Friday, 19 March 2010

Friday Recap { & Party Photo Share}

Where do the weeks go? Another one down..Thank Goodness for the weekends - however would we finish off all those half-done tasks without them?! I have spent plenty of time this week taking, dowloading, editing & printing photos {& e mailing them to friends & family}. Could that explain how "we" used ONE GIG in 5 days...surely not?!? I am doubtful as to the security of this "wireless internet" thing & often wonder if our {very close-by} neighbours help themselves at times...

I was also appointed official "decor" photographer at the weekend baby-shower & wanted to get those photos edited, collaged & returned via e mail as Shelley & co. were waiting with baited breath for them ;-D I love that I can do something "useful" for those I love - who do so much for me...

I've bought a simple {yellow - sooooo my colour right now...} mini-album to make-up for Shelley {for when she actually delivers Joshua - or at least on our next visit...} as another gift to her. Hoping these collages will make that little project quicker & easier & think it should be a "clean & simple" approach in keeping with the bright primary colours of the decor anyway.

Each table had a theme:- Above - "Wheels on the Bus" {transport - train, tipper trucks, etc} & below - "Hickory Dickory Dock". I had nothing to do with the planning as I only arrived the afternoon before. All the props were already purchased/hired/etc & I just helped with the layout of the tables & the food organisation/prep.

It all looked stunning {as I'm sure you can imagine - although I don't have one overall shot of the entire veranda - would need a wise-angle lens for that ;-( } As I love all things scrappy related so these folks love all things "events" related & have an entire store-room FULL of tablecloths, overlays, etc from past parties!

The food was absolutely delicious {hence my ZERO weightloss for last week!} so this week I have been doing my best to *starve* which hasn't been easy! DH has been diagnosed with high blood-pressure {he is totally shocked as he has ALWAYS been in PERFECT health despite eating almost ZERO fruit & veg} & has no clue where to start researching remedies for his condition {whereas I'm always googling this & that!} so I have already laid down the law & got him eating bananas & vegetables - i.n. m.y. p.r.e.s.e.n.c.e. o.r e.l.s.e!!!

These cupcakes looked GORGEOUS with twinkly {obviously edible} glittery powder on the icing & marzipan animal toppers but tasted DRY & TASTELESS...unfortunate as they cost R12 each!!! IMO that's a crazy price - especially since 6 dozen were ordered...Party games were also organised & I won "Baby Bingo" & some delicious mint chocolate sticks - {repeat* - hence the ZERO weight loss this week lol...} so GOOD TIMES were had by all ;-D

Apart from my usual routine I've had a painter here {at long last} giving "the old lady" {our rented house} some much-needed "make-up". Sick kids going down like a domino effect {lots of 48 hour tropical bugs go round here in our climate...} Mercy now diagnosed with TB {tuberculosis} so rushing around to hospitals & clinics as there is a shortage of medication country-wide {remember this is Africa...}, something strange going on with our house-transfer & spending time daily trying to get to the bottom of w.h.y o.n. e.a.r.t.h. i.t. i.s. a.l.l. t.a.k.i.n.g. s.o. l.o.o.o.o.n.g..., liaising with workmen as to how we are now going to achieve 6 weeks worth of renos in what now looks like it will be only all my garden pots a makeover using Plascon's ***Canyon Road*** awesome terracotta shade & choosing bedroom paint colours, getting them all mixed up & ready - definitely the *highlight* of my week!

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!


Shayne said...

That makes me so angry - R12 acuppie and then they are tasteless. Unfortunately the makers focus too much on the 'look' and less on the actual cupcake.

At least i know mine are absolutely scrumptious!

Gorgeous pics and I know that SHelley will be delighted.

tania said...

These are the cutest pictures:) it is going to be a beautiful album,i am sure. ooh,nice ,choosing paint,love the fresh look of a newly painted house.
enjoy your weekend

Lynette Jacobs said...

I love what you have done here...every detail is just perfect. Shelley will be over the moon.

Emily said...

How adorable is that shower!!! I bet the Mommy to be loved it! Great pictures!

Jessy Christopher said...

Those are really cute pictures of the decor!! Great job capturing them. Gosh ur love for photography is amazing :)

Ella Swan said...

Would be interested to know how much you sell your cuppies for Shayne, particularly as yours are so extra special...I am not one to complain about paying a fair price for things but I am one for not being ripped off! I think Shelley loved it so it was most certainly worth all the work & her mom seems delighted with the photos & collages I have sent them. Need to get that mini done before the baby arrives in +- one month!