Tuesday, 13 September 2011

To all the Haters out there, and lots of Good News!!

As you've probably guessed by now this month has been rather crazy!  
Not only did my hubby go away for a couple of weeks but I have had a looooooooot going on behind the scenes too!!  
Those of you who get around the web may have seen a Design Team announcement with my name on it! 
 I will announce it here soon, along with ANOTHER ONE {LOL!} but now is not the time :)

On top of that I have a layout getting published in a couple of months (woop!) 
AND I got THREE Guest Designer gigs this month!  
Talk about feast or famine!!  Gosh!!!

For those of you who manage to get to all the challenge sites regularly - start looking out for my layout up on one of the blogs TOMORROW - I will share it here, and provide a link, as soon as I can! 
 The other GDT went live a few days ago & I will share that with you here soon too!  
The last one is being sent EXPRESS POST to me from the States as we speak!!!

It's all quite overwhelming really...
My mind boggles to think that this time last year I was trying so hard and not making a lot of headway & now people are actually e mailing me asking me to join them, and sometimes I actually say NO!  
Sometimes I just know that I can't take on any more than I have already have!!

But Goodness I am feeling so blessed right now :)  
I am just in my element, doing what I have wanted to do for so many years, 
being really involved all over the place & having loads of scrappy friends!
I really wish we could all meet up in real life, as sadly I don't know how to go about making the 
same kind of real-life friends here, 
the scrapbooking community here is just not, well, just not a community...

 I got a strange comment the other day {that I had to delete as it was nonsensical} 
from {I guess} a local person, but of course when I clicked in to their name it led to nowhere -  
Anyway, the jist of it was that I don't involve myself "anymore" with local events & 
call them "Little South African Events".  (well, I don't happen to know of any!)

Gosh, I've never said anything remotely like that to anyone...
but the sad thing is that I DID try very hard to involve myself in a big event here some years back, 
and despite great success at it, it turned very bad for me, because this place is full of haters, 
not at all like the online world where everyone celebrates everyone else's successes with them. 

Now I don't attend, in fact, I notice my name must have been removed from the mailing list as I don't even get an invitation (to be honest I didn't even know if they still occurred or not, such is my lack of interest!)
 If you became a Memory Master & got nothing you were promised, only your layouts damaged when you eventually managed to retrieve them almost a year later, would you try again?  
I don't think so....
Every year, at about the same time, the hate mail arrives.  
I find it ridiculous because, what was I supposed to do, say YAY, I'm so glad!  I won nothing!!  
Can't wait to try again next year?! LOL!!

It's very sad, because I would love nothing more than to BE INVOLVED.   
I have hardly found anyone local over the internet, who shares my love of crafting, 
although of course I do have my peeps here, 
and I thank them for sticking by me & cheering me on.  

South Africa is BRIMMING WITH TALENT in every area, 
I see it all the time, and I am a great supporter of it, but unfortunately the opportunities here are seriously limited due to the "knock 'em down" mentality, which is why, in my case, 
I've just "opted out" & I think it's that way for a lot of other people too.  

I get sent free chipboard from Australia, to use on my layouts, when there are several companies that make GREAT chipboard here that I'd love to have sponsor me!  Topsy turvy isn't it??

So I live my scrapbooking life through the computer, with all of you, and don't have any scrapping buddies here at all.  {sob, sob!}  Naah, don't worry, it doesn't worry me, my stash keeps me happy!! 

I'm fine with it, but when I have some misinformed person telling me it's a pity I don't support
 "Little South African Events" then I just shake my head...
I am struck off the invitation list to the ONLY event I know of!  

After the whole debacle went down I tried a plenty to rectify the situation.  
I e mailed the organiser countless times but the response was not reconciliatory.
It's old news, boring in the extreme, so can we let sleeping dogs lie now?  'Cos I'm not a hater.  
I love my life.  I am doing just fine despite that setback.
In fact, had it not been for that little "welcome to South Africa" I may never have found it in me to get online at all & this blog may have still been an idea to be carried out "one day".

So thank you!
I couldn't have done it without the haters!!
I have "inspiration on tap" over the internet, 
and everything I need to learn I teach myself from watching others.
I believe for a fact that the international scrapbooking community with blogs are the cream of the crop, 
the most talented in the world, I know they are, so I am drinking from the source!

There are people I'd pay to attend their workshops, 
but they are technique-heavy artists, not company representatives.  
If I had money to blow then sure, why not, but when I think of all the stash I could buy for the price of a few days away it just doesn't make any sense to attend those type of events in any case, even if I lived somewhere where they occured regularly
  So to the few haters out there, if it makes you feel good about yourselves to leave nasty comments on my blog then please carry on, I'd hate to deprive you of your therapy 
 (I always chuckle about the haters as they are actually reading my blog - which is the greatest compliment)
Thank you for reading my blog and taking an interest in my work.
Can we please move on now?  I'm seriously over it :)

 I forgive you for being misinformed.  I am the type of person who has a huge selection of friends all over the world and I have NO CRITERIA.  You can be any colour, any race, any religion, any size and any age!!
I'd love to get to know you haters better, really!  I am not a bad person & I would love to be your friend!!
AND - If there is anyone here in South Africa that would like me to be involved in a local event  just shoot me an e mail!  You can't blame me for not winning the lottery if you don't send me a ticket!!

And, just remember, if anyone is trying to bring you down, it only means that you are above them {wink!}


Rachael Funnell said...

This is why I LOVE the Blogging-Scrapping world...... You make SO many Lovely & Gorgeous friends, (like yourself) that love scrapbooking as much has you do.....
Some days things like this will get you down & other days you will Stand up & make sure that it's not going to affect you, but only make you stronger...... CONGRATS ON ALL THE GDT & DT spots!!!
You are a BIG Inspiration to ME each & every DAY...... So thanks! xx
P.S hope that made sense... hehehehe

Alison said...

You SO have the right outlook Helen...there are always people whose only goal in life is to try to upset people
Alison xx

Toni Cartwright said...

Yes I so so love this blogging SCRAPPING world for that same reason SUCH GOOD down to earth girlfriends! that have the same interest as you!!!
we not here to bitch and winge just to show our style of scrapping and have a laugh!!!... This comment that you got is not a friend and to me is probably a trouble maker!!!.. I would hold your head high and brush it off!!!... And i so so agree with you if someone is trying to bring you down it is because you are above them and they are trying to drag you down with them!!!...DONT LET THEM SUCCEED... is that how you spell that!! LOL
You Helen are a very adoable girlfriend a honest and reliable scrapping buddy!!! ( That's what i would say anyways)
Oh Congrats on your GDT & DT SPOTS WOOT WOOT for you!!!
Take Care all my HUGS go out to you!!!

Sabrina Scrapbook said...

Hi dearest Helen, whatever happens there, I think you are doing and saying just the right thing. It is part of the facts of life that not everyone likes us. Just follow your heart and I know you are handling this downright well :D We love your design, we adore your talent.. I am not surprised at all with you being approached to design for them.. HUGE congratulations on your DT & GDT spots and enjoy being published!! Take care Helen! {HUGS}

Lisa Amiet said...

You rock Helen! There's always going to be haters...thats how you know you're doing something right, cause they are jealous!! I wish we lived closer to each other, I'd love to scrap with you xoxo

heirloomscrapping said...

Congratulations on making the sketchablilties team I look forward to seeing your inspiring work

yyam said...

Congrats on the good news - the publication and the guest designer gigs! I always believe in focussing on the positive...it's like telling the higher power up there.."hey, I'm grateful for the good stuff, send me more! "

dstandard said...

WOW sounds like you have a seriously hard crowd down there. HUGS! We love you. I have made so many dear scrapbook friends through the internet from all over the world - I feel like if we ever got the chance to sit down together it would be so wonderful! Luckily I have a very talented daughter who is big in the scrapbook world to look up to and share with. But I LOVE your work Helen and you rock - don't care what those homebees say!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I take it Lynette's not near you? I thought I have seen either you comment on her blog and maybe vice versa? Didn't know if you two were friends/or near each other :):):):):):):) I totally agree on your outlook... the haters are sad people... I had to actually remove anonymous comments from my blog as I had a hater that actually trashed me and my smileys!! LOL!! Really!?!?!? You are gonna cut down someone that likes to smile?!?!? LOL! Sad sad sad!

I am excited about your good news...can't wait to hear all the details! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

So sorry that you get haters, but I think you already ride above it, these people has nothing to do in their life, or do they have a life? so you are doing everything right!!!
Congrats on your achievements!!!

Stefanie said...

Congrats to the mag and design teams.
You have inspired me to put myself out there too.
Keep up the good work, you make the rest of us little South African's very proud.

Bernadine said...

You go Hels. I have always loved and admired your layouts and consider you my friend on so many levels.

I to wish we lived closer so we could scrap together. :)

Going to be in Durban in December as Deon won a cruise from one of his supplier. Just not sure of our travel plans and if we are going to spend anytime in Durban but will mail you once we have made the travel arrangements so maybe we can meet up. :)

Blossom inch said...

Helen, I am totally agreed with you. Whatever happened there in your place take it easy. We are in the blog land are happy to share ideas, creativity and happiness with you. Congrats on your new DTs stint...a lot ha..good for you Helen, you totally deserved it. I love to pop over at your blog and looking at your pages and creations. Thanks for sharing and be happy!

Jasmine S said...

Love it Helen and yep, they are still coming here for a looksee so they must still see something they like....hehe.
Good on you. You are one strong, passionate woman and I think you shine, all the way from Australia.

Shayne said...

Oh Helen - people seriously need to grow up! You have done fantastically well - you are an inspiration to us 'newbie' scrappers in SA. You keep shooting for the stars and don't let anyone or anything hold you back!

You go girl xx

tania said...

Excellent post!!!
you go girl!!
and that last sentence mad my day;)
i have always enjoyed your blog and admired your scrapping!

Lynette Jacobs said...

What a crazy jealous world is out there! You do have blogging buddies here tho...you just see them in your computer!

I am happy that you are doing so well...and when I see your name mentioned for DT...I say to myself...I know that girl, she is a friend.


Vicky Varvadouka said...

Wow!!!So many things going on!!! I didn't have a clue as I am still learning the ways of blogging and scrapbooking world...you are so right! If they keep visiting, then it's a compliment for you!

Congratulations on everything!!! You SO much deserve it! I was happy and honored to guest design with you over at Marivic's(berry71bleu) and I saw your name at sketchabilities!!! Congrats on your publication too!

I know what you mean about where you were a year before because I feel exactly the same! I've been scrapping for exactly one year and so much has changed! You GO girl!!!!!!!!

You must know you have at least one friend in Greece!!!!

Chantal Vandenberg said...

A massive congrats to you Helen! WTG girl!!! :D

nicollelovesscrapbooking.blogspot.com said...

Helen, I am with ya! Know exactly the way you feel. Love that your so open and honest and I too have been blessed to make some wonderfully supportive scrappy friends! I have similar issues here ! Hugs!xoxo

Eila Sandberg said...

HAH! you just shine so bright Helen with your beautiful attitude! I'm all with you!!
Aaaaaah 3 GDT gigs! CONGRATS! and a mega WOOT WOOT from the arctic circle! am soooo incredibly happy for your my friend and soooo curious as to where where where where?! ;)))))))

Bellaidea said...

Well, Helen, you know very well what I think :) so again -congratulations!

sandi said...

Know this Helen...we love ya! Your following, features, DT's, requests, and compliments speak mountains!
Hugs to you my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessy Christopher said...

I wonder what's wrong with ppl who likes to bring others down! It's sad to see but am happy that you are handling it well. You don't have to prove anything, just be yourself and say whatever you want. Create however you like. It's urs! You are rocking the SB world and continue doing that!!

Kerryn said...

I find it such a shame that there is such negativity associated with scrapbooking - but then you only have to hear about what is said on smack blogs to understand that negativity is world wide.
Sorry to hear that you are experiencing such negativity from your own backyard though but you obviously have a great attitude about it all!

And can't wait to hear all the positive good news! Woohoo!!