Friday, 21 February 2014

"Friends" Layout - Lindy's Stamp Gang Layout Tutorial {Prima Product Pick}

Hi everyone!  I'm here to share my February Layout Tutorial for Lindy's Stamp Gang.
For a change this month I've done a photo tutorial rather than a video one.  This is quicker
for me as the editing process takes me a very long time & I haven't had a spare weekend.
{Hubby is away on business & kids & I have been sick!}  

I decided to use this Prima Product Pick as my inspiration.
It is just TOO YUMMY but sadly I don't have these brand 
new products in my little hot hands as yet {of course some
of them are on the way already!!}

I stuck with Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst Sprays for this tutorial.  
They are so shimmery & sparkly ~ they are just TOO MUCH FUN!!

Here's a list of the exact Lindy's Stamp Gang products I used,
although of course you can mix it up & use what you have on hand!

Here's a look at the some of the close-up detail & below is the final layout.
Hopefully my tutorial will help you get to the end result PAIN FREE :)

1.  Select your backing paper & your layering papers.

I used a Kaisercraft paper for my backing, because it went
 so beautifully with the Prima Product Pick image & I don't
 have the new Prima collections as yet as I have to order
 them from the States & they take a month to arrive.

The image above shows some Prima packaging, taken from the backing sheet of their large canvas alphas, that I cut down then used to back my photo & to the left of it on my final layout.

2.  Select your photograph ~
to match the colours of your papers/
the colour scheme you are wanting to create.

3.  Choose your embellishments. 

 Dig through your embellishment stash & select items
 that match the look you are trying to achieve, 
as well as your papers & your photo.

4.  Crop your photo.

A standard 10 x 15cm (4 x 6inch) photo is too big to
 look proportionate on a modern scrapbooking 
page so I always trim mine down if possible.  
A lean rectangle is always a good look.

5.  Use foam tape to raise your photo.

{the items you see to the right of the photo are
more pieces of Prima packaging used for my layers.
Foam tape is better than foam dots because it raises
the entire photograph rather than just parts of it,
while other parts "dip" (not a good look!)

I buy mine on a HUGE roll - cheaper this way!!

6.  Use embossing paste or modeling/molding paste 

& an old store/gift/credit card to apply it.
I love this Wendy Vecchi embossing paste.  
It has a great "in between" texture that 
is not too hard & not too soft. 

7.  Apply your paste randomly across one side of your page,

using a palette knife to assist with the spreading.  The idea
is to create texture so your thicknesses need to vary.

8.  Lightly spritz your painted area once dry.

I use a heat gun to dry my layers off quickly.
Short, sharp sprays should give you the effect
 you see above, where small dots of colour appear.

9.  Thoroughly dry your layers.

{Notice how much lighter the colour becomes once dry}
  Mad Hatter Mint is a must have colour for 2014 -so IN} 
FOR $35 less 15% (at the moment).

GREAT value as the mists retail individually for $5 each.

Here's a close up of the texture as it's not easy
 to fully appreciate it unless you see it close up.

10.  Choose a good-sized piece of chipboard 
to add more textural & mixed media interest to your page.

My chipboard piece comes from 2 CRAFTY CHIPBOARD.

11.  Apply the mist to the chipboard using a paint brush.

12.  Add some black splats using the uptake straw 
from the mist bottle & flicking it above your page.

{Actually FLICK the straw with your right hand 
while holding by the nozzle in your left hand!}

Above is a close-up of what your page should be
 looking like once all your mediums so far are dry.

13.  Use your chipboard piece as a mask
to add another layer of subtle detail to your page.
I used "Twinkling Tinsel"which is a shiny white mist.

You can buy it HERE.

14.  Now place your stencil over your coloured mist

area & spray lightly with water.  This will create a water colour 
effect with the colours you already have on your page.  

15.  Add some fine splatters to your layout using a fan brush.

Pour some mist into a glass or ceramic bowl so you are able to dip 
your fan brush in without kinking the bristles.  This effect can 

You need to dip the brush quickly into the mist (so you don't load it up too much) then hold it over the area you want to splatter then tap it with your left hand while holding it with your right hand) or visa versa if you are left-handed of course!

 This is the final effect, with the texture from the molding paste,
 the splatters/water colour effect & the find black speckles.

Some more of the different thicknesses
 of the embossing paste here - YUM!!!

16.  Glue your entire page to a backing sheet
{I use the white papers that come inside my album refill plastics}
This will iron out any waves & kinks created from the moisture
on your page.  Use a roller where possible (around the flat areas)
to ensure that the entire page is well adhered to the backing paper.

17.  Play around with the positioning of your 
elements until you are happy then adhere.

18.  Start layering up & adhering your elements

{packaging, chipboard, craft tag & photo} to the side 
of your mixed media work so as not to cover it all up!

19.  Cut a 4" {10cm} strip of dry-wall tape

 & use it in 4 different places around your main elements
 by cutting it down the width in a jagged, uneven fashion.

20.  Recolour or add depth to your flowers & embellishments

 using sprays & water {the water makes the effect look
 more natural & even & less "tie-dye".

And here is the finished layout!
As you can see I tore the tag across the bottom. {Tearing always adds texture}. And also added some smaller Prima tags {paper & wooden} that  I cut into 2 pieces each & dipped in my left-over mists for a painterly effect.

I also added a large Prima metal Element from Finnabair.
This is really tactile & textural too & I've been waiting
for the perfect place to put it.

You can see above left that I also used some of the Prima clear packaging with the white script writing.  I adhered this with a
 big dollop of hot glue that ended up squishing under the entire area, therefore becoming invisible.

All the embellishments used come from Prima - the flowers, 
sugar-dots, metal elements, the wood pieces & the clear dots. 
 I used my hot-glue gun to adhere them all.  I find this the
 quickest & easiest method & it also works out very economical
 & very strong.  It is very unforgiving though so you do need
 to make sure you are happy with your placement first.

Thanks for stopping by today!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


Linda Eggleton said...

Fabulous tutorial & gorgeous layout, Helen...thanks so much for sharing :)

Sandi Smith said...

so very gorgeous Helen and I always enjoy your tutorials!

Denise van Deventer said...

Stunning page Helen and love the end result! Super tutorial too...
Love the chipboard piece too...that's really very cool!

Denise Price said...

This is a great look at your process, Helen, and I like the way you combined a variety of elements into a cohesive, very classy look. I also liked seeing the paste just layered on unevenly in the background for added's a cool, refreshing look and a nice break from the stenciling with paste that has become so commonplace now. Nice job mixing it up and keeping it fresh!

Also, although I'm sad that my illusion of you and your family frolicking on the beaches of Durban with penguins is no more, I'm glad that you educated me as to the real location where South African penguins can be found. Thank you! :)

Eila Sandberg said...

LOVE your tuts Helen! aren't they just the cutest, must have been a school ball as they are dressed to their nines? This is such a wonderful page, when you describe textures it's almost like your talking about some yummo cake! delish! Have a most fantastic weekend too sweetie! xoxox

zenevak said...

Great layout and thank you for sharing your process. Those mists look divine - off to see more of the Mad Hatters!

KarenB said...

I love your layout and all of the wonderful elements. Thanks so much for sharing your creative process in such detail. I have been scrapping a long time but I am still very new to the world of wet/mixed media techniques, so reading your tips and hints is fabulous. Lots of things to learn and try!

yyam said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing your creative process. Brilliant.

Sandi Clarkson said...

Love your tutorial and the finished product! Photo tutes are so much easier for me .. videos make me dizzy!