Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Video Tutorial for Lindy's Stamp Gang {Home-made Foam Bath Recipe & Decorated Bottle}

Hi again :)  2 posts in one day?!?  From one extreme to the other!! 
 As promised here is the link to my latest video as well as the 
embedded version of it too.  Please subscribe to my You Tube
 channel HERE if you enjoy my videos - thank you!

Watch it HERE or enjoy it below :)
I keep them nice & short so hopefully you won't get bored!!

Once again apologies for not being all over the
 internet right now.  I have such a tight schedule
 at the moment that I have next to no surfing time at all.  

Hopefully after the Christmas holidays things will improve. 

 Right now I have all 4 children writing final exams 
of some sort & on top of that I am experiencing internet 
problems {another intermittent line fault} as well as
 major computer issues.  Fun times! {not!!}


Lynette said...

Thank you for the tutorial...I can use all the tips and tricks I can learn from awesome artists like you.

Lynnda said...

Thanks for showing and sharing the tutorial Helen.... I learned something for sure... You rock!.... Love the video!... hugs...x

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Thanks for the tutorial!! Loving how you did this!!!!!!

yyam said...

Such a sweet and doable project! :)

Denise van Deventer said...

Will definitely check it out when I get home this afternoon! ;-)

Elaine coustley said...

Love your video. Beautiful bottle. x

alexandra s.m. said...

wow! great video and what a fun and original idea!
Thank You Helen!!

Annie Claxton said...

Very pretty - what a lovely idea for a personal gift :o)