Saturday, 10 October 2015

'Love Always' Carte Blanche Vintage Wall Decor Base Project - Focus on Flowers - Prima Marketing

Hi everyone!  At last I have a new project to share!!
You can find it up on the Prima blog today HERE.

I've had a really terrible week!!!  I've developed a very serious foot condition
{Plantar Fasciitis & Peroneal Tendonitis} that has been coming on for some
 time now.  I've spent every day at the doctor's, the hospital {having x-rays} 
the podiatrist {specialist foot doctor} & the physio-therapist & all in all it 
has meant that I have hardly been able to focus on anything else for the
 last couple of weeks, hence my blog activity has been a lot less :(

  I'm unable to walk without great pain & am doing all I can to reduce the
 inflammation but have read & heard so many conflicting reports about my 
condition.  Some say all the pain will be gone within a month whilst others 
are still suffering over 4 years later, so it is anyone's guess how things will 
develop.  I am doing all I can to treat it, which is time consuming! 

Compression, elevation, cold therapy {ice-ing}, shock-wave therapy, rest 
& have had to buy some special shoes & have custom orthotics made, 
that I am still waiting on, but will help a lot I am told!  So that is the 
bad news!!  The good news is I have a tutorial coming up for this 
tomorrow!!  If you are really impatient you can see it on the Prima blog
now, as a Snapguide, but tomorrow I will share the images separately here.

For the base of this project I used an Iron Orchid Designs {for Prima} Vintage Wall
 Décor Base, which is basically like a canvas but much more practical for mixed
 media projects that involve layering, because they are made of wood,
 therefore provide a sturdier work surface.  

“I just love the Carte Blanche Wood Plaques!  They make mixed-media projects
 so much easier than using a canvas, because they are so sturdy & solid, without 
the flexibility of fabric. Plus the texture is awesome!  The fact that each piece 
comes with a thick jute rope hanger loop means that your creation can be hung 
anywhere with ease.  I really wanted to use the sequin trim in a non-traditional
 way, so I de-constructed it by cutting it in half the long way & using the sequin 
pieces & threads to create a sparkly background texture.” Helen Tilbury

Prima Products:  Carte Blanche Vintage Wall Décor Base 9.5’’ x 12” 583040, 
Art Basics Soft Gloss Gel 655350, 1” Finnabair Brush 962760, Gold Sequin 
Trim 990589, Débutante A4 Paper Pad 847326, Comfort Craft Distressing
Tool 890940, Teak Wall Chalk Edger 891268, A Victorian Christmas Flowers 
583446, Gold Doily 583644, Stationer’s Desk Paper-clip 573096, Magnolia 
Lace Trim 583026, Royal Menagerie Alphabet Stickers 582371


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

This is gorgeous! LOVING the flowers and the gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Val-Belle said...

Hello Helen, finally getting back to normal and starting to catch up on all this stuff although I haven't done anything creative in so long I think I forgot how. So sorry that you are in so much pain. Simon got the same thing in 2011 that almost crippled him...he has suffered a lot with it but it seems to be better now and he managed overseas. He has to wear neutral balance track shoes with special orthotics. Not nice :( so I hope that you feel better soon as it is completely debilitating.
On the bright side this is a gorgeous project and I love all the bling.

Lizzy Hill said...

Gorgeous project. I'm a sucker for gold, so this tickles me in all the right places:):) Also hoping you only have to put up with this condition for a month NOT years......eeeek.....NOT fun.......hope you get the orthotics soon. SOunds like they will help!!!

Lizzyc said...

Beautiful layout, love the shimmer of the gold! And I hope your foot is on the mend too...

Deena said...

Such a stunning piece of art that you have created, I hope that you continue to take care of yourself and do what the drs and specialists have told you.

Kathy Bradley said...

I'm sorry you are suffering from such a painful condition - but let's think on the positive side and look to the condition pushing on down the road - without you. Hope you feel better soon! I love your gorgeous wall hanging - all the little details just add so much. I will be trying some of the wood bases - they sound perfect I saw your beautiful piece on the Prima blog - your work is amazing. Feel better soon!

Debbie Standard said...

Sorry you are having so many problems! Sounds so painful! Fabulous project here though!

kigabet vel Ki said...

fenomenalna tyle się tu dzieje, że człowiek musi wrócić by znów na nowo odkryć to czego jeszcze nie dostrzegł wcześniej :)

Mitralee said...

Really enjoyed this piece and your tutorial on your next post. I like how you matted the photo with the sparkly and the gold letters as well! Now the weird thing is that my one heal has a bone spur but I didn't know until they did an x-ray of my only hurst a little first thing in the am, but they said that it bothers various people differently...and I had done a little reading on it as well and it seemed like conflicting things to work though...I am imaging you scrapping at a table..that would be a large adjustment, but I am hoping do-able for you!!! Huge hugs from NY! I hope it's better ASAP!

Margaret Mifsud said...

Wow!! This is such a gorgeous piece Helen!! Love all the details and in particular the touches of gold .. gorgeous!! Hope your foot problems clear up very quickly and that you are soon totally well again. Take care. xx

Lynette Jacobs said...

There is so much gorgeousness going on here. Love the layers, the bling and the mixed media.