Friday, 6 November 2015

Home Decor Projects "Trade Secrets" Guest Post
Meet Yvonne Yam from Singapore
& Take a Look at her Awesome Off-the-Page Creations

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 of Helen Tilbury & Yvonne Yam.  Sharing is caring 
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Hello everyone & Happy Saturday to you all.  Nearly November - WOW!!  
Well I am so glad you all enjoyed meeting my last guest HERE &
today I am happy to introduce to you another talented & prolific artist
Yvonne Yam from Singapore!  Yvonne has been hanging out online
for a LONG time so perhaps she is familiar to a lot of you?!  If not...
Not to worry, she will be after today!!

If you enjoy it please let me know by leaving a comment, in which case I will
continue this series of Trade Secrets posts from the best of the best!!

This post is the 3RD in my series about Home Decor/Off-the-Page projects,
& you can see the very first in the series HERE & my first guest HERE
 in the 2nd post.   Now it's time for Post no. 3 & to welcome Yvonne!!

Yvonne Yam {Singapore}

"Hello there! Greetings from Singapore! *waves* My name is Yvonne & I'm 
honoured to have been invited by the lovely Helen to share my love of altered art.  
I love to make stuff, especially using unexpected "found" stuff around my house
 (or someone else's!) *Winks*  Old vintage photos. Pretty trinkets.  I love them all! :)

 I love to experiment with mediums & play with textures but my projects always 
involve some form of up-cycling & loads of colour! :) Other places you can find me...

Check out Yvonne's creations on her prolific blog HERE & remember to
sign up as her official follower if you LOVE her content (see her followers'
gadget in her left hand side sidebar!}  I know she would really appreciate it!!

Now let's take a look at Yvonne's work & see what we can learn!!  
What can we learn from Yvonne?

1.  That we need to be on the lookout - SEE THE WORLD THROUGH NEW EYES!

2.  If you are going to alter a box, book cover, etc, make sure it's sturdy so that it's 
worth the time taken to make it pretty.  Now this is a GREAT TIP!  I had had 
experience with altering cheap items & it is not worth the time unless you 

3. Go "shopping" in your own home...there are lots of treasures you can alter.
 Like the remote control holder in the living room, or that empty honey jar!
This is SO TRUE - every time I want a style update now I just grab the
 gesso & get started on a makeover or even a RE-MAKEOVER!!
4. Wrapping tissue from packaging creates awesome background texture...
& it's free! If you have the space start saving - SAVE WRAPPING & PACKAGING!

5. Incorporate OLD objects that have personal meaning to you on you - for example
 a belt buckle from a loved dress or a charm from an old key chain.  
ADD A BIT OF SENTIMENTALITY to personalise your gifts or home decor.

6  USE A GREAT GLUE!  Yvonne & I agree on the hot glue gun for speed & 
durability but Yvonne also loves Liquitex products & also uses their matte medium

Isn't this last transformation incredible?!  One thing I myself have learnt from Yvonne is :-

7.  If you're on social media DON'T FORGET TO TAKE A BEFORE PHOTO!

Did you enjoy that?  Learn anything new??  Let me know in the comments
& don't forget to pop on over to Yvonne's blog & join as a follower if you 
love her work!  Here's the link again!!

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Lizzy Hill said...

Aaah! Yvonne - one of my fave scrappers!!! Great showcase of her talent here:):)


Great post Yuonne :) Thanks for sharing!

Annette Allen said...

Yvonne is amazing.. so talented..

Kathy Bradley said...

I love all of your blog posts, be it one of your beautiful pages or this series with other designers sharing their ideas. I always learn something from your posts, photos or narratives. I love Yvonne's work and have not seen it before, but will most certainly subscribe to her blog and social media. Thanks for sharing - a wonderful series.

Mitralee said...

Miss Yvonne ROCKS! I respect and admire her for a lot of reasons, but mostly because she can make ANYTHING pretty...still waiting to see her alter a frying pan, but knowing her she is working on it...

Salla said...

Thanks Helen and Yvonne, I enjoyed this post and would like to see more ideas in the future. I'll check to previous posts as well. I'm already a Google follower to both of you ladies and will look you up in Instagram as well!

Margaret Mifsud said...

I love visiting your blog Helen, there is always something new to learn. Love Yvonne's work too, she is so good at upcycling and revamping items that the rest of us might simply throw out. Brilliant post with some great tips!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Yvonne is just amazing! I loveeeeeeeeeee everything she creates!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sathya said...

Great post, Thanks for sharing :)

Lizzyc said...

Yvonne is brilliant I love her blog and all the tips she so freely shares with all of us to help us in our scrapping.. thanks for sharing..

yyam said...

Thanks for having me on your blog Helen! :)