Monday, 21 July 2014

Pinspired Article in Scrap 365 plus -
Published in the Ribbon Gallery - Aug/Sept 2014

Hello everyone - hope your Monday was fabulous!  Well, hope it was bearable :)

If you've got hold of the new Scrap 365 magazine yet - the Aug/Sep issue -
you will see or have seen already, that I have an article AND a layout in it.

If not, you can go HERE to buy the issue & have it sent to you {free of 
charge in the UK} but your issue can get posted anywhere in the world.

I received my issue on Friday & didn't want to post about it until I had
actually read the issue for myself, which I now have, & in my opinion it
is the best issue yet.  

It is packed full of inspiration from Scrap 365's ginormous & 
ever-growing design team from all around the world,
each with a slightly different style, so very diverse & useful!

It is NOT packed FULL of adverts or pointless, shallow articles but
rather, it is actually all relevant & worthwhile.  

This is what the new issue looks like...

I have a 2 page article "Pinspired" in this one, based on a layout called "DJ Rise".

I feel great about this as it was totally my idea & set to be a regular feature in
the magazine in every issue.  It is based on the ever-rising-in-popularity
mood board idea & how you can use Pinterest to INSPIRE you :)

Here's a sneak at it & my hand-written ink title (yup happy with that!)
although of course that's not my first attempt...ahem...

My layout is of course one that is still unseen, but here is a sneaky of it - 
you can find it in the "Ribbon" Gallery - & the ribbon I have used is that
 lovely "holey" one you can see, from Prima.  It makes the most beautiful
 bows & has a hint of gold in it too.  I love the texture it adds to a project!

Well that's it from me today.  Short & sweet, just as I hope your Monday was :)


Lizzy Hill said...

Just got my copy yesterday - it really is a wonderful mag....loooved your Pinterest inspired page:):)

Adriana B said...

congrats well done, looks amazing :)

dstandard said...

Congrats on the pub! I'm in there too and got the magazine the other day! Love it!

Margaret Mifsud said...

Way to go Helen!! Well done. Unfortunately the Newsagents here don't have many issues of 365 and they don't come in until weeks after they are released so I have to wait for my copy but I'm certainly looking forward to this one!! Congratulations!! ox