Thursday, 25 March 2010

I've decided...{& you can too!}

I think I'm totally crazy but I just can't get
this out of my head...

Why? Well it's something that really interests me, I am bored stiff with Blogger as there's no challenge left - I know how it all works now! And because I have always been a big fan of the girl behind it all...{not least because she hails from just a few hours down the road from here...}

The timing couldn't be worse for me but I am going for it anyway! It's not a big cash outlay & I will have access to all the info for ages afterwards if I get waylaid, can't finish, or whatever other awful thing could & may well happen...bearing in mind that we are moving house during the period in question & I will be without a PC towards the end of it at least, for sure.

I need a challenge, I need something different, I'm bored despite the fact that I have so much to do. The bulk of my days are being spent doing things that HAVE to be done, that I wish I could just wave a magic wand over & have materialise without my input. This however ... I WANT to do this!

My thinking is that if I devote an hour or two to this every evening instead of reading/watching TV/blogging... I'm bound to learn something, right?

So anybody gonna join me?

Here's a look at the class curriculum!

The Bling:

1. Choosing a blogging platform
2. Configuration
3. Dashboard overview
4. Creating a post
5. Creating a signature
6. Creating/using posting templates
7. Designing/installing backgrounds
8. Designing/installing headers and banners
9. Learning to use HTML
10. Creating sidebar items
11. Using/customizing the navigation bar
12. Designing/installing a favicon
13. Photo album integration
14. Installing widgets
15. Social network integration
16. Creating fancy titles (Blogger)
17. Commenting systems
18. Add ons and plugins to make life easier!
19. Domain mapping
20. Tracking your statistics

The Business (A 50+ page printable workbook):

1. Discovering your identity
2. Branding your blog
3. Gathering inspiration
4. Defining your content
5. User friendly blogging
6. How to gain readers
7. Creating connections
8. Search engine optimization techniques
9. Promoting your blog
10. Getting and using press
11. Understanding and utilizing keywords
12. Understanding and utilizing Google Analytics
13. Monetizing your blog
14. Tips and Tricks
15. Set of 52 blog topic prompts

+ HTML code e-booklet
+ Custom designed Blogger template
+ Two sets of custom designed backgrounds and banners for you to choose from!

And a BONUS blogging calendar template!

This class is intended for BLOGGER and TYPEPAD users.

RECOMMENDED: It is recommended that you have a photo editing program available to use during this class. We will be utilizing Photoshop and Photoshop Elements to teach you how to design your own blog bling as well as to customize the provided headers and banners. It is also recommended that you have a text editing program, such as notepad.


Kayla Aimee Terrell and Wilna Furstenberg


Instructor Led (Your instructors will be available for Q/A via a private class forum from April 12-May 1, 2010)


Written Lesson, Video, Screenshot, Assignments


Class begins April 12, 2010 and ends on May 1, 2010, however students have access to the classroom until April of 2011! The instructor led portion of the class is three weeks long, after which time an instructor will be available via email for class support.



Registration Begins March 15, 2010
Class Begins April 12, 2010

Sounds exciting right?!


topkatnz said...

ok - looking forward to seeing your creation.good luck.

Lynette Jacobs said...

Go for it...I just don't have the energy for anything right now.

tania said...

ooooops!!I did it!!LOL!!thanks helen, for the hint, i am not so on the ball with the digital side of these things, hope i will cope!!
enjoy your weekend!!

Diana said...


Ella Swan said...

I think after 18 months it's time. I know it's the worst time for me to do a course but the timing never seems to be right for these things so I'm just going for it! The private forum is open for a year afterwards & you can also e mail for help for a year afterwards so it's really good value ;-D