Thursday, 22 July 2010

Team up Thursday Photography Challenge & a Sneak Peak!

My photography partner, Tania, & I decided on the theme "Scrappy Love" for this week! Photographing any or all of the stash that makes us go weak at the knees...This was difficult as it meant displaying it all beautifully & that took TIME ;-D Hope you like the results.

I left it too late to use any natural light so had to use a flash, a high ISO & a lamp bent so it pointed up to the ceiling! The main light was off so only the subject was illuminated. I found that gave me the best result. I shot in AV mode with an F stop of 7.1. Who knows if I did the right thing lol...but this was the best of a bunch of 33 photos!

Any photography buffs out there - don't be shy to offer me advice please - I have no idea what I'm doing! I edited it a bit with the saturation & highlights, just to give it more of a magical, ethereal look.

I bought the birdcage @ Mr. Price Home about a month ago & it has been in the centre of my dining-room table, attracting strange looks from visitors & family alike! I knew I loved it & wanted it but didn't really know what to do with it...well this challenge has made me realise that where it really belongs is in my scraproom ;-D Filled with flowers...They are actually all colour-coded in slim, clear plastic containers that fit snugly in there so they all stand upright & the top-section of the bird-cage unhinges for easy access.

And this is Tania's photographbelow - you can read her text here & leave her a comment while you're at it lol! I see she thought of everything here...the cappucino, CD & camera too!

And here is a peek @ what's been happening @ my desk this week...

I bought this "mask" from Claire's {Accessory store} - it's an emery board! How cute???!!!

I made up my paper first this time then plonked the photo & title on top. Will show you the finished layout in my next post! Meanwhile here are the links to some of the other Team Up Thursday Photography Challenge participants!
and Lynette

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Cat and


As for me I have more stuff I need to photograph to show you but that's me for this week - got lots I need to finish off around here before my visitors arrive on Monday. Happy Weekend All!


Shayne said...

Helen, i don't if you're doing the right thing either but it's a stunning photograph - so you must be doing something right!

Well done dear!

Andrea said...

Fantastic shot Helen, I am salavating at all those wonderful goodies....and the bird cage, what a BRILLIANT idea xxx

tania said...

I love yours!!
that birdcage is a winner!
i saw a big one yesterday at a nursery;) i so want it!
thanks for joining me, once again, practice makes perfect:)

Lynette Jacobs said...

Wow...Helen this is simply a gorgeous photo....lessons please;-)

Ella Swan said...

Thanks girls, I also saw a little selection of bird cages at the nursery yesterday - I had never thought to look there...I also saw a beautiful antiquey one I would love too but had only enough money for the plants I needed ;-( But still have it on my wishlist believe me! Lynette all your photos are beautiful - I need lessons from you ;-D

Stefanie said...

Love the bird cage. I went and bought a second bird for mine. They are very cute. Love that you use it for storage in your scrappy room. Seriously oulik!
I would never have thought of using an emery board as a mask, but what a great job it does. I really need to use the mists I've got.

Jessy Christopher said...

Wow the birdcage is so pretty!! Eyeing for ur stash there, lovely blooms!!