Monday, 24 August 2015

"We Had Such A Blast" Class Page
For Mixed Media & Layering Newbies :)

Oh the joys of trying to photograph a double layout then fit it into a blog post!
Clearly I need more experience with this format!!
Anyway HELLO!!!

Before you rush away, thinking you must be on the wrong blog - let me explain :)

A few weeks back I was invited to teach at a store in my state - not too close to
where I live but still doable & I like to get out & about & explore the area!

This was my spec:-  My layout needed to be - 

1)  A double pager that could fit quite a few photos 
(that's the most popular format in South Africa)

2)  Including mixed media but for experienced scrapbookers totally NEW
 to mixed media {Hence the "Mixed Media LITE" look to this page}

3)  Very Budget Friendly

So I put together some kits with economical elements such as cardstock,
 an interesting selection of Studio Calico papers {that would suit 
all themes & be neither masculine or feminine}.

The mixed media aspect taught:-

 1) Spattering with sparkling pigment powders
2)  The difference between chalk & archival inks & free stamping
 {not using an acrylic block}
3.  Embossing {they thought that was MAGIC!!!}

I tried to introduce the ladies to my style of scrapbooking {which is very different 
to the traditional, local style here - which has oversized elements, not a lot
 of white space & very little layering}, through some "lite" layering, some
 stapling with some pretty gold staples & some texture with some
 Prima Holey ribbon & some dry wall tape.

I also taught them a speedy method of painting chipboard
 & introduced them to the joy of glitter varnish!

They seemed to enjoy it very much & the store owner was very happy & has invited me 
back to do another class in a couple of weeks!  It really is fun seeing everyone working
 in a different way to their usual "Modus Operandi" & being amazed by products they 
have never seen or heard of before but what I love the most is encouraging
 people to create their OWN way, make their photos fit & not produce a 
"colour by numbers" page that looks identical to everyone else's. 

 The outcomes were all unique! YAY!!


Desire Fourie said...

A fun and bright design, Helen.
Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

Heather McMahon said...

It looks like you came up with the perfect lo for the job! And congrats on being asked back - woot!

Lizzy Hill said...

Looks a blast - made you think & gave them new skills win/win, I'd say :)!!!

Unknown said...

Sounds like so much fun... they are so lucky to have you! Great looking pics. j.

Kathy Bradley said...

Double layouts are really awesome and I had never seen one until your creations. With you as their teacher, I am sure all the folks will learn and love the craft. Beautiful layout shown.

Helen Wallace said...

Well done Helen, to tailor the lesson to the trends in SA. I'm sure they were inspired by your style as well. You must have rocked the class to be invited back. :D

Mitralee said...

I am SO super PROUD of you! It's hard teaching a class and coming up with a pleasing double page layout!!! Glad you got to show them some cool new tricks! Fun times!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

So fun and exciting!! LOVING your page!! So gorgeous!!!!

Lynette Jacobs said...

A lovely page...well done on teaching your first double page class...and trusting that there will be many more.

Unknown said...

I remember the day we started at a lesson doing a double page, and look at you now!! You're a legend mumma xxxxx