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My Top 5 Creativity Tips!
How to Get Creative!!

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Inspired by my online friend & fellow Prima teamie, Fran HERE I decided
 to write a quick "How to be Creative" post before I dive into bed!

This is totally off-the-cuff so I hope you will find it useful!  Especially if
you are wanting to start out with scrapbooking and/or mixed media art
& don't know how to begin.  You can use my searchbar (in my sidebar)
to search similar posts.  I have written quite a few!  I really need to 
spend some time making some permanent sidebar links to them
to make them totally easy to find.  For now this is what I think...


We all have many things we want to do in life but how many of
them do we actually do?  I have a mental bucket list including going
back to France, learning how to speak basic Polish, learning the
 violin, oh yes the list goes on & I have an ambitious mind!  
But in reality, not a lot of time or money!!

So - how to start being creative.  You ARE going to have to
 SPLASH SOME CASH.  You can't do that if something else doesn't
 budge, unless you can afford to of course.  For me I don't splurge on
 shoes, handbags, or jewellery.  Even clothes don't really excite me.

Sure, I have a nice selection & I enjoy dressing "well" but I find great 
"dupes" {duplicates} at low-end stores & save my disposable pennies
 for exciting new product.  Sacrifice is key or you will become one of 
those annoying people that say "I wish I could do what you do, but
I just can't afford it!" 

 If you are starting out I suggest being VERY CAREFUL with your 
purchases.  Do NOT rush into buying.  Rather spend time making 
great friends with Google & researching craft blogs to see first
 what you really like!! 


There are many different crafts - I suggest sticking to one!
I papercraft.  That includes scrapbooking, collages, canvases, 
art journal pages, off-the-page projects & mini- albums.  My
 point is, papercrafting is a pretty diverse hobby & I imagine
other crafts to be similar, so, if time & space are an issue 
(in other words if you are human, hence have all the 
usual restrictions) JUST CHOOSE ONE HOBBY!! 

 If you are a naturally creative person it may well become a
 PASSION & a DEVOTION therefore it will eat up your 
money, your time & your space!!! 

Avoid at all costs being  a "Jack of all trades & master of none" 
but strive, rather, to become an expert in what you do.  
Research reckons that takes 10 000 hours of practice
in your chosen field so you'll be busy for a while...


Once you have decided on what you want to do & what you need
 for it - it's time to go & get it!!  Your favourite You-Tubers, Bloggers
 and/or Instagrammers offer great recommendations based on personal 
experience.  If you like their work & the results they get, follow their
 advice.  GO OUT & BUY!  Spend well & don't go cheap!!  

That's a sure way to end up hating your hobby (bad materials cost less
because they suck & by that I mean they suck the joy out of creating by 
not being able to do the job efficiently) so go for tried & tested brands.  
Mixed media products especially, seem to last FOREVER but I do 
suggest starting out with the smallest sizes, even though these 
are less economical, because we all have our faves.

Shop with a list (although of course you can add some impulse
 buys!) but make sure you have the basics you need to get started. 
 Don't scrimp on tools. I still have mine after a decade.  Go Fiskars
 for your trimmer, Tim Holtz for your scissors & get as big a grid mat 
as you can fit!  Martha Stewart & Prima tools are both fantastic.


Make time to do it & be prepared to struggle. 
 Nothing new is much fun.  Working out how to do things
 is always a challenge.  If you don't resolve to stick with it 
you won't.  Find joy in the process, not the results.  
That way the results will eventually come :)


Keep learning!  
NEVER think that you have arrived!!
Stay humble & teachable.  There is always more to learn.

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Perfect advice Helen!!!!!!!

purple_pea_fran said...

Some great advice for newbies and beginners there. Thanks for the shoutout too x

Margaret Mifsud said...

Fantastic advice Helen and a good read even for those of us who have been doing this for a while!! xx

Lizzy Hill said...

Great post for an off the cuff one! Tried and true advice, too..... :):)

Patricia said...

Another very good article...Nodding my head in agreement...Thank you for taking the time to write and share with us...I will do a shout out on FB for you...

Patricia said...

Another very good article...Nodding my head in agreement...Thank you for taking the time to write and share with us...I will do a shout out on FB for you...

Annie Claxton said...

hehehe I can't believe you just dashed this off before falling into bed Helen. Another inspirating and motivational post full of wise words TFS :o)

magicalmagpie said...

Great advice Helen. I also say if you have a favourite colour invest in those colours first.

Kathy Bradley said...

Helen - your article is wonderful - not only for beginners - but for everyone. Lots of good advice. Thanks for sharing.

Lynette Jacobs said...

Lots of great advise for those starting on the creative journey.