Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Finally...A layout {of sorts}

Okay, this is a pretty strange one, but what can I say? I was in an artsy mood ;-D

This is my Journaling Junkie Layout for Challenge 76. Our spec was to record our pet peeves & journal about what makes us angry! My layout is entitled "Don't Delay!" & is all about the way I eventually SNAP! when people procrastinate too long ;-D & contains quite a lot of journaling as usual...

I didn't have an appropriate photo to use so I found this clock one on the internet, did all the journaling in Word, including the title & all the sayings, then copied & pasted my photo in & resized it, so that I could print everything out onto photo paper as one document.

My base paper is cardboard box cardboard with the top layer pulled off around the edges to reveal the corrugated cardboard. I love using this as a base & think it's quite "safe" as long as your photo/s & other elements are all mounted onto cardstock on top of it. Right at the top there {see below}I also used some white corrugated paper that I have a stash of, saved from biscuit/light-bulb packaging.

I misted parts of the base cardboard around the edges then scraped the journaled photo paper over the plastic bag I had used under the misting, to get the messy effect around the edge/on top of the words {to tie in with the "messy" story! } I used dark brown inking on the torn edges & edges of the sentiment strips. The green paper is Kaisercraft, the piano paper is part of a busy patterned paper by Sassafras & the striped paper is "Love Elsie" {used to add a touch of red that I thought the layout could do with - aggression & all that!} - & because the stripes were uneven & I wanted to convey a feeling of disorder.

I also used some black mesh I bought for my Iris Class last year {I had to paint it white for that but I could only find black to buy at the time}. I mounted the journaling onto some black bazzill offcuts & I used a distressed metal embellishment & half a yellow mini-bulldog clip from my stash. The arrow & sentiment stickers are 7 Gypsies of course & the silver elements are Making Memories Vintage Findings {except on the right - that's a chocolate wrapper & no! I didn't eat it...} The file tabs on the top right are office file-tabs!

Materials used:- Box cardboard, White lightbulb packaging, silver foil from chocolate wrapper, Black mesh, Kaisercraft double-sided print SUBLIME Vogue, Sassafrass busy stripe {piano keys}, Love Elsie {messy stripe}, Black Bazzill cardstock, Memories Mists {Diet Cola} & {Pale Ale}, dark brown ink, half yellow mini-bulldog clip, acid distressed metal embellishment, 7 Gypsies sentiment stickers, Making Memories Vintage Findings foil die-cuts, Foamcore, Tombo glue, double-sided tape, staples, photo paper.

The journaling reads:- "I hardly ever get mad to be honest, but once every few months I go beserk! Boy oh boy you better watch out! Not much makes me mad - individually - but when I do get angry it is usually because there is just too much on my plate & too much going wrong simultaneously. I don't like screaming and shouting, or even stressing, so I just ask nicely and often people take advantage of my laid back disposition and fail to take the action I require. Eventually I go ballistic, because I've asked countless times and been ignored, or not really taken seriously.

The last time this happened was in January this year when I had been asking my daughter for at least 2 months to get to grips with her messy bedroom. When her friend came to stay and lost her mobile phone I wasn't surprised we couldn't find it in all the jumble! After endless hunting & fuming as the true extent of the mess unfolded before my eyes I lashed out and swept everything off the surfaces with my flailing arms, all over the floor, then proceeded to tip out all the drawers! It felt good I have to be honest! Poor Chelsea was obviously very upset because she could see that I had lost control, and I realise this isn't the right state of mind to be in, so am just glad my hissy fits don't come round too often!" 2010


topkatnz said...

Sounds very much like me! Very timely(hahahahahahaha!!)issue for you at the moment too! Great LO - 'art for arts sake' methinks!well done.

somebody who needs to love herself said...

oh wow Helen. This is a great LO and I just went to journaling junkie interesting site. I love how you put so many elements together in this LO. Simply beautiful. thanks for the inspiration.

tania said...

Great job Helen!! this is a fantastic layout.

Jessy Christopher said...

You know what!! This is a very unusual style I have ever seen from u. I love this alot!! As usual ur journaling is awesome :)

Cindy Lee said...

Wow...so much details to look at!! So nicely done!
Thanks for your lovely comment! It feels great to meet new friends through blogging! Hugs!

Ella Swan said...

Thanks everyone! I know it's an unusual layout but I wanted it to convey a feeling of anger & disorder in keeping with the spec we were given at Journaling Junkies...and of course it was fun just to play! Art for Art's Sake indeed Heidi! {not often I indulge myself completely like this is it?! ;-D}