Monday, 13 June 2011

Scrap for Help & Berry 71 Bleu Challenges (2 BRAND NEW places to play!)

I have promised both this sweet girl here, Cynthia, and my lovely Bird is the Word team mate, Marivic, that I would tell my readers about their brand-new challenge sites & I haven't done it!  Bad girl!!  Here is all you need to know at last! 

So first up is Cynthia's new site SCRAP FOR HELP which is an international challenge blog aimed at solidarity for all scrapbookers!  What a marvellous concept!!  Wouldn't it be great to get back to basics with this craft sometimes & just remember why we all started doing it in the first place?  Just for the love of it!

I've screen-grabbed a couple of things from the blog to make it easier for you as it's not written primarily in English ,although an English explanation follows, it is written with English as a second language so can be a little difficult to follow :-

As you can see above the instructions on what to do are very clear & Iris is the first GDT & there are some  lovely inspirational layouts up on display.  Below are the "RULES" but I think that where they say "recycled" they don't mean recycled as such but rather "the referred to items/specified items" as I don't see any recycled pieces in the projects, so if I get to completing this challenge I am going to disregard this & stick with the instructions above :)

Sounds like a great new site full of hope, vision & promise so I do hope you will all do your best to play along.  The more merit-based challenge sites the better...I have seen as a DT member at Bird is the Word, Once Upon a Sketch & Scrap-it-Lah that judging as opposed to a random draw really makes people pull out all the stops & put in a great effort.  It shows & the standard of work is really high, which is surely what we are all aiming for?  To improve our skills?  Well that's what I am always trying to do anyway...


NEXT UP is BERRY 71 BLEU run by my sweet friend Marivic, who makes the most awesomely detailed shabby tags, designed to stand alone or be incorporated onto your projects.  She has recently started posting colour challenges on her blog & the first one up is this beauty:-

Marivic has very cleverly put together a website (yeah don't ask me how either?!?) & you can register for it here in order to upload your layouts by the end of the month.  BOTH these sites have secured great sponsorship prizes so you are playing for FUN AND AND AND...something else to make all your efforts worthwhile too!

I say what are you waiting for?!  Get signed up & get cracking 'cos you know what they say..."Gotta be in it to win it" 



Jolanda said...

and what a nice places they are!!!!
HAve fun!!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Thanks for sharing the great news, new challenge blog, of course it is good news!