Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Oops! I Did it Again...{plus links to everything you need}

In "real life" I'm not one of those "lucky" people that wins tonnes of stuff {probably because I don't bother to enter much as I don't usually want the prizes up for grabs or am put off by the other 46 999 999 people who have the option of entering}. However, ONLINE, now that's a totally different story! I have a long-standing online bud called Vicki who has an expression..."Gotta be in it to win it!". I've never told her {guess she may read it here lol...} that it's thanks to that saying that I decided to at least ENTER online challenges, etc! Well, to my amazement I've been pretty successful & my latest "achievement" is here!

And some other good news! I've been shopping!! My delights will take a full month to get here I suspect but I got them all here & did you know {SA blogger/scrappers} that they are old hands at shipping to us here in South Africa? I got a good discount on postage from them as it was my first order & the postage fee divided by the number of items purchased is US$00.60 cents each {about R5} which, while it may be a lot for "overseas" folk, for us it's a steal! Check it out if you're not based in the US & need access to the latest products. {I checked out a lot of sites & chose the one with the biggest selection of new CHA product} so I've done the research for you!

MORE good news...I finally signed up
Here! and hopefully I will get a place in KR's end of year or beginning of 2011 class, despite being no. 1321 on the waitlist!!! {the "new" method is that EVERYONE on the waitlist for the next available {ie:- not booked up} class has the opportunity to register on a certain date at a certain time}...a bit like an auction I 'spose in that whoever "gets through" first "wins"! Sounds a bit like a wild bun fight but for this course I'm prepared to do whatever it takes ;-D Check it out if you're a crazy camera toting freak like me!

Very occasionally I do a little ETSY snooping {for those of you living under rocks that's an online "collective" store where crafters sell their wares} & my latest obsessional desire is this. Check it out if you love really cute {& semi-practical!} "adornments" for your craft room & all things EXCESSIVELY PRETTY! I can't afford it right's a real indulgence & I'm sure it'll be gone by the time I can actually order it so if you want it, buy it, I don't mind, really... I insist! And BTW she has the most droolworthy blog too!

I also stumbled upon this today...If you love tutorials this one's for you...and the subject today is super-cute "Prima generic" twisted muslin flowers...oooooooooooooooooh!!!!

Into "hybrid" scrapping?
Ie:- not afraid to download images, resize & print them to suit your layouts?
Want FREE VINTAGE IMAGES??? This is THE place!!!

9 links is all I have energy for tonight peeps! Until we meet again...


Diana said...

I just discovered that it's cheaper (not a lot, but a bit) to ship stuff directly to JA rather than via my US mail forwarding service.
If you don't get into KR you could consider the Maggie Holmes class. I think I suggested this already though... .

Vicki said...

Thats so funny and it worked - you gotta be in to win. Perhaps I need to do that too. LOL

Aida Haron, Singapore said...

Thank you for all the interesting links, and yes online shopping can be fun but the shipping sometimes is a killer (for both SA and Singapore !!!) Congratulations on the win, you will love the prize as Piradee gives away nice stuff.

Thank you too for dropping by my blog ! To explain, in Singapore starting in the 1960s, the government needed to build homes for the majority and started massive public housing schemes in areas outside the city called the Heartlands. Today 85% of Singapore live in these areas, the flats are highly subsidised, with currrent prices from $250K (Rand !.3million) to $700K (Rand 3.6 million). The expensive ones are pretty much condo styled and people who live in these flats including myself are called Heartlanders.

It's just 10am here, not sure what time's in SA but you have a good day ahead !!


Lynette Jacobs said...

Sjoe...that is a lot of to go and check them out. Have a great weekend.

Pearl said...

Thanks for sharing all these wonderful links , grrl ! way to go !

Ella Swan said...

Pleasure! Hope you each found at least one useful link there...I often wonder how we're all meant to find our audience but hopefully my new online class will teach me just that!