Sunday, 6 December 2015

Christmas Sweetie Jar & Tag
Using Magic Time Collection by Studio 75

Hello everyone!  Today I am sharing with you a recent project 
I created, shown on the Studio 75 blog recently HERE.

I decorated a large jar & made a tag to match.
This year I saved every jar that came into our home, once the contents had been 
consumed, so that I would have the basis for many Christmas projects!

I used all sorts of goodies from the new Magic Time Christmas Collection.  
If you click into the link above you can take a look at all of them on the
Studio 75 blog, where I also explain how I put everything together.

This was really fun to create & quick & easy too!
The good thing about off-the-page projects is that they
 look a lot more impressive than they are difficult to create!!

With a hot glue gun you can rule the world!
I enjoyed adding all sorts of extra bits from my stash,
namely some sparkly tulle, some gauze, some die-cut leaves,
Prima flowers, glass beads & a dangly crystal.  

Our Christmas this year is going to be shared with many friends & family
so I decided on the oversized jars & tags as they are quick & easy to
 make as well as being inexpensive.  I am filling them with chocolates
 wrapped in sparkly red, green & gold foil paper & I love that they are REUSABLE
& hope that their new owners will retain them for years to come & enjoy them.

The circular Studio 75 Christmas sentiments fit the lids perfectly 
{I first spray painted all the lids gold then adhered a crochet doily 
on top of each} Now that the doilies are no longer such a trend 
on layouts this is a great way to finish off your doily stash!!

And there you have it!
Red, green & gold goodness!!
I am such a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas!!!

Now onto my tag!  Tags are honestly DEAD EASY to make!!
And they look IMPRESSIVE!!!  If you have never made your own
Christmas is always a very good time to start.  The base of a tag can
be anything...I have used the Prima cardboard backing to the flowers
I used (now that I have finished them off!), cut down the middle -
adhered together then punch cut with a fancy Martha Stewart punch.

If you are anything like me you've always got stray short lengths of ribbon in one
 of your drawers {I cut out all mine from newly purchased clothing as I hang my
 blouses on hangers & fold everything else} so that's what I've used here -
 a simple length of white twill.  

I used box cardboard between my layers to add some cushy dimension, 
followed by a sentiment card on each side {a blank one on the back
 so there is space for me to write a personalised message}.  

Embellishing is always the fun part & we all have bits of bling lying about, offcuts
 of  thread & extra die-cuts so tags are a great way to use up all your itty bits!

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Lizzy Hill said...

Very festive indeedy - great gift idea & tags are certainly the WTG!!!! Love your jars:):)

Lizzyc said...

Beautiful and practical! Really lovely gifts!

Margaret Mifsud said...

Wow!! One would never know these were just some old empty jars .. they look gorgeous!! What fabulous Christmas gifts .. love this idea!! Love the traditional colours too and the tag is a perfect addition!! Stunning!! xx

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS! LOVING these!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lynette Jacobs said...

A beautiful and delicious gift. You have such fantastic ideas. ♥

Kathy Bradley said...

So gorgeous and elegant with beautiful colors and flowers! I always get inspired by your pieces to use things I wouldn't ordinarily have saved from the trash. Now, I keep a box of things I collect (other than the jars) - so I can reach in and use the bits and pieces as needed.

Helen Wallace said...

Wonderful, festive gifts and inspirational recycling. Thanks for the inspiration :)

Mitralee said...

good job on the upcycle! Rock on girl! Do love a good tag too!