Monday, 17 September 2012

Todo Layout {C'est Magnifique September 2012 Guest Designer} Riddersholm Papers & a Review of my first 4 Layouts for C'est Magnifique!

Hi there everyone!  I hope your Monday has been great
so far.  For me, psychologically speaking, I always feel
like Monday is a new beginning!  

Now my blog followers all know that I've had computer
 problems for 2 months now, that ultimately culminated
 in my computer refusing to switch on & me having to
 send it away for a week to be completely formatted.

Of course I sent it along with my external hard-drive, 
with strict instructions to PLEASE ensure that EVERYTHING,
in particular my images, were transferred across before
the formating, obviously.  Well I guess you know what I'ma
going to tell you.  FIVE MONTHS worth of photographs -
 May 2012 - September 2012 - wooosh!!  Gone...

So there you go...I can't actually articulate how that
makes me feel - it really is too overwhelming!

Anyway, without ANY of the close up photos that I
took (which I will have to retake as soon as I can) here
is the 4th layout I made for my Guest Designer reveal
at C'est Magnifique this month.

Supplies List for Todo Layout

I have a 'Build-aPage Tutorial' on this layout
that I will be sharing with you all here tomorrow.

You can see this layout on the C'est Magnifique blog
HERE & I have copied and pasted the details about
it that I wrote up for C'est Magnifique so they are
duplicated here.


I know what you're thinking! 
What on earth does Todo mean? Well I don't know either! 
It's the term of endearment my daughter and her best friend 
use with each other - they call each other Todo and they won't 
tell anyone why - it's really cute!! 

  I printed out a couple of the same photo for this layout, 
so I could do a trendy overlap - really draws attention
 to a fabulous photo.   I fanned out some Prima & Heidi 
Swapp packaging behind it (all from the add-on packaging) 
& used a plastic vintage doily as a mask behind my photo fan.  

 Instead of mist I used ink with my stencil this time as it 
creates a neater & richer effect. These papers are such 
great quality that I used a lot of torn strips here to show 
off the white core, which I then inked with several 
co-ordinating colors. Making my lace flower was easy 
as I used a gluber (giant glue dot) & simply folded it 
around into a circle then plonked a couple of blooms on 
top, inked and gessoed to blend in nicely.


So far this is what you've seen...

You can view this in full detail on my blog HERE.

See all the close-ups and details for this one HERE
 on my blog.

And here is the full post on this layout on my blog HERE.


I still have another TWO layouts to share here with
you, using the September kit from C'est Magnifique.
I had the photos all ready to blog but now I only have
the main photo {thank Goodness these had already
been sent to C'est Magnifique so I am using those!}
so I will be rephotographing these layouts again this
week - nothing like feeling you are treading water :)


Desire Fourie said...

Oh Helen I really feel for your loss. Your creations are as always just so gorgeous.

Alia said...

Back up Back up!!! So sorry for the loss. Beautiful creations though!

yyam said...

These are just magnificent Helen! I love how you've showcased these photos! Those papers are beautiful! And I love all the fabulous embellishing! :)

P/s: I know how it feels. My new laptop crashed last year and I lost 2 months of photos. It was the first time I didn't back up and deleted everything in my camera's CF card. Fortunately I tend to scrap photos immediately so I got all the family photos scrapped. I did lose all my Sydney pics except those on my phone. But that's okay, I go to Australia every year. Hard drives can fail. I back up on an external hard drive and burn my photos on discs. When I finish a project, I upload it on Flickr/Photobucket. And I now have 2 CF cards for my camera.

Bellaidea said...

I`m so sorry about your photos...
Your new layout is so fresh and beautiful!

Lizzy Hill said...

You poor thing - devastating would be an understatement, I thinketh:(:(:( HOWEVER wonderful LOs here - the top one with those torn edges really jumped out at me & hmmmnnn that doily? Our Mitra friend??? Looks gorgeous, anyways:):) Gosh, get that monkey OFF your back!!!!

Keren Tamir said...

Oh NO that is one of my biggest nighmares! loosing all the photos. I'm paranoid about them and I have them in many different places its crazy. I've already said it but your layouts are gorgeous!! you did amazing with the kit!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhh that is a bummer about the photos :( I loveeeeeee your lo's!!! ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank you for always inspiring us!!!!

Lynnda said...

You poor thing... i know how it feels... I lost 3/4 of Matin's baby photos... my old PC... went KAPUT!!!... Till now when I thought of it.... I went MAD ....gggrr my own fault for not backing up.... but now I learned and back-up!!!!!

These layouts are simply magnificent & beautiful Helen!!!!You did so well all the time!!!! Thanks for sharing my friend.... indeed inspiring!!! Hugs...xoxo

Leonie said...

Oh no! so sorry about all those pics. :(
This is such a beautiful layout Helen, you've done wonderful things with the C'est Magnefique kit!

topkatnz said...

Gulp! All your poor thing!!hugs from mexxx

Aline Marengo said...

Hi Helen

How many beautiful pages ... Loved all ... very beautiful and delicate!


sandi said...

Oh Helen I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your upsetting!
Your lo's are simply gorgeous....each with their own special 'Helen' flair!

Marelize said...

Oh no! It makes me feel sick just thinking of all those lovely pics you must've lost Helen. :(:(
Your TODO layout is just gorgeous! Love all the torn paper edges and it's such a great design. You've done a wonderful job with this kit. xx

Lynette said...

I love your Todo layout...absolutely gorgeous...can't wait to see the BAP on how you made it.

So sorry to hear about your photos being gone...that is really an awful blow and can never be replaced.

Kerryn said...

oh no! That is not good at all :(.

Your layouts on the other hand are fabulous. I adore this latest page and what a cute story about your daughter and her friend.

Keep up the gorgeous work. xx

Juliana said...

OH goodness! I am so sorry to hear that about your photos! I had something similar happen to me, but I lost years of photos. Thank goodness I had printed a lot of them and kept up on that end of things. But I still lost them all and will probably never be able to retrieve them. Now I back things up like crazy!!!

Juliana said...

BTW...your layouts are gorgeous!!! Always so soft and pretty!!!

Mona L. Pendleton said...

WoW Helen! ALL of these layouts are STUNNING! Love the beautiful photos of your family and pretty blossoms! So much eye candy to drool over! Thanks for inspiring!

Johanna said...

Wow, you made some stunning pages! I LOVE everything about the first page, perfectly done; the misting is awesome!

Tracey Sabella said...

Oh, Helen, I feel sick for you at losing all your photos. :-( I can't wait to see the rest of your work with this kit. Such amazing work so far!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

Denise van Deventer said...

These layouts are so amazing Helen! Love them all! My favourite is your flowers one...because the sentiment is just so great and so very true! Soooo it!

Eila Sandberg said...

That is freaking awful Helen! and what was their excuse for ruining all that hard work of yours, nothing I bet? Can feel myself breaking out in hyper ventilation just thinking about it. Grrrr!
As I've said before, you really showcase the kits to perfection. All the pages you have made are gorgeous, beautiful beautiful work! Mwah mwah!

MARILYN said...

Gorgeous creations my friend!!!! all are beautiful in different styles!
you did a wonderful work with the kit!!! Awesome!