Sunday, 10 October 2010

Introducing...The Green Eyed Monster ! (and "My Process" tutorial)

Okay here we go!  4 layouts loaded in separate posts at last so lots of sharing is going to be going on here this coming week - starting now ;-D

Supplies:-  Bazzill cardstock - lime & duck egg blue, Circle print - Scenic Route paper Hampton Stripe. Checked paper - local Scrapsheets, Orange floral - October afternoon, Pink Paislee journaling block, Spotty ribbon & stripey ribbon - Girls' Paperie Holiday line, Introducing sticker, brackets, flower sticker & large alphas - Sasafrass, "Green" alphas - Making Memories, staples, buttons on raffia taken off soap packaging! (8 suppliers on one page & that's not including adhesives ;-D}

Right now I am going through my photo boxes grabbing a pile a week & at the moment am working on my younger son, Reilly {aka Bing}'s album/s.  Somehow I always scrap the girls first, I guess because it's a bit easier with all the lovely feminine supplies out the boys need a bit of attention as I like to keep their albums at around about the same "stage". {ie:- divide my time evenly between scrapping all 4 kids}.

These days I print my photos smaller, particularly if I am grouping them together on a layout, but with the expense of home printing, which I am forced to do here as there is a constant shortage of matt paper in Durban, I am using what I have rather than reprinting.

Last year I bought a cheap box of previous CHA ranges from Sasafrass {doubt I'll do it again as I'm too keen on getting new stuff these days!} so I still have 2 big sheets of their lovely big letters so doubled up on "monster" for effect, giving it a shadowy look.  The buttons on the raffia strips are from some soap packaging I was given for Christmas.  I always keep bits 'n bobs like that if I think there is a real chance that I may use them. 

If I have a lot to say then sometimes it's nice to "strip journal" for a change.  Journaling reads:-  "It hasn't been easy being Jack's younger brother, having him constantly getting the ball away from you...finally you have found your niche as a goalkeeper for your football team, where your job is to get rid of the ball as opposed to trying to get hold of it!"

Staples are a great addition to boy's pages.  The orange strip you see above was lying on my {messy!} desk so I grabbed it, pleated it & stapled it on - works well there I think.

My scrapbooking process is very organic.  I never take a layout inspiration & copy it exactly.  Just have no desire to ever do that.  This was a layout I came up with myself.  I love the look of some sketches but honestly don't NEED them as I find that when I have my photos out it all kinda comes together pretty quickly.

In a nutshell, this is my scrapbooking "creating a layout" process {for the most part} :-   

1)  Choose photos    
2)   Find cardstock they look good against    
3)  Look through printed paper & offcuts to find co-ordinates  
4)  Get cracking {I'm impatient & dying to see something taking shape already!}
5)  Start thinking up a title as I'm working (by looking at the photos & seeing what comes to mind by remembering where we were & what the photos mean to me) - rather than thinking of the EVENT I try to think of the story the photos can tell ;-D 
6)  Think about what I want to SAY (ie the journaling) & how I am going to say it - whether by hand or typed out & how much space I need to leave & where 
7)  Add the title  
8)  Add the journaling  
9)  Like jewellery I accessorize my layout at the end with some pretty bits & pieces.

Of course there are times when this order changes about a bit but that's generally it!  How about you?  I always just presume we all do things the same way...


Stefanie said...

Keep up the great work!
When I am scrapping an event I choose the template or sketch, then the number of photos I need, both portrait and landscape, resize and clip in (if it's digi)then I add the background papers, trying different ones until I feel it's right. Then title and journaling - which I do in word first and then cut and paste in.
Otherwise I start with a story I want to tell. Type the journaling, seek photos and add the rest.

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Lovely LO, there is something about blue with green, just so refreshing, love this! On top of that, the "strip journal" is the coolest thing!
Happy Sunday and Happy Scrapping!

Diana said...

You must be doing some heavy scrapping if you are just grabbing from the box... good for you... I think I am finally in the frame of mind to get "caught up" (I know, you're not supposed to think like that... but there it is).

Jessy Christopher said...

Oh wow!! You have been a busy bee!! That layout is stunning & the colors suited the photos well. I like the title (sounded like a book title... Hehe) and thanks for sharing the process of how u assemble ur layout. It's about the same how I do mine. Lol! I still hv most of the SSF stuffs in the package, from the previous warehouse sale, not too sure when I will use them next. Lol!

topkatnz said...

Sounds like you're a lady on a mission!LOL

Ella Swan said...

Diana I feel like that all the don't worry it's totally normal despite what the "experts" tell us LOL...good to have you back Topkat!