Saturday, 28 July 2012

Les Papiers de Pandore July Sketch & Color Palette

Happy Weekend Everyone!  If your week has been anything
 like mine you will be delighted that the weekend is here.  
Unfortunately July has been a month of doom & gloom for me
 on most fronts & so it seems to be continuing....Such is life 
sometimes I guess.  Let's hope next month will be better!!  

I haven't talked much about Pandore this month, but I have
2 layouts up there on the blog right now HERE, which you 
have actually already seen as they were using the June 2012
kit from C'est Magnifique, which just happened to contain
papers from Pandore, so I used them for challenges ending
at the end of last month.  

You can see the sketch post HERE.  As Pandore is a French
brand their blog is in French, but if you use Google Chrome
like most "Blogger" bloggers the text should automatically
translate as soon as you click in.  Mine is simply refusing to
do so this month (told you July wasn't my month!) but this is
most unusual & it should work like clockwork :) 

I'm sure you will agree that Julie is a fine sketch artist -
 honestly if I can create sketches like this one day I will
 be very happy indeed...I know I've left it very late to 
share this with you this month but at least you have it
in time for the weekend if you would like to create with
it & upload it to the Les Papiers de Pandore Facebook

All you need to do is use any Pandore product on your 
project, upload it to the FB page & you will be in with a 
chance to win some of the latest Pandore products,which 
are posted internationally.  One winner is chosen randomly 
each month so if you have any Pandore product I hope you 
will have a chance to give it a go!

There is also a gorgeous colour combo up on the blog
this month too, from Design Seeds but just happens to be
perfectly suited to "Invitation" - Pandore's new floral 
collection.  You can see the full post HERE & here it is!

There is a prize of some new stamps - see HERE, if you
get your project uploaded to the FB page before month end.
Remember that is French time so those of you in the US
have a few extra hours LOL!  

I was hoping to chop up the new papers this week but we
 had some really unexpected dramas here (people problems...
gosh it was like World War 3 around here this week - 
honestly feel like I've completed an assault course).  My kids
have a saying "Haters gonna Hate" - the Urban Dictionary
( a new favourite of mine) sums it up perfectly....

 1.haters gonna hate

A phrase used to acknowledge individual superiority in the face of negative external accusations. Can be repeated twice for emphasis. Often accompanied by a strutting walk away from offending party.

Just having a little chuckle here at the "strutting walk away" - 
if only we all had that much swag after all the below the
belt blows we sometimes have to tolerate!!  


Leonie said...

Hi Helen, it does sound like July has not been the best time for you. Best Wishes for a super August for you!
I've been working on something that might cheer you up a bit. I'll email you, hopefully this weekend if I get a chance. Love that colour combo and flower image, so pretty. :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

So sorry you have had such a hard month... and your kids are right... haters are gonna hate.....{{{hugs}}}

Fi said...

Helen, the start of your blog gave me a little chuckle which ended one huge one, thanks for sharing the sketch and the colour palette so wish I had the time to do it but unfortunately to much going on this month. Hasn't been as many computer problems as what you've had but busy just the same. Upwards and onwards for next month I say. I definitely love that quote you posted, hope you have a great weekend to.

Tracey Sabella said...

Helen, so sorry for the difficult month, especially the people - WW3 part - Things like translators going haywire come and go and can be fixed, but the people in our lives are so important. I'm saying a special prayer for you this morning for peace and restoration. Glad you can have a little chuckle over it with your haters gonna hate image. Hugs and Prayers, Tracey

sandi said...

Went to the site Helen...yes, that is a fabulous lo that you did! Hope your days start improving my friend!

Bente Fagerberg said...

Sorry you are having such a bad monthe Helen,....That's the way life can be sometimes and we know it will pass. Still it is unpleasent while it lasts. Some unexpected drama propped up here too, and I don't like it....
I love the layouts you had over at Pandore. Just beautiful work!

Mitra Pratt said...

DUDE! I am SO going to use that saying!!!!

Haters...funny. It's a good phrase!

I do like that sketch! And those colors!!!

Eila Sandberg said...

1 August, so it's a brand new month! it can only get better darling, July was a real baddie as I gather it. Hugs to you, chin up and let them haters keep to themselves. I constantly see how things go around and come around, so the shit that hit the fan will definitely be smacking into someone's face and it'll not be yours! xoxox

Diana said...

"haters gonna hate" I've got to remember that and try to use it one day soon!
What on earth happened? WWIII?!