Sunday, 26 July 2015

6 Simple Ways to Increase your Creative Time

I find that when I get out of being creative it makes me grumpy. Being creative is healthy.
 It's like going to the gym or going to the movies - it's really, really good for you! 
Depending on your personality type it may actually be something you have
 no choice in, something you just have to do.

That's all well & good in an ideal scenario but few of us live in the perfect environment
 so how can we make it happen? How can we get to spend more time each
 & every day doing what we love, that makes us feel so good?

1.  Make it a habit. Do something creative every day
A creative habit can be formed, in just the same way
 we form other habits, through regular doing.

2.  Make it an appointment. Choose a time to meet with yourself,
 that you know you will be able to stick to. It doesn't need to be
 exact but think of your work area like a person who is waiting for you.

3.  Set up a dedicated work space. In other words somewhere where you just create. 
Obviously this one depends hugely on the home you live in & what is available. 
I have a small office/work room that we created by converting the entrance hall
 of our home, so we now enter our house straight through the dining room.

  Just like I did, creating your own special space may mean sacrificing something. 
It may even mean an area of your lounge or bedroom. It doesn't matter where
 you create, as long as you can keep some stuff out & set up at all times
 so there's a place that's calling you - a place to go & be.

4.  Set yourself goals - big &small - written & unwritten, depending on where you are
 in your life at the moment. Right now I am very distracted because I am dealing with
 some massive life issues, but at the end of every day I am still spending a few hours
 in my workspace, which transports me mentally, out of my situation & into one
 which is way less stressful. Give yourself a reason to get into your workspace,
 decide in advance what you will be doing in there & make that your mission.

5.  Cultivate an Obligation to your Stash.  In a lot of countries, like South Africa, 
where I live, art & craft supplies are difficult to get hold of & expensive, so buying 
them means sacrificing somewhere else. This has never been a problem for me
 fortunately as I'm not into anything else in a major way, so it's where I choose to 
spend my money, even though I've never had loads of disposable income, so
 I've always had to be very choosy, given that I import a lot myself & pay huge
 shipping costs & 20% duty on top of that.

. I realised after a few years in my new-found vocation, that I was buying faster than
 I was creating. BIG MISTAKE.  Work out your purchase/create ratio & don't buy 
beyond your needs. Yes really. Don't do it. Don't let anyone tempt you, least of all 
sales. Everything I'm stuck with that I don't like came from a sale & storing it
 ain't cheap! All year I've been in a mission to sort out my storage space & it's
 been a monthly expense.  So be accountable to your stash
Only buy what you have real intention of using, soon.

6. Simplify your work area. This is a whole topic on it's own but the bones of it is
 - keep your stuff organised & accessible. Forget about beautifying your space.
 That comes RIGHT AT THE END. The most important thing is that you can
 find what you need, fast & without frustration. If you can't, the thought of 
getting into your space will be more like going to Hell than going to Heaven!


Margaret Mifsud said...

Great advice once again Helen!! I do try to get into my craft space everyday but it doesn't always work out. As you say, might need to make definite appointments .. LOL!!

Di Garling said...

Definitely good advice here HELEN and I do like the whole appointment thing. Might have to try implementing that. TFS such great advice.

Lizzy Hill said...

Hahahaaaa.....use more than we buy??? Which planet???? Not THIS one, even though I [sometimes] try.....but you know. Still, I get your drift:) At least these days I only buy what I [eventually] in a giggling fit again. DOn't mind me....!!!!!!!!!!

Lizzyc said...

Yes yes yes! Great tips! I have slowed down buying stuff due mainly to have less finance for it, so now I have to dig into the stash and use it! And I agree totally I do get toey if I haven't created something in a few days... Thanks for great tips!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Awesome tips!!!! I love it!!!!!

Monica said...

Great advice. Thank you. Needed that reminder.

Kathy Bradley said...

You always offer the best advice and tips. Thank you for sharing. I do hope things resolve themselves for you soon - keeping you in my prayers.

Jasmine S said...

I do love your words of wisdom. Perfect tips and my biggest one at the moment is to use something veerrrryyyyyy old on every page, trying to get through that never ending stash.

Wilma Voermans said...

It is so sweet of you to take the time to write articles like this! Number two is a GREAT tip! I will make appointments with my creativity place, which is my whole house. . . And that place wont be dissapointed when I have to cancel a date like my friends do. Althought............ :)

Mariela Conci said...

Helen... much practical advice ... with the years of practice - and the others too;) - I find that as you say in your article unnecessary scrap accumulation besides take a financial imbalance is anti-ecological. I also share your the scraproom location must be accessible, comfortable for oneself, not only aesthetic because there where you take your appointment with the interior and leave out all the creatividad you have inside. This year I made appointments with my desk, I left the mess in sight, I have taken the time to look closely videos of other artists and I grew up, I developed and I exceeded my own limits - and I've known - more a year of these precious tips in the 7 years of intermittent practice of this art. Great Tips!! Thankyou for share reality.

annette said...

Thanks Helen .. great tips .. cheers

pysselpetra said...

great advice. will for sure add some of them to my own list and some I am already living by.

Denise van Deventer said...

Aaaaah...such a great post and all so very true!!!!
Pearls of wisdom....or is that..pearls for a page!!!!
After listening to your message last night, I really did think that I am so ready to get rid of stuff that I really no longer use and make way for things that I really do! ;-) I am tempted though by new products..and pretty papers and collections. But I am trying to be good and wait until they are on sale..or hopefully make some worthwhile swops! ;-)