Monday, 8 March 2010

Talent Watch 2010 {Let's Link Up}

Last year I cleaned up my blog quite a bit. It was taking forever to load {you know like the type full of dreaded sponsor adverts all down the sidebar - not that that was MY particular problem lol...}

I decided that it would be better for me to create a separate blog to use as my "launching pad" from which to visit all the blogs I currently follow {obviously this changes a bit from time to time}.

I know the Google Reader is the obvious first option but I didn't like it {call me strange I don't mind!} so I spent an entire weekend shuffling things around between this blog & my newly created one.

Works like a dream for me...can't imagine how I lived without it.

I relocated most of my sidebar links so, just in case you think I did that because I'm keeping my favourites a secret, you're wrong! Here are some of them:-

For scrapbookers, I've noticed I like the "no defineable style" ladies the best. This sweetie in particular, aswell as this one.

My favourite scrapbooking style {at the moment} is the layered/collage type as displayed by these girls here &
here. More beautiful layered-style work can always be found here too! Another layer specialist here
but good luck getting that blog to ever fully load & stop jumping about all over the place...

These are the blogs I visit when I'm in the mood for clean cut great style:- consistent talent resides here
and here.

I'm not much of a card-maker but for true card beauty check this out.

Now here is someone constantly inspirational for all arty stuff in general.

For amazing creative photography inspiration you can always find me visitng here & here.

If you're looking for great writing skills & humour {plus a scrapper's heart of course} looky here

Phew! 13 links...that was quite exhausting for me...all that linking up ;-D

Let's hope all the links work & go through. Don't feel like checking them all, so if not give me a shout & I'll fix them up k?!
{yes some of the links are repeats - for the benefit of those who may have missed them first time round but lots are new too so check 'em out if you're in need of a mojo boost...}

For now I feel my insomnia passing so I'm off to bed {insert GIANT yawn here...} but a post ain't a post without a photo remember?! So here is my Jan/Feb 2010 highlight collage.

Yup you can see I took a break from behind the lens after all those hundred's of Christmas & holiday photos, but that's okay with me...and, yes, I do realise that there are no photos of Jack in there...if anyone has any suggestions on how to get a 14 year old boy to smile for the camera {in fact even just to LOOK at the camera, as opposed to diving under the nearest bed} I'd be really grateful...


Diana said...

Most of these are in my reader too! Checking out the ones that aren't...

Vicki said...

My 14 yr old is ducking for cover too - bribery works (sometimes). LOL

Emily said...

:D Thanks for the list of blogs! I'm always looking for new ones! Love your idea of having a highlight collage! Super good idea!

Desire Fourie said...

Sjoe you must have spent ages on all these links. Love your uncluttered styled blog.

topkatnz said...

Well, I sure can see how you draw loads of inspiration from these ladies. I don't know how you can prefer to not use GR etc!LOL

Ella Swan said...

Yes Vicki - I think his weekend money should be dependant on the number of photos I've taken! So far this year it's been one per month! Thanks for the support girls. Desire I can't get into your comment box this year - it just won't load! Tried again the other day - loved the photos you took at the party - of the cake & grateful recipient - great photography as always.