Saturday, 5 July 2014

Scrap 'n Art Mixed Media Trendwatch Article Interview

Hiya!  How's the weekend going?!  I'm having a great one so far!!  
I had a full-on creative night last night, made 3 cards & an art journal
 page, plus sorted out another batch of stash to sell!  Starting to feel like I
 can breathe in my studio again & have my new Color Bloom sprays on their
 way to me now - out with the old - in with the new - destashing is a great feeling!!

I was invited by Kristie Taylor from Scrap 'n Art magazine, to participate  in their latest "Mixed Media" feature, so was sent a few questions that I needed to answer. 
                               I thought it would be good to record my answers here,                                the questions certainly provided some food for thought!

Helen, thanks so much for letting us interview you!
1.      We at Scrap N Art magazine have noticed that the days of photos 
on top of pretty paper with some nice stickers are a thing of the past.
 We see that people are using more and more "extras" & that scrapbooking 
has become more of an art than ever before. When did you decide 
as an artist that paper and photos just wasn’t enough?
Hmmm…I probably bought my first stencil & mist about 4 years ago, when the
 mixed media trend had been around for less than a year I would say.  
I always try not to leave the new trends too long because it takes time to 
become proficient in things so the sooner you bite the bullet & start the better.  

Of course it was daunting but I started slowly & gained momentum as the years
 went by.  I’ve actually come right around now as I’ve started using less of it now.
  The trend now is more for a touch of it rather than having it dominate the piece,
 but I do love wet mist manipulation, especially on canvases where you don’t have 
to worry about the paper warping, and I have SO many mists after working for
 Lindy’s Stamp Gang, that I definitely want to make a lot more of those!

2. What is the strangest thing you have ever used on a scrapbook page?
Goodness, let me think!  Well I do put a random selection of stuff on my pages as it is.
  My whole family collects things for me & leaves them on my desk so that when I 
get into my studio each day I have to start by packing away the little treasures 
they have found me, which can be anything from buttons to bottle-tops & vegetable
 mesh-packaging.  The most random thing I’ve ever used on a scrapbook page 
was the underwiring from an old bra!  And the buckle/strap section.  
Waste not want not I always say!

3.       As part of this trend, we see people recycling things
 from around the house to use in scrapbooking. 
What is your favorite  recycled "tool" that you have used.
I love using vegetable packaging.  The various different meshes provide great texture
 & I also love soft mosquito mesh & dry-wall tape from the hardware store.  
For me it’s all about mixing easily available & inexpensive products with high end 
papers & embellishments from the manufacturers I love like 7dots Studio & Prima.

4.      Have you ever created a page with no idea of which photo would go on it?
No!  I can never understand how people can create layouts then add in the photo afterwards.  My process always starts with the products I have to work with for 
my DT assignment or the challenge I’m participating in then once I’ve selected 
those I find a photo that matches BEFORE I even begin.  I like everything to be 
cohesive on my pages & every piece plays a part in contributing towards the 
mood I’m wanting to create, which all revolves around the photograph.

5.      What changes do you foresee in the future of scrapbooking?
Whew – tough question!  I think the divides between the genres will increase.  
Already each part of the world has a different scrapbooking ethos. 
 America rules the scrapbooking industry as the bulk of papercrafting goods producers are American & the direction there seems to be going back to more affordable products & pages, in keeping with the Project Life concept, which I do not embrace simply because for me I scrapbook for art’s sake so that wouldn’t satisfy a creative soul, but is a great compromise for busy people wanting to document their memories in a fun format. 
European manufacturers are on the rise, which is wonderful as I adore the soft, pretty shabbiness that comes out of the Scandinavian countries & the classy nature of the 
French products, as well as the insanely artistic contributions from Eastern Europe, 
which is the hub of creativity in this industry, so I expect more new & exciting 
contributions from the Europeans.
I think shabby is here to stay forever because it indulges our feminine sides & is just 
so darn pretty that it feeds our souls in the same way nature does (looking at al
those flowers!).  I think the Eastern Europeans are dominating & will continue to 
dominate the creative trends in mixed media & artistic scrapbooking & it will 
become even more wild & free, which is wonderful news for those of us who
 indulge in this outlet for the sheer bliss it brings us. 

I would love to see a World Trade Market Fair start up in Europe, similar to CHA, 
that showcases the many brands the rest of the world has to offer & who knows, 
perhaps that is in the making, or maybe after reading this someone will take my
 idea & run with it, I sure hope so!  Africa & Australia are on different missions all
 together & have their own definitive regional styles & Australia has some great
 quality brands that I hope gain more international recognition in the future as well.

As Scrapbooking artists ourselves I believe it is vital for us to promote & educate our 
art-form in order for it to grow & develop & for this reason I began my challenge blog 
“Scrap Around The World” a year ago - to encourage people from every country 
on the planet to share their work, to inspire, be inspired, educate & be educated. 
 I foresee more world-class artists holding back on their intellectual property in 
future after seeing so much idea theft lately. 

I would love to see more online workshops as opposed to free videos on Youtube, 
so that more fantastically talented people can earn a living doing not only what they
 love but what they are skilled experts at.  I believe they deserve to earn a living
 out of sharing their talents just like teachers, doctors & hairdressers do.  
Recognition is wonderful but sadly doesn’t pay the bills!

Here is one of Helen's favorite pages:-
Helen, thanks so much for allowing us to interview you.
We look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous creations!


Lizzy Hill said...

I really enjoyed reading your interview & especially about future trends:):) it's all such fascinating stuff!!!!! Thanks for sharing here:)

Margaret Mifsud said...

Totally fascinating Helen. Loved reading your views on the current and future trends and your idea of a World Trade Market would be fabulous as long as it travels to all the countries so we could all go and have a look. Never happen I know, but one can dream!! Fabulous interview and so glad you shared it here!! ox

Lizzyc said...

OO wonderful reading, and yes I wonder where the scrapbooking trends are heading too.. the simple style and the MM seem to be worlds apart, but both are beautiful in my eyes.. I just need to find my place in it all!! Still so much to learn and explore!!

Jo said...

Hi Helen, loved your reflections on the terns and the different styles by different geographical regions. I agree so much about the influences from Eastern Europe and the Scandavian countries, really exciting and I'm keeping a watch on Russia as well! Jo

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Beautiful work!!

mhyson said...

Oh thank you for sharing your thoughts. I loved your views of the trends and agree with you very much on the Project Life. It just seems to take all the creativity out of it. Shabby is beautiful. I take all the on line classes I can. There is so much out there to do and to learn. You are just wonderful and such an inspiration.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loved reading this!!! Thanks for sharing it!! Really like your idea of having a European CHA!!!!!

Helen Wallace said...

Very interesting to read your views on upcoming trends and your ideas about a Scrapbooking fair in Europe. Like you, I could never create a page without knowing what photo/s I'm going to use. :)

Lynnda said...

Love reading your post today!! Thanks for sharing !! Hugs x

dstandard said...

Loved reading your interview and your page is just amazing! Gorgeous!

Paula Calvanico said...

I like you can NOT scrap witnout a pic that it's based on, well maybe not can't, but don't like doing it.

What an awesome interview, wtg :)

Art is so, so subjective, and even the masters had those who mimic, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It's very hard to pinpoint and say one is copying, Gabrielle Pollacco had an incident with Finnabair not too long ago and it was terrible and I felt quite unjust. Trends are just that, hence why the eastern European's pages all look so very similar. Just like fashion, everyone is into those high-low dresses so many designers are making them, luxury cars all have a similar shape etc. To be able to say, hey you have stolen my idea is hard when one piece doesn't look much different than the next. You truly have to be a cutting edge innovator to claim an idea all to your self. Just look at all those who make mini-albums and claim they designed the bindings for the pages. Laura Dennison and Kathi Orta to name 2. If an artist is good enough, people will pay for workshops or how to kits they might put together.

As my hubby said when that Gabi incident happened "the last original piece of art was on a cave wall."

Paula :)

Rachelle Olaridge said...

Hi Helen. I really enjoyed reading the article. Very good points you spoke of and info we crafters need to know. Congrats and thanks for sharing.

Gayle Price said...

Great article, great questions and your answers were insightful, informative and very interesting. Thanks for sharing,I think your summing up is pretty much spot on. xx

yyam said...

Congrats on the interview. Love that you gave very insightful answers to the questions that were posed.

Tina Connolly said...

Fab post, loved reading you interview answers! Gorgeous projects too!

Denise van Deventer said...

Such a a great interview Helen and really enjoyed reading your responses!!!! ;-)

Lynette Jacobs said...

What a great interview...and insightful responses.

Eila Sandberg said...

I was also thinking shabby is defo not a passing thing, not because I'm all into it but exactly the reason you worded. This is a smashing interview, so interesting to read. Wouldn't mind a European CHA! WTG Helen! xoxox

Desire Fourie said...

An awesome interview with real food for thought answers, thanks for sharing. From your old fashioned/classic scrappy friend.
Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}