Monday, 12 May 2014

Learn about MASKS - A QUICK Mixed-Media Background Tutorial & my Prima Sketch Layout for May!

Hi to you all!  How are YOU?!?  I sure hope you are feeling better than me!

I am a bit down with the flu but fighting it with some great medication -
 Linctagon & Corenza fizzy-tablets mixed TOGETHER {pharmacist's tip!!}
plus AIRMUNE {she swears by that too!} so Google those if you don't 
know them & add them to your healing arsenal for the Winter you 
Southern Hemispherers like me!!

Oooh what a BAP eh?!  Great sketch!!  Just CALLS for Mixed Media
 & who am I to say no?!?  I love it - don't you?!?  So how to tackle it?!?
If you have any problems with that READ ON!!


Learn about...MASKS!

1.   Get yourselves some masks!  I own quite a few now but can't
afford to buy more than a couple per season, but they soon add up.

I recommend PRIMA masks of course but TCW {The Crafter's Workshop}
are also mask specialists & have many great designs, as do 3rd Eye &
a lot of other companies I'm sure but I only own from these 3 places!}

* I tend to buy 6"ones more readily than 12"ones for a few reasons:-

1)  They're cheaper!

2) They're easier to store!! {my studio is tiny}

3)  They're cheaper to ship {I only order 12"ones if I am also ordering paper 
- as it's the same size so I require a big box when buying paper anyway - 
as I do most of my scrapbook requisite shopping online due to my location}.

4)  Most importantly/surprisingly I've discovered I PREFER THEM!

I like white space on layouts & keeping things in proportion & the size
of the designs on 6 inch masks is just a touch more delicate & I also
find them easier to manipulate when I am working with them so 


Quick Mixed Media Background Tutorial

Step 1)  Using modelling paste - apply to certain areas of your layout
{for this page I used the central section of the layout on each side}.

Step 2)  Dry off with heat gun or leave to dry naturally.

Step 3)  Using coloured paste {such as Wendy Vecchi's Black 
Embossing paste} apply to other areas of your layout
{for this page I chose all 4 corners}

Step 4)  Dry off with heat gun or leave to dry naturally.

Step 5)  Choose a strong colour of mist that will match the accent
embellishments used on your layout & spray in quick, short & sharp 
bursts across your layout {for this page I chose the top left & bottom
right hand corners}.

Step 6}  Take the lid of your mist &, holding the top, forcefully FLICK
 the wand above your page to get some SPLATS {do this on the floor
to protect your curtains :)}

Step 7}  Using an inexpensive but top quality paper glue, apply it
all over a piece of 12'' paper {I use the free inserts that come inserted
into the plastic sleeves of new albums} making sure to get close to the
edge - outside border - of the page.

Step 8)  Lay your DRY mixed media background page paper you've
just made, carefully on top then use a brayer {roller} to flatten it out 
ENTIRELY & inserting it into it's plastic sleeve in your album will
sort out the rest!  Paper does warp when liquid is applied but a 
good-quality paper goes a LONG way to preventing this problem.

I recommend Prima, 7 Dots Studio & watercolour paper!

You can do it!!
{in 8 easy steps!}
Mixed media is all about a series of steps but when broken down
 they're not so overwhelming are they?!

* BIG TIP!  Sometimes paste bleeds under the mask
 {see top right of my layout} 
So???  It doesn't matter!!  Love it anyway!!!*

{Sharing the close ups tomorrow :)}


Lynnda said...

Gorgeous work on you mm background Helen! This layout is so beautiful ... and your DD is so pretty!... Me too I'm down with nasty cough and to make things worst I'm still nursing baby Sophia.... just hope she'll be fine! You take care and hope you'll feel better soon! Hugs...x

Helen Wallace said...

An arty and eclectic page Helen. Love the photos and the little tutorial. The flu germs have spread down as far as Oz, because I've managed to catch it from the Grandchildren. Get well soon :D

Lizzy Hill said...

Fabulous page, & great step by step.... Love it when you give out those little tips & tricks... Thank you!!!!!!!

Lizzyc said...

Wonderful layout and thanks for the tips to on MM!! and I love the smaller masks too!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wow wow wow!! This is gorgeous! I loveeeeeeeeee how you created that background and loving the flowers!!!!

Marilyn said...

Wonderful page! yeap I agree with Helen it's an arty and eclectic page!love the blue color touches that goes perfect with the photo colors and great tuto!!! oh noooo so sorry,I hope you get well soon my friend!! take care and {rest};)... muahxo

Sandi Clarkson said...

Great job on the background! So sorry that you are sick! I got hit hard twice a few weeks ago but hoping I am back to normal and no relapses!

dstandard said...

Fabulous layout and thanks for the tutorial! Hope you feel better soon!

Paula Calvanico said...

Lovely Helen :) Thanks for the masking tips. Feel better quickly <3


Mitralee said...

it's stinky to be sick! We are all suffering from seasonal allergies here...a result of lots and lots of things blooming! Really enjoyed this post! It was cute! I agree on the smaller masks!!

Kris Berc said...

LOL at "do this on the floor
to protect your curtains" :D Love it!

Margaret Mifsud said...

Great step by step Helen!!! I hope you are feeling better by now. Flu is the pits. ox

Lynette Jacobs said...

I always love to see how you go about constructing your pages. This is another gorgeous one.

Desire Fourie said...

A stunning informative tutorial.
Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

Lisca said...

Thank you for showing me how you use masks. I have bought some recently (the small size ones for the same reasons).
Your page is awesome!