Monday, 11 October 2010

After hours we go jolling! {South African slang for party!!!}

Another set of older photos of Reilly @ Gateway - our local shopping mall/entertainment centre.  For those of you who may be wondering why you see us here a lot the reasons are twofold.

1)  In Durban, where we live, there are no public, municipally well-maintained outside recreational areas unfortunately so, when we have had enough of our own small, terraced garden & are suffering from cabin-fever & need a quick fix of the outside world, Gateway is the place!  If we drove for hours we could find places where we could pay to visit but we rarely have that kind of time on our hands.  Of course there is the beach, yes, but the weather is not always condusive for it & sometimes we don't want to get all sandy!

2)  We emigrated here nearly 5 years ago from Zimbabwe, positively 4th world, so, to us, this place is near paradise in some respects and, not EVER having anything LIKE the kind of malls/cinemas/etc there, we are still relishing them & making up for long lost time ;-D

Supplies:-  Bazzill cardstock - black, tan, yellow & blue. Printed paperGirls Paperie ribbon.  Tim Holtz metal clock-face.  Brad from Cocoa Daisy kit.  American Crafts thickers - black.  Multi-coloured alphas - October Afternoon, Inksentials white journaling pen {8 different suppliers again!}

I suppose you could call this layout a kind of a grid.  I got the photos positioned together & chose the black background then decided that it would be nice to find a multi-coloured "bright lights" sorta print & this one is perfect I think.  The print is an old one from my stash & I used to have this insane custom of cutting off the information strip before I was manufacture/line conscious so I have no idea who produced it!

If I am ever short of space for my trademark long titles I like the look of "layering" the alphas as you see here - saves space & looks good too I think.  Next to cardstock, I would have to say that alphas are my "can't live without" 2nd choice.  I remember when I first began scrapbooking it was all about the embellishments!  Times have definitely changed...

I am not a big fan of specific BOYS/MALE lines.  In fact I'm not really a fan of theme specific lines at all.  Too restrictive.  I prefer spots/stripes/florals/etc - prints that can work with anything.  When it comes to boys pages I find METAL always makes a great addition.  And ribbon, like here, need not be feminine at all.

Journaling reads:-  Ever since we arrived in Durban nearly 5 years ago we have made the most of having the largest mall in SDouthern Africa on our doorstep.  We go to "Gates" to watch movies, eat ice-cream at Freddos or Baglios, drink cappucinos or eat pizza at Panarottis! 

I got my corner rounder out for this one & also did 4 layers of matting.  I quite enjoy revisiting these older school techniques from time to time & making a bit of an effort.  

This is a layout you can achieve in an hour!


topkatnz said...

Well done! I too find it hard to get my head round 'boy' layouts - although actually the recent comp. did help with that! I have never heard the term '4th world' country - makes me wonder what the term '3rd world' really means too?

Ella Swan said...

4th world is my own expression's where things aren't just hopelessly organised or malfunctioning - it's where you have to BUY your water because nothing's come out of a tap in a decade & electricity is something you make happen when you instal a generator/inverter! Silly terms I agree. Lost world would be more appropriate for Zimbabwe & for South Africa I prefer the term developing ;-D

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

The way you described "4th world country" reminded me so much of my college years when I took micro-economy, my lecturer always stressed the "ping" when he said the world "develoPING" country, that's funny!
I love how your post is so detailed, lovely boyish layout too, I never have an easy time with masculine theme, great job here!

Lynette Jacobs said...

Great layouts Helen...I love the titles that you come up with...very unique.

Gloria said...

Love your layout Helen, great colors, great pictures and that little metal embellishment is the perfect touch for the masculine page.

I know what you mean with 4th, I live in Bolivia where things are far from developed, it can be soo frustrating sometimes:(
Great post! TFS

LG said...

Hi sweetie!

Thank you very much for leaving such sweet and thoughtful comments on my blog. You are such a doll and I really appreciate you spending some of your precious time viewing my post.

I do apologize for not being able to visit that often. I love your blog and the inspiration is overflowing. Keep it up! Keep creating those gorgeous projects. Have a great week!!!!


Diana said...

This does not look like it only took an hour!