Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Woot Woot! Wait!!

Today was a great day!  After 5+ years of waiting this was finally ready for collection!  This may not mean a lot to many of you but for me, a Zimbabwean, it's like a "get out of jail free" pass - only it is hasn't been free - it's been a long, hard slog, but finally I have an identity slightly better than my previous one.  Sad & unjust that in Africa we should be so limited in our options & travels by our citizenship, when this is the continent of our birth, but such is the world...  

I was delighted to see that one of my recent layouts made "Pick of the week" at Scrapbook Challenges this week.  Remember that the Spring Fling Crop ends there tomorrow & there are some awesome prizes up for grabs so why not pop on over to the forum to see if there are any layouts you can whip up & unpload for a chance to win!  I entered the one below in the "Layered with an element of Green" challenge & love how all my green misting turned out & would never have done it had it not been for that challenge!

My Facebook friends may have heard me Wooting earlier in the day, but unfortunately I can woot no further!  I will resume the wooting in a few days (a week tops) so keep a look out here as there are a COUPLE of exciting bits of news I have to share with you!  Yup, all good things come in pairs!! {actually I just made that up...usually I'm lucky to get one good thing - today was just one of those rare days that will go down as highlights in my personal history :0) }

I do have an off-the-page project to share with you but am going to leave that for tomorrow because I don't have time to wait for it to upload now so I am leaving you with these inspirational quotes today instead.  I believe this top quote applies to our love of craft as well & I have been throwing myself into it this year in a "Truly, Madly, Deeply" kind of a way!

I love this one too - I know it may seem kinda corny but motivational stuff like this really keeps me going... There are times when I feel like just going to sleep....for weeks...when the exhaustion overwhelms me & I sit here at my keyboard & momentarily nod-off like we've all done in class at some time or other (or, dare we admit it, in church!) or when I really feel like I need a break, even from scrapbooking!  Yesterday was one such day.  My little girl begged me to take her to the mall for some special mummy & me time & I decided to take the afternoon off to spend with her. 

We had a beautiful time, had a lovely cuddle & fell asleep in the same bed. Then I woke up to my two pieces of great news this morning & finally collected my ID after 5 years of waiting {without which you can't even have your own bank account}.  I am a firm believer in good fortune coming to those who wait & one thing I have learnt as an African is to be patient.  And to persevere, and that nothing in life worth having is easily acquired.  And on that note - I am now off to bed!


Stefanie said...

Congrats on now being Local and Lekker.
Well done on the woots too.
Love that last quote.

Shayne said...

Welcome to SA my friend - Truly South African now methinks?

Love the quotes you've shared. Beautiful and inspirational.


Jessy Christopher said...

So glad that you know can move around better with the new traveling doc!! Awesome news :) Congrats on being featured!! That layout is an awesome one. I suppose you have another woot woot to share?! *giggles*

Unknown said...

what very wonderful for being featured Congrats
My friend..its verybeautiful lay-out!!

and have a very nice day
hugs Carla

Diana said...

Wow Helen I'm happy for you but I think it's a wee bit sad that things didn't work out in Zim and that you are so glad to be rid of that country ;-( Not a judgement, I'm just sentimental. I hope you don't mind me saying so.

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Congrats with the issued of the new traveling document, even though I have no similar experience but I am sure it is a chore and headache, glad that they are all gone now, happy for you!