Tuesday, 27 July 2010

It's Happening...

Thanks to those of you who took time out to read my loooooooooooooong & rather random post on Sunday. I don't expect you all to so no worries if you didn't - those kinda posts put me off too believe me...I wasn't expecting ANY comments & really just needed to get it all written down for MYSELF on my blog, as a record of my thoughts, as you do lol...

As a result of voicing what has been on my mind all year at least, I have come to a decision...I am starting another blog! I am splitting my blog in two so to speak. This blog is going to become primarily my scrapping blog, for layout posts & related this & that, with a dose of personality thrown in a bit too of course. But I feel I have too much to say & a mixed bag of bloggy friends to say it to. For those scrappers I am quite happy for you to stick with just following this blog, although of course you would be welcome to follow my personal blog, but it is not expected, I do know that time is precious to us all. And vice versa, for those friends with little interest in scrapping, I am quite happy for you to dump me here & pick up there instead. It is entirely up to you.

This is an experiment. I may not keep it up. I have all sorts of concerns about it. At times I go through a scrapping frenzy & have tons to share, then at other times I can't scrap for various reasons but I still feel the urge to blog! So what I'm gonna do is link up the blogs when I do a post. Ie:- Do a post on my personal blog to say I have a scrappy post up here {or just mention it above my post} and again vice versa - I will mention here that I have a post up on my other "personal" blog. I have really been fighting this desire because I don't have time to faff about but the truth is, once the blog is set up it is little extra work really as I just need to make sure I click "Create Post" on the right blog on my Blogger dashboard!

Thing is, I have things to say. Things that are nothing to do with scrapping. There is more to my life & I want to share that too. Not just a daily log of what's going on, but times when "I have thoughts" lol...now I do have one predicament, albeit minor, but to me it is a real issue. I believe a name is very important. I love the name Scrap Addict as it makes me feel there is an expectation of me to keep scrapping & I like that accountability. Now I have thought of numerous good names for my new blog but DH thinks they all suck...so...please help me...a little brainstorming could be good. I want a name that sums up my passion for life, my introspective nature & my unique existence here at the bottom of the continent of Africa. A name that would intrigue you & give you an idea of what I was about if you had never read my blog. Get it???

Any ideas?!?


Shayne said...

I did the same thing Helen - split my blog in two. If you have a big scrappy following it should work, otherwise you'll find the scrappy one is rarely visited. Good luck tho. It is the one i now use for my Project 365.

As for a name - i'm the wrong one to ask. No good at things like that.

Lots of luck with it all.

And PS - can't believe you've not had time out minus kids - gosh if i were closer i'd have your kids for the weekend!

Stefanie said...

Helen's heart
my eclectic ramblings
slices of life
- got those all from your post and or your sidebar.
I have been thinking along the same lines, but lack the Oomph to just do it.

Lynette Jacobs said...

Having two blogs work for me...but my private one is just for those things I feel I cannot say on the public one...if my life did not become so complicated, I would have been happy to just have one that reflect all the aspects of my life.

As for names...I am not very creative...I like the suggestions Stef gives above.

Ann said...

I'm hopeless at thinking up names. Took me forever to name my blog and it's such a simple title!
How about:
Living Life To The Full
Displaced Dialogue
SA Life
My SA World.
Do take as long as you need to come up with the right title though - I think the title gives as much away about you as individual posts do. Good luck!

Ella Swan said...

Thanks girls! Oooh Shane I can't bear the thought of no-one visiting my scrappy blog...enough to put me off splitting in 2...but for me I think I still want to try it - but with constant cross-referencing, at least til I see who is interested in what. I need the scrappy interaction/feedback. I keep forgetting about your scrappy blog 'cos you never mention it in your posts. Maybe you should add a link every time you put something new up. I know that way there is a much higher chance of people clicking in.

Thanks too for the name suggestions. It's not easy is it?! Ann Displaced Dialogue is really cool, but not sure if it's easy to get {displaced as in diaspora...}. Thinking of Parlotones songs "Colourful" or "Overexposed" but may need something more specific. Hope I'll have it by the weekend. Even DH is e mailing me his suggestions...how cute is that?!

linda said...

I love reading blogs, will definately drop in on your other one as well. Have not done much scrapping this year but still enjoy looking at other scrappers work.
My trip to RSA is coming up in 4 weeks time, I'll be in Petermaritzburg, do you want me to bring any scrapping supplies with>?
Have a great day

CathQuillScrap said...

Good luck with the decision of splitting... your blog is your space to ramble... so make it what you want.