Monday, 23 April 2012

Welcome to my Boudoir {DIY Bedroom Makeover}

Hello there! 
 I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and
LOVE the new Blogger interface! 
 {not like me who cannot STAND it - 
seriously hoping that I grow to love it though!!}

So this weekend I did something extremely rare.  
I took the entire weekend off creating/blogging/
even going into my studio...and you know what?!?

I can't remember the last time (if ever) that I
 have done that other than when I have been away.
My reasoning was that I had reached my layout quota
for the week {I average 4 layouts a week & am
happy with that} & hubs is going away for a week
 so I decided to rather be with him then work
like a crazy person next week when he is gone again! 

I'd also put in a LOT of hours last week so
decided to concentrate on something different that
desperately needed attention....Our bedroom - we moved into
 our home 2 years ago and still hadn't "prettified" our room.

****All images are BlackBerry ones therefore not 
the best but they'll give you the idea..!***

We have a little passage and a couple of steps down
 into our bedroom so now, instead of a blank wall
 greeting us we have this in that little space before
 our bedroom. It's a wall canvas & it was
love at first sight.

Our bedroom is white & off-white with one statement
 dark brown wall. {Very '60s} so these bud vases were
 a perfect find.  I was also lucky enough to find a 
couple of key-rings on a half-price sale.  I removed 
the hook/mini-carabiner and simply pushed the ring
 over the neck of the vase.

On another wall I attached this wire memo-holder
 & filled it with our current Instax images {I always
display them then grab them to use on my pages
when I need them!}so this will be an ever-changing
piece of wall art :)

This was a gift from my bestie & is a vinyl
wall-sticker. Our bedside lamps are built into the
wall so I put this to one side for a bit of quirky fun...

Above our bed hubby drilled up these 3 
repetitive heart images.

And now for my bit of "pretty" for myself!
My dressing-table area.  The "heart" jewellery holder
 was already there but I added the vinyl chandelier as
 well as the awesome black metal "birdie"hooks then
used it to hang all my alice-bands/hair accessories off.

We actually had more to do but ran out of nails
& screws! Yup we are not very organised in the
DIY department of our household. Not much usually
goes on in this area but I got a bee in my bonnet
 about it this weekend as our "2 years in our
 home" anniversary approaches!!

So what do you think?!?
Did I inspire you in any way?!?
I do hope you enjoyed the tour!
Back into the studio now this week as I have
lots to do but I will at least buy some more
 nails for next weekend so I can finish off :)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Your room looks great!! I loveeeeee the decor!! And I hate the new blogger interface too ... ugh... it is HORRIBLE!!!

Sabrina said...

Wonderful post, Helen!! Thanks for sharing this, I love your white bed and those hearts in the frames; great design!! I do not prefer the new interface too, and quickly switched to the old one as I find the new one messy. Not getting use to it yet, I suppose :)

yyam said...

Oooh...I love your cosy bedroom! :)
Love your jewellery holder! Hope you get to the hardware store and finish up soon! :)

Lynnda Hosni said...

WOW Helen...

I enjoy looking at your cosy bedroom..Love those 3 hearts in those frames.... Lovely design!!!...

Thanks for sharing.... hugs...xoxo

Bernadine said...

Not only are you the coolest scrappers but also a decorator. Absolutely love your room.

Evgenia Petzer said...

I turne back to older blogger version, i am a conservator, I guess!
love the vases, so beautiful!

Fluffy said...

Love the picture display! Your room looks like a nice relaxing place to be! Tx

Gayle Price said...

I love your room !! All of it but have to say that piece of wall art, "we do" is sooooo good, I'd love one the same. I love your birdie wall hooks and that vinyl chandelier, you are so what if it took two years, it looks great. xx

Irini said...

looking good!!!!!!!

Mitra Pratt said...

oh Goodness, having a giggle there! I am approaching that mark too with this house, I guess we are celebrating with a new roof? Just kidding, that isn't celebrating!!!! I love all the fun things you hung up! It is SNOWING here and I am laughing as I know you'd WANT to see it, but not me. I am imagining it covering up my flowers that just pushed their way up!!!!

Bellaidea said...

Very nice color combo in your room, I like the look and new frames are so cute!
By the way, I hope we can keep "old" Mr B look for long time!

Heather Jacob said...

wow Helen this is so unique and creative full of color and passion ... loveeeeeeeeeeeee it and thanks for sharing with us xoxox

Alison said...

Have been following your makeover on FB..the room looks fabby!..I am SO hoping to get some decorating done this year!
Alison xx

Desire Fourie said...

Oh wow, this is so uniquely creative and definitely gets us thinking out of the box ...

Kerryn said...

Looks great Helen.

Jasmine S said...

Gorgeous gorgeous and more gorgeousness. Love every detail Helen. We have very similar taste I think.g

Eila Sandberg said...

Ooooh I do love the mild and tranquil colour scheme of your bedroom, we've got white and cream too! the framed hearts are really so sweet. Have to ask you what an Alice band is, I get it's something for your hair but what kind of band is it? What kind of floor do you have in the house, tiles? we have soft wooden floors, very typcial for Scandinavia. Wall-to-wall carpets don't exist in our homes, we have loose rugs instead. Would be cool to see your kitchen to *wink wink* tee hee Thanks for the peek! Mwah!