Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Beautiful Moments Mixed Media Layout
for Artists Live on Ustream

Hellooooo!!!! Hellooooo?!? Anyone still out there???? 
Goodness me! One week since posting last - where does the time go?!?

 Well this past week has been one of my busiest ever!
 I have so many things going on at the same time I'm feeling like I could join the circus
 as a juggler!  Anyway...what a blessing!!  Better to be full-handed than have nothing to do!!!

 Last night I held my first ever live show on Ustream & what a blast! I thought it may not happen at all as it took 30 minutes to connect - such are the joys of South African
 Internet!  I will be sure to begin the process 30 minutes earlier in future to save
 you all the pain of waiting & several false starts!

That being what is was I don't think I did too badly under the circumstances & actually
 really enjoyed myself. I do need to improve on my organisation & have everything
 at my fingertips as I had to do a bit of scratching about to find things! 

I only realised half-way through that my video camera was upside down so my audience either got very stiff necks or had to turn their devices upside down LOL!   Anyway for my
 first time I'm happy & have already learnt a ton about what to improve for next time!!

The trick seems to be to keep gabbing, which is a speciality of mine, so talking away
 wasn't a problem &  I imparted some tips & tricks I hear others found useful!

If you would like to watch the show on YouTube it is only 50 minutes long & you can create alongside me by checking out the supplies list first on the Artists' Live Facebook page.

Here are all the links you need! 
Artists Live on Facebook HERE.
See my Event {for the supplies list} HERE.
See the video on Youtube HERE.
Or simply click in from below!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Soooooooo gorgeous! LOVING those rich colors!!!!!!

Lynette Jacobs said...

Well done on your first live UStream tutorial. I will watch it on You Tube...the layout looks fabulous. Here is to many, many more live classes.

Deena said...

Sorry I missed it Helen its such a beautiful layout, cannot wait to watch the video.

Lizzy Hill said...

Looks fabulous....love the cotton wrap idea [I've just done one with string....rather pleased with it, too!!!].....and you being you, you will learn quickly and move forward with excellent skills for your next live show! Afraid 50 mins on you tube is 'out' for me....just don't have access to that long with the limit I have!! The cost would be too much. We can't all have everything in life, eh??!!!

Sandi Clarkson said...

What a fabulous layout. I've watched sections of the recorded session. So cool to hear your voice and watch you work! Isn't technology grand? At least when it works. Sorry that I had to miss live as I was still at work.

Kathy Bradley said...

Grr - had a flat tire on the way home and missed the live show - but did watch the wonderful video - it was awesome. Listening to you was quite easy with your beautiful accent. Your process of building the page was so helpful - I learned about several things, including the composition of the matting and the twine trick with little notches and a few other things as well. I hope you will do more videos. Thanks for sharing.

Mitralee said...

congrats girlie! I am looking forward to watching it was I was in a camper with the fam near Atlatnic City! I am looking forward to it tonight! From my easy chair oh my I so do miss that chair when I am gone!

Debbie Standard said...

This is just so gorgeous! Your background work is simply amazing! Fabulous page!

Margaret Mifsud said...

Absolutely stunning page and what an awesome video, especially for your first live show. Even though I didn't see it live (way too early in the morning for me)it was fabulous hearing your voice and watching you create .. and I adore your accent!! Awesome job Helen and the next time you'll be even better!! Beautifully done!!

Annie Claxton said...

Beautiful page Helen and how wonderful to see you make it in real time - you make it look like anyone could do it! Love how you use all kinds of things and different media to give texture and interest, using the waste from the die cut sheet is such a good idea. Also you definitely have the gift of doing and gabbing at the same time. Look forward to the next one :o)xxx