!).


Well that's it for now folks!

I have another 2 installments to follow - each with 18
photos each again!! (and that is NOT including taking
 a peek into my cupboards and drawers - but that will have
 to be at a later stage LOL).  Hope you enjoyed the tour
 & you come back for Installment 2 soon!

What do you think?!?


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Looks AMAZING!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeee how you have your alphas sorted by color!!!

yyam said...

Wow! I love how organized you are! You've certainly made good use of the space you have! Can't wait to see more!

Tina said...

WOW - great studio - love the peeks into your creative space Helen! I can't wait to see the rest!

Jasmine S said...

Loooooove that handbag. I would like something like that for myself I thinks.
Great insight into your set up. I am super organised but well, maybe not so much now after seeing your area.
I look forward to some more pics.
And I hope you are feeling better now and that DS picks up soon. Remember to slow down and take it easy so you don't get sick again. x

Lynnda said...

wow Helen... You are so organized..I love your crafty space... Can't wait to see more... hugs...xoxo

Rachael Funnell said...

WOW! this looks So Organized...
Will be sure to come back & Check out Part 2 & 3!!!
Glad to hear you are on the Mend & your DS gets better REAL SOON.... ♥
P.S Gorgeous Handbag!

Stefanie said...

I can't believe your handbag is so tiny. I find it interesting that you file things by manufacturer as much as you do, but I suppose for your dt requirements you need to know where it comes from. Thanks for the peak into your space.

Desire Fourie said...

Wow - you aaaare sooooo organised. Thanks for giving us a peek into your brain storming space.

Evgenia Petzer said...

HELEN! LOVE it i love to look how people store everything.
can i ask you at the end of your tours togice some wide angles> so I can understand how it all looks set up, if possible please?)))

FiKenward said...

Thanks for sharing Helen, I'm especially loving the way you have stored your stickers may have to rethink mine and do something like that. Glad to hear your back on the mend and hopefully your son will also be well before you know it. Take Care

Tracee said...

Wow I would love to be half this organised! I have just moved in to a larger craftroom and want it to be all organised, so some great ideas for me here :) Tx

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Love the tour! You are so organised and you've lots of yummy goodies there! :D

Unknown said...

Oooh, thanks for the tour Helen!! Lots of delicious and organized supplies!

Karen said...

Fascinating look into your studio!!! Loved it!
You are super organised and have a massive stash!
Thanks for sharing this!

Bellaidea said...

Dear Helen, please pt the coffee on sice I`m on my way to you:)
Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and showing your place. I find everything very well organized!
It`s will give me a motivation to sort lots of thing out before my "show" in June.I better start now...or not since in 3 days I will turn everything the way it`s now.
I like cute labels you have. I can not follow it since my son made me labels for producesr and I`m very proud of it /he knew I want some and never did it so he did/ I will leave mie the way that are now. Can not wait for more photos and agree with Evgenia ;) See you soon my friend and thank you so mach for many comments on my posts!
Ups, no sugar, just milk please.

sandi said...

Wow! Looks fab! Sooooooooooooooo organized!!!!

Alison said...

So organised Helen...but then I imagine you have to be!
Alison xx

Marilyn said...

Love the tour! I like everything well organized. Love your bag,too!:)
I hope you're feeling better and that your DS gets well very soon!
Take care dear!!! Hugs! :)

Carin McDonough said...

Holy cow you are so organised!! I think you need to come and do my room and I am very jealous of your alphabet collection! :) I hope you and your son feel better soon!

Gayle Price said...

What a great studio are so organised !! I love how you store you alphabets, might have to copy that one. Thanks for sharing and I hope you and your son ( and any one else who is struck down in the meantime ) are all fighting fit again soon. xx

Yara said...

Love the tour! So many ideas for storing embellishments!

Michelle said...

Your space is wonderful!!! You have lots of wonderful goodies! I thought I had a lot of alpha's. But, I think you have me beat! ;) I hope you are feeling better. And, if you would like to hop across the pond to the US and help me in my room.... ;)

Kerryn said...

oh my goodness Helen! It all looks fabulous!!

Eila Sandberg said...

He he what a tiny handbag you have! mine is a granny bag - huuuge by comparison :)) Thanks so much for the tour, how incredibly organized you are Helen! I though Jas was a neat freak but you're upping her by miles. You should see my nook ... it's TINY so space is a serious issue and having things organized is practically impossible as everything has to be piled on top of each other in IKEA boxes. Won't ever share not even a teeny peek of it, no no no! xoxox

Lea said...

Wow, you sure do seem organized! Love how you have everything labeled so well!

Marjie Kemper said...

What fun peeking into your space!

tania said...

Well i LOVE the way you store your alphas!! thanks for sharing your space:)

Unknown said...

Hi friend thats's look so awesome with all those beads very creative and wow what a neat organizing scraproom ..TFS

hugs carla

Lynette Jacobs said...

I love seeing other scrappers creative spaces...well organised!

Theresa said...

ok. where to start.. can I come over and just look at all your goodies.. =) So many fun ways you have things stored. The alpha baskets are perfect. are those studio calico bags with the black handles?? if not, I need to know where you got them. please!!! =)
love your space. great organization.
Thanks so much for sharing with us this month at Scrapbookers Anonymous. =)

Theresa said...

and I forgot to mention how much I love your bag that hangs on the door. looks so soft....

Happy Day!!! =)

Lizzy Hill said...

Just had to check out #1 installment...after #2, but it all makes sense & you really do have an amazing work space!!! LOVED looking around:)):)

Sabrina Scrapbook said...

Not surprise, you have tonnes of supplies, Helen! I think I have like one third or maybe quarter of what you have here. Amazing plan, you are very organized :)