Thursday, 21 October 2010

What's it Like Where I Live? {The Talent of Africa}

I have a guy that helps me in the garden a couple of times a week.  Where I live everything grows at a rate of knots because the weather here is so condusive - sunny & humid!  He would prefer to make a living as a craftsman, creating beautiful things, but sadly wire-art is so common here, and most folk so undiscerning, that when someone is especially talented they are not set apart from the crowd.  When he's not working for me though he travels around with a rucksack on his back, setting up shop in parking lots outside schools & busy supermarkets {grocery stores} in the hopes of selling some of his gorgeous creations.

This is what I bought from him this week - not because I felt sorry for him but because they are really cool!

This is going on the wall of my bedroom, at the side of my dressing table.  I love costume jewellery & can never have enough places to hang a necklace!  If anyone else is interested in this item the price is R60 for locals & US$12.50 for anyone outside of Africa, plus postage & packaging.  The hearts are slightly convex {they bulge outwards} giving a lovely 3D effect.
These stars are gorgeous & come in 2 sizes, as you can see, one being slightly bigger than the other.  I bought 6 of each size & plan to string them across my dining -room wall as "African bunting" for Christmas.  They are exceptionally well-crafted with seeds in the centre & beads for the "spikes".  I have no idea if sending seeds to other countries is a problem if opened by customs, but I did send Tricia from Cocoa Daisy a few necklaces made of the same seeds & she got them in the States just fine.

Stars cost R20 {local price}for the smaller ones or US$4.50 {international} while the bigger size are R30 for locals or US$6.50 for overseas orders, plus postage & packaging. 

I'm planning on packaging sets up nicely for him in cellophane with some raphia bows & marketing them for him at local decor/gift shops.  If I help him out he has a much higher chance of getting a decent price for his work than if he takes them around himself as store-keepers are likely to take advantage of him. 

Sad but true!

***E mail me your order if you are interested & I will check out what the postage & packaging will be & get back to you***   

{the plus side = this type of work is pretty lightweight!}


Vicki said...

Very nice Helen. I don't think the beads are the problem - its the seeds! Very strict on those coming into the country. Good luck to him.

Ella Swan said...

Ooopsie there Vicki - thanks for pointing that out! Of course I meant to say seeds...just need to go to bed & get some sleep lol! Yes I know that Aus is also very strict on seeds {from so many Africans emigrating there - that's how I know I mean...} but I just wrote "jewellery" on the parcel to the States & customs didn't open up!

Diana said...

These are lovely. I hope you can sell lots of them.

Lynette Jacobs said...

These are beautiful...I hope he makes lots of money of the season.

Stefanie said...

Hope he sells loads.
I love the idea of gearing up for Christmas, feels very far away still though.

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

They are really pretty, and I hope they sells well.