Saturday, 8 February 2014

THIS BLOG FEED IS BROKEN - PLEASE CLICK INTO MY BLOG & RESUBSCRIBE TO MY NEW FEED!"Gateway to Growing Up" Video for Lindy's Stamp Gang {Plus 4 Tips for Recording your own Video Tutorials!}

Hello!  Yay I managed to pre-schedule this post yesterday!!
  So I get to share the video for the layout I showed you in this post HERE
 It went up at Lindy's Stamp Gang HERE last week.

I would LOVE for you to sign up to my Youtube channel HERE.  

I keep ALL my videos to under 10 minutes & they are packed
FULL of technique.  I am still quite a newbie at videos as I only
do one once a month, but I'm happy that I made that resolution
some months ago & have stuck to it.  It takes me the best part of
a weekend as I have to set up in our dining room & create & shoot
on a Saturday then edit, upload, photograph & schedule the blog post.

Hence why it doesn't happen more often :)

1}  If you are wanting to get into video tutorials I suggest you set yourself a similar goal.  
It is rather terrifying as it's a totally new thing to learn & NO-ONE has any tutorials
about it or is willing to share their knowledge, but you can work it out with perseverance.

2}  The most difficult thing is actually the SET UP.  
I have tried many different things to hold my video camera up above me,
 but have finally settled on my son's mic stand.  This works GREAT because
 it is hinged so can be upright then at a 90 degree angle directly above your workspace. 

 They are relatively cheap & easy to buy anywhere in the world too.  

3}  I also bought myself a couple of portable craft tables for creating my videos in
my dining room, which is lighter & more spacious than my studio, so MUCH
better for filming in.  The reason I bought 2 is so that one can hold my supplies
while the other one can remain free for me to create & film on.  

4}  I bought a small Panasonic video camera like this one. I couldn't afford a fancier
 one & I like to start at the bottom until I learn how to use all the functions.  

I started off using a point & shoot camera but that didn't work so well for me. 
 This one works much better because of the "handle"which I attach to the mic stand
 with masking tape (seems like the way many people do it!) & it certainly works 
the best out of all the ways I have tried so far.

best camcorder

Secondly the screen is a HUGE HELP as you can tilt it to show you what is showing in the filming frame, which is a real must.  Makes life WAY simpler!  Well those are my little tips to get you started.  I will share more with you along with my next video in March :)


Riikka Kovasin said...

Gorgeous layout!

Svjetlana said...

Absolutely beautiful page and thanks for the video and the tips!

Denise van Deventer said...

Stunning page....again love the colours and love those chippies! Will have to go and watch the video when I am home!

Eila Sandberg said...

Yup! scares the sh-t just thinking of shooting tuts. Aaaggh! Thank you ever so much for the tips, might have to cave in eventually :)) xoxoxo

yyam said...

This is really pretty! :)

Thanks for sharing your video tutorial tips.