Monday, 7 July 2014

Sneak Peeks, Art Journaling & Why Create?

Hi everyone & Haaaaapy Monday!  
I hope you all had a very enjoyable weekend with some crafty time thrown in!! 
 I am without my iphone, which is bound to make life very tricky for me this week. 
 I am hoping it will be back in working order soon but I have my doubts, seeing
 as it just switched itself off without ever having given me any problems before.  

I have been quite productive lately & have some new projects to share with you 
later this week & am onto August now too, now that my Design Teams are less than
 I have had for a while now I am hoping I may be able to get a bit ahead of myself for once!

And once again I jumped on the art journal wagon this weekend!  
I created a very eclectic page & really enjoyed it.  It is only my 2nd page 
but it was quite enlightening for me to work on it in layers of painterly 
texture & to actually experiment "for reals" which is not something I do 
too much on my scrapbooking pages as I have more tried & tested recipes 
for those, to give me the results I require.  Here I actually PLAYED &, 
even though this WAS for a design team assignment, it was just on a deeper
 level of true artistic freedom than I have really ever experienced before in this field.  

Which brings me to this quote, by Saul Bass.  
I've got to the point now where I no longer try to think up clever answers 
to non-creative people's questions.  Why do I do this? 
 Because I just want to create beautiful things...even if nobody cares :)


Lizzy Hill said...

Teehee! Gotta LOOOOVE that 'tude', Helen!! Loving the sneaks, too:):)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving the sneaks!!! Sorry about the phone :(

Lynnda said...

Sorry about your phone!! Hope you'll get it fixed! Loving the beautiful sneaks!! And that's a positive attitude!! Hah !! As long we love and enjoy creating!! Hugs x

Paula Calvanico said...

Hhmmmm, if people ask that ? they must not be very dimensional themselves. Very good quote, I like it. Wonderful sneaks!

Yowzers, my sis in law's iPhone just took a dump, she couldn't get it to turn back on. No fun.


Sandi Clarkson said...

Such mouth-watering sneaks, Helen! And I love that quote and now will have to use it as my own retort! Sorry I haven't been by .. week 4 of being ill and just staring to get out of bed some! Definitely put a dent in EVERYTHING! I'll never catch up!

Elaine coustley said...

Loving the sneak peeks , love the quote. x

Lynette Jacobs said...

I love your 2crafty projects on their blog. Your art continues to evolve.

Eila Sandberg said...

Ahhh! LOVE the sneaks Helen! hugs,

Desire Fourie said...

Such true words spoken and I totally agree, crafting is something we do for ourselves. Hope your phone has returned alive and well.
Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

Denise van Deventer said...

I have also been very creative this week and have also been trying to get ahead with a lot of things....and it has been good...I am inspired!!!! Your projects look awesome and the last little sentiment...just amazing! Love it!