Saturday, 12 July 2014

''In a Gentle Way you can Shake the World" Canvas - 7Dots Studio for Scrap Around The World
Plus some Mixed Media Tips!

Finally I can SHARE my canvas!  It feels like AGES ago that I made it!!
It's the first time I've made an 8 x 8 inch canvas & it's a really cute,
easy to manage size :-D

I created this piece for 7Dots Studio, who went up on the 
Scrap Around The World blog today as our Guests.

So that makes this canvas my 2nd take on Tusia's lovely mood board 
at SATW for July.  Remember to play along for some lovely prizes &
Southern Hemispherer's remember that SUMMER IN EUROPE
increases your chance of winning!!  Because so many people are 
away on holiday right now overseas :)

I really LOVED making this!  I used beautiful 7Dots papers
 from their "All I Ever" Collection as well as stamps from their 
"Illumination" collection.  It really is an honour to work with

Canvases are actually simple to make - it's just a matter of following the steps
 & drying things off in between {the same principle as all mixed media} so you
 really need a heat gun to speed things up.  This is the type I have.  I have used
 it SO MUCH in the last 4 years & I was given it pre-used, so these things are
 sturdy!  Whatever you have to pay for it - it's worth it - because it will last & last!  

 My tried & tested recipe is often this - start with modeling paste
 (I prefer the hard modeling paste as it gives great texture & doesn't seep
 under the stencil) & use the paste together with a stencil, applied with a
metal palette knife.  I have the set below & bought it locally.  It wasn't 
excessively expensive & it's handy to have all the different shaped heads
although I definitely use no 3 the most so if you ever see them available
singly then that's the one I recommend.  Plastic palette knives are okay
too but I prefer the metal ones & they're easier to clean & more hygienic.

Once your modeling paste is dried off (using your heat gun) it's time to spray
 with your mists.  Always keep a plain water spray bottle handy {buy
 one from your local Plastics store} & work with mists & water TOGETHER
 because that way you can vary the range of colours by creating 
different shades & helping it to spread & drip too, for a cool look.

Next you create your stack {using a photo or sentiment} - 
adhere once it is made, then lastly embellish & stamp.  

Thanks for stopping by today!  Of course all the blooms 
I've used here are Prima.  If you are discerning about
the brands you use then with Prima you can be 
assured of excellent quality, variety & design.

Remember to use your glue gun for Off-the-Page projects that need to be extra strong. 
 You don't need a fancy one.  Mine is 11 years old & still going strong.  
I recommend the smallest one.  Mine is just like the one above.  
{Only covered in gesso!!}


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wow wow wow!! This is gorgeous! I loveeeeeeeee the colors, the flowers and that quote! Pinning!!!!!

Helen Wallace said...

Gorgeous summery colours to brighten my Winter's day. Love the quote too :D

wintam said...

I love it! and I love the detailed explanations regarding the different tools - so useful! thanks!

Lynette Jacobs said...

Gorgeous canvas. After burning outvtwo Tim Holtz heat tools my hubby bought me a proper "manly" heat gun...I haven't looked back.

Giorgia Rossini said...

thanks for all the tips! your canvas is just stunning

Lizzy Hill said...

Even though I know these tips & tricks, I'm really glad you share them - I think good basic information NEVER goes astray! Must say, I use a plastic spatula...even tho I have a metal one....& it's all lumpy with dried up paste....which I like. Weird, I know...LOOVE the popping colours & delish layers you've created with your canvas....& it's a gorg size to work with, I agree:):)

Margaret Mifsud said...

Gorgeous canvas Helen ... love the bright and summery colours. Also loved the tips and tricks you shared. ox

Val-Belle said...

Love this canvas and all the gorgeous colours. Great to be reminded of these tips too. :D

Val-Belle said...

Love this canvas and all the gorgeous colours. Great to be reminded of these tips too. :D

yyam said...

It's gorgeous! I love the bright colours!

P/s: I actually like my bigger glue gun better because it has a metal stand and doesn't drip a lot while it's "resting".

Di Garling said...

Such a beautiful canvas Helen with soooo many beautiful elements. I especially love that little quote too. Thanks for your little tutorial.and I was amazed at how CLEAN your equipment was until I got to the end where you said, "but mine is covered in gesso" unquote. I can totally relate to this, everything gets covered in gesso !!! Cheers Di

Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy said...

Wow! L.O.V.E. it! Another great take on the SATW mood board. LOL! I have that same heat gun and you are correct... it keeps going and going. I have had mine for about 8 years (though it really didn't start getting a good workout as a drying tool until this past year's foray into mixed media.;)

Heather McMahon said...

This is fabulous Helen! Your work never fails to delight me!

Anita said...

I agree. This is gorgeous! I love the colors, the flowers and the quote! Your description is great. Thank you Helen!


Denise van Deventer said...

Gorgeous canvas Helen....the colours so amazing and so beautiful! Love the blooms and circles....and that sentiment is just fabulous! Really love it! A beautiful and inspirational canvas! ;-)