Friday, 30 September 2011

October 2011 RAK {Yup it's Giveaway Time again!!}

Hey blog people how about a giveaway seeing as it's Friday & time for the weekend - yay!!

Remember I said I had a whole paper collection to give away - well here it is - Fancy Pants - Baby Mine!!

The above picture shows you the reverse-side - so you can see that it's a flexible collection - I should be keeping it really LOL - but I like you all so much & it's Spring - and it's nearly THREE YEARS since I started this blog, and, and....I just want to give some stuff away to my followers :)

Next up is the "My Friend Birdie collection of papers & stickers from Nicki Sivvills - and I've added in some Sass stickers & some hand-crocheted flowers so you have extra embellies for boy AND girl pages :)

So as you can see there are TWO prizes up for grabs & this giveaway closes in 2 WEEKS - on Friday 14th October - I will announce a couple of winners shortly after that!

What you need to do to be "in it to win it"

1:- Be or become a follower!

2:- Post about my giveaway on your blog then leave a comment here ON THIS POST to tell me that you've posted & to provide me with a LINK TO THE POST.

3:-  TELL ME what you think my new blog will look like!
I am in the process of giving my blog a bit of a renovation & have a new background, header, signature & sidebar titles, etc, ready to install but, just for fun, I want you to tell me what look you think I'll be going for.

No points off for getting it wrong - everyone who comments & links up, etc, has an even chance of winning, but I just want to know what you think - what colours/what theme/etc, you think I've chosen...

Sound like fun?
I hope so!!



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh what AWESOME giveaways!!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

tania said...

okidokie!! will link you up;)
done all the other thingies loooong ago!But your new look for your blog: i have been thinking about that the other day cause you said you were busy with something new...uhmm...i am sure you chose a timeless style, so that you don't get bored very quickly, so what about lots of black and white and a hint of colour here and there??thanks for sharing such a beautiful rak with us:)

Stefanie said...

Love those crocheted flowers. Do you have a local source?
I think you'll go pink, grey and birdies, but then I really suck at predicting trends.

Bellaidea said...

OMG , WOW etc I will do it all just to get hold of all goodys :)
C u soon when I`m ready :)

Eila Sandberg said...

Gaaawd you're really generous darling! awfully neat RAKs you're giving away toot toot! :))))))))

Alison said...

Three years Helen...well done you! I reckon you'll go for neutrals with a few splashes of 'brights' and there will be some lace and flowers about!
Great RAKS..I shall post on my blog and get back to you!
Am off to help Kirsty move apt this weekend, so will check in next week..take care till then!
Alison xx

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

So nice of you to share!!!!

Bellaidea said...

You are invited to check on me :)
Have a great weekend!

Bellaidea said...

ups, I just think there will be no dramatic change, still some blue, mayby cream and some hoho`s?

Blossom inch said...

that is so fun! lovely giveaway!

Alanna said...

I'm definitely a follower!!

And I posted on my blog:

I think you should go something classic like black/white and then you can change up the colours everyy so often :) A nice classic, clean lines, kind of header, with some simple embellishing with flowers/butterflies etc. And a gorgeous script signature :) Looking forward to seeing your new look blog!

Toni Cartwright said...

Wow Helen what 2 fantastic give aways here you have for all of us!!!!
I am a follower and i have popped your give aways over at my blog!!!
now for your new blog make over i think that you will go with subtle colours like black white greys or even pastel colours so then you can hott'in things up here there and everywhere with bright colours.. I also think that you would have some flowers,birds or butterflies on your new blog!!!
you can find your giveaways here:

dstandard said...

WOWSERS Helen! Such wonderful goodies! How generous of you - you know I'm a follower!

WendyMac said...

Wow what an amazing giveaway!! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win. I am a follower and have posted on my blog -

WendyMac said...

I forgot to comment on your new blog - looks great - the colours make for easy reading and I like how you have done the sidebar. x

LuvLoz said...

I'm already a follower and I've added a blog post with details of your giveaway.

I'm thinking the new LO will be shabby chic with a touch of yellow.

Cathy said...

I've posted about your giveaway -

I think your new look and feel will be in line with your layouts... lots of shabby chic, pretty things with flowers and spritzing all over... have fun creating it.

jennyklass said...

Wow what a super give away, i am new to your blog, and do love your layout, have also put a link on my blog
and have become a follower.

jennyklass said...

Hi Helen, i have done a bit of looking , and i think your new look will be, bright and beautiful, possibly orange, yellows and green, rustic new england. cant wait to see it !!!

Anne said...

I hope I am not too late, it is quarter to midnight here ! ( what am I doing still up you may ask ? !! Well that is another story !! ) . Anyway, I have been thinking about your new blog and since you have been using rather a lot of butterflies recently in your lay outs, I reckon, there will be butterflies on it !

Take care


Sabrina Mix said...

Wonderful giveaway!

I've spread the word here.

Your blog will look perfect. I guess something shabby chic.


sabrinaweb at