Sunday, 19 January 2014

2014 - My One Little Word & My Plans :)

Hi everyone :)  I haven't shared my ONE LITTLE WORD yet. I've chosen TRANSCEND. I know it sounds a bit pie-in-the-sky but here's a definition I like. I'm a striver & not someone that ever stays static so for me it's a good choice.

  1. 1.
    be or go beyond the range or limits of (a field of activity or conceptual sphere).
    "this was an issue transcending party politics"
    synonyms:go beyond, rise above, cut across
    "there were differences of opinion transcending Party lines

  2. I'm a shamelessly competitive person & I find it challenging, satisfying & rewarding to push the boundaries in an attempt to improve continually in what I do.  In this instance, scrapbooking & all that it entails  HOWEVER...

I've been sharing online for over FIVE YEARS now - that's a LONG time, 
&  1 660 posts later {on my blog alone, not to mention all the OTHER
 places I blog!} I don't feel the need to be in such a hurry anymore.

I want to take my time creatively, so that I can experiment more & enjoy
 the process more too.  So I have had to make some changes , resign from
 a couple of Design Teams & learn how to say NO sometimes.

In 2014 
I am at Scrap 365 magazine, which is really exciting for me!  I KNOW I don't share
 a lot about it here.  I'm still learning the ropes of the publishing industry & how to be   economical with my words.  I have to cut every article I write in half!  We work SO far
 in advance that I lose track of WHAT has been published when & WHEN I can share.
I'm planning a comprehensive catch up on all I am allowed to share by now, SOON!

Lindy's Stamp Gang, which is AWESOME.  I'm like a
 pig in mud there - just wallowing in gorgeousness.

2 Crafty Chipboard - so far - so awesome!  Loads & loads of loveliness
 arrived a short while ago & I have been in my element ever since, 
finding any excuse to add their awesome product to my projects.

Inkido - this indulges my shabby side, with beautiful, soft floral papers,
 darling stamps, dainty bling & pretty flowers.  Everything a girl could ever want ♥

Scrap Around The World - this is my BABY!  It is demanding & naughty & enchanting &  captivating & we have a love/hate relationship with each other! But I am still hanging in there & doing the best I can do {without allowing my other Design Teams to suffer} to grow my new challenge blog into a strong, independent force to be reckoned with & so far I am succeeding!  It's more work than I ever imagined & sometimes I wonder if it's worth it -  other times I know it is.

I'm a resolution maker.  I make a list of things I'd like to achieve every year then make monthly schedules of things required to achieve those things.  I don't put a rigid time
 limit on things because I'm really patient & prepared to wait & work for what I want. 

 This year I have at least THREE specific scrapbooking goals
 I would like to achieve.  They are too personal to share but 
if I attain any of them this year I will certainly let you know :)


Elaine coustley said...

I really enjoyed reading this post.
i like your one little word. & the collection of quotes. x

Lizzy Hill said...

Love your motivational little boxes with sayings etc....& I hope all your scrappy dreams come true. Or at least one, anyways!!!!!

Linda Eggleton said...

You are on some amazing DT's, and have worked exceptionally hard to get where you are today! I love the sound of your plans for 2014, and cant wait to start hearing about your goals being accomplished in 2014 :)

Margaret Mifsud said...

A fabulous post Helen!! You really are a very busy lady and have certainly earned a place on all those amazing DTs. Loved the quotes and your chosen word and I also hope all your scrappy dreams come true and that you reach all the goals you are aiming for. Wishing all the best in achieving that and hoping to see a few glimpses of this fabulous ride you are on. God Bless. ox

Lynnda said...

What a great reading !! Truly enjoying this post from you... I hope you will achieved all your goals!! Good luck !! Hugs x

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Good for you Helen!!! I know that you will accomplish what you want!! you are amazing that way!!!!

Beatrice Lawson said...

Love your quotes Helen and I am in awe of your amazing accomplishments as a Scrapbooker. I am certain that you will accomplish your goals and I, for one, find your example a true inspiration. Hope you will have a fantastic 2014!

Eila Sandberg said...

Time is a good companion when achieving one's goals. Wishing you all success and happiness in your scrappy endeavours in 2014! xoxo

sandi said...

Great post!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the quotes and your word!

Val-Belle said...

I will be watching and waiting. I have no doubt that you will achieve your goals xx fab post x

Mitralee said...

Rock on! You will get to where you want to go!

And being patient is always good no matter what.


Debbi Tehrani said...

That is a great word! Wishing you luck with your scrappy goals and congratulations on all your success that you worked so hard to earn!

Lynette Jacobs said...

Your word is so very YOU. I am not competitive at all where my scrapping is concerned...and I just enjoy the journey of creating and meeting wonderful people in the process. I realise that my first priority is to the Ministry we are involved in and therefore I know that I can't get caught up in my head running away from me where my scrapping is concerned. I have a great admiration for people like you...who knows what they want and GO FOR IT.

Keren Tamir said...

Love the post and understand you completely and of course I wish that those resolutions come true. I'm rooting for you!!

Denise van Deventer said...

Super word Helen and I hope that this year is just awesome! May your every dream, ambition and goal be met, and may you savour each and every moment! ;-)

sandi said...

All are sooooooooooooooo true! Wonderful collection of quote Helen!

Alison said...

Catching up as usual, Helen...great all the quotes!
Alison xx

Desire Fourie said...

A great choice for your inspiration for this year.
{Doing Life – my personal blog}