Saturday, 7 November 2015

Winter Wonderland Layout for Studio 75
Color Challenge 11 - November 2015 Plus
MUST HAVE INFO - How to tie a Double-Bow!

IE NO BLUE!!  My bad :-p

Hi everyone!  Happy Weekend!!

This week has been SOOO busy - missing just ONE day, spent in bed thanks to
 the flu, has had me catching up ALL WEEK!!!  So I am feeling a little frazzled 
as write this  but on my way to run a hot bath once I am done!  

We have a NEW challenge up at Studio 75 HERE today.  

It is a colour challenge - rules are on the blog but  basically you need 
to use the colours & can include black & white & perhaps just a
 SMIDGEON of another colour as I have done here with the blue!

Studio 75 have a jolly new collection called MAGIC TIME & we have based
 the challenge on the colours.  It is available in their online store HERE.  As
 usual it contains lovely muted shades of the traditional Christmas colours 
& has outstanding prints of Santa & all the other lovely holiday imagery.  

Of course I couldn't leave the paper along & had to attack it with modelling paste, 
gesso, microbeads, mica & mists!  Oh & glass beads too!!  Plus glitter spray -
 as you do... All Prima Marketing goodies of course!!

I used some leftover photos from our merry jaunt to Paris a couple of years back
as they are all I have of our Christmas memories for that year - away from home!
Take note of the LĂ“uest Hotel - very central & friendly, English speaking staff!!

The ribbon also comes from Studio 75 as does the lovely chipboard clock face you can 
see peeking out from below it.  I double-bowed the ribbon - a must have trick you 
need to learn if you don't know already - check out the great tutorial HERE.

I fussy cut some of the images from the Magic Time Collection then also added 
some Prima flairs & flowers from their Christmas Collection too! I sponged 
over various areas of my page right at the end to add a snowy look...

***QUICK TIP - Remember to cut your flowers in half to make them stretch further.  
Not EXACTLY in half as you need to save the precious stamens so cut to the side
 of the centre to have one 2/3 piece & one 1/3 piece as you can see above.  

Tulle is another great addition to your texture arsenal.  It's inexpensive & easy 
to store so remember to grab a bit of that next time you see it.  White is the best
 as you can spray paint it & recolour it - unless you want a perfect clog-free
 look - in that case buy it precoloured!  

I hope you will join us with our challenge this month!  Remember you do NOT 
have to use Christmas photos or any Studio 75 products if you do not have,
 but you do need to make sure the bulk of your creation follows the colour scheme.

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Lizzy Hill said...

Absolutely STUNNING the composition & that blue 'snowish' bg REALLY makes the photos stand out beautifully. TOTALLY Paris this Christmas, I guess!! Sadly, eh??!!

Wilma Voermans said...

Beautiful layout Helen! Let the winter come with all his snow :( I love the quote under your picture, made me laugh!

Val-Belle said...

Oh I hope that you are feeling better. Not sure what is up with flu in summer I have been man down in bed with pneumonia :/ anyway glad you are better.
This layout is gorgeous. Love that background. How cool to have snowy pics. I also love the quote.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wow wow wow! This is gorgeous! LOVING the colors,the photos and the flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandi Clarkson said...

Absolutely adore this one. My new fave!

Violette said...

Wow! What a magic LO! I love the multiple photos design and all the textures... and the colors, of course!

Sanderijn de Bruin said...

Beautiful page, love all the details shown, you've created a winter-snowy-effect beautifully!

Kathy Bradley said...

Helen - you are obviously the photographer most of the time - as you are missing from the photos - as I am missing from my family pics! You do have a beautiful family and what a fabulous Christmas you must have had in Paris. Your page is gorgeous - as always. And, I love that you share tips with all of us - I have learned so much from you! Your background of your page looks snow and icy - perfect for your photos! Thanks for sharing.

Margaret Mifsud said...

This is absolutely stunning Helen!! I know it was a whoopsie, but the touches of blue really gives the page that authentic wintry look. Love it!! Love all the seed beads and micro beads on the page (one of my fave things at the moment) and the photos are absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you for the fab tips too. Hope you are over your flu by now and feeling lots better. xx

Helen Wallace said...

Oh how wonderful to be in Paris for Christmas with the whole family. Lucky girl. Your photos are splendid and the layout enhances them beautifully. Love the double bow and the tiny beads. Thanks for the tips too. Your work is inspirational :D

Kasia Udalska said...

Ok, you made mistake, but this blue color fit here!! And you created a beautiful layout <3

Mitralee said...

Really digging the Christmas on your blog...and even though you were naughty for the blue, it was really really really a good choice because it makes everything else stand out...I think we should consider it a "blue shadow" and not an actual color, lol!