Thursday, 29 October 2015

Prima Off-the-Page Fall Home Decor Project
Full Step-by-step Photo Tutorial
Upcycling Old Mobile Phone Boxes!

Hi!  It's me again - as promised - bringing you something fun & creative to think about
 or actually MAKE this weekend {which will it be huh?!}.  As I said yesterday I
 created this Printer's Tray/Shadow Box Configuration out of 
old mobile phone boxes, which I thought was a stroke of genius! 

 Hubby was "konmari"ing his cupboards & these were on the way 
to the bin when I yelled "Woah, hold up there buddy!!" 
 as a creative vision flashed through my mind!!  
And hence this project was born!

Yeah TWO photos because I was completely indecisive
 on this one & couldn't come to terms with which one was better.  
Off-the-Page projects are notoriously difficult to photograph!

You can view this up on the Prima blog HERE, where my tutorial has been turned into a
Snapguide project for space saving reasons, but here on my own blog I'm just going
to post ALL the photos one under the other to make it easier for y'all to keep my
 page open if you decide to take on anything similar & need to keep referencing.  

If you want to see more CLOSE-UP PHOTOS please scroll down to Mondays post, 
 that closes Saturday!  Get to that by clicking HERE & go leave a comment :)

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Denise van Deventer said...

Such a fabulous project! ;-) Love the colouring and the styling! Amazing! ;-) A really neat and cool idea too! ;-) Apologies for not having visited for ages...but work, life and creating has been hectic!
But please are in my thoughts often!!!! xx

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Thanks for sharing how you made this!! Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lizzy Hill said...

Glad you stopped your hubby in his tracks! Funny how some projects simply 'imagine' themselves into being.....I adore the orange me some brights & the curling bits....splendid....must remember that idea! Thanks for sharing....oh! And I'm with photo #2!!!

Margaret Mifsud said...

This is such a gorgeous and fun project Helen. Who knew that old mobile phone boxes could make such a great decor piece. Loved the step by step too .. great to see how it all came into being!! xx

Mitralee said...

I was totally curious about those pieces of doily...wasn't sure if they were going to be fabric or paper! I am relieved now. I do love that coppery spray's so awesome FOR EVERYTHING! I am glad he hooked you up with his phone boxes! Rock on!